Happy New Year

By Yolanda Hill,2014-06-11 07:48
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Happy New Year


    Unit 9 Lesson 18 教案

    执教者? 福清市滨江小学 林晓梁

Teaching aims and demands:

    1. Students can read three letters: Xx, Yy, Zz and

    three words: X-ray, yellow, zoo.

    2. Students can write the three letters: Xx, Yy,

    Zz correctly.

    3. Students can sing the song: “ Happy New

    Year” , feeling the happiness of the coming

    New Year.

    Teaching aids: a recorder, some cards

Teaching steps:

    Step1. Warming up:

    1. Greetings.

    2. Revise letters and do the letter exercises

    Miss lin will take you to the zoo to celebrate

    New Year.

    a. revise letters

    b. do letter exercises.

    3. Free talk. “How old are you?” “What’s

    your phone number?” “Who is he\she?”

Step2. Presentation:

    Introduce a new friend,

    his name is Zip. He will be a guide and take you

    to the zoo.

    1. answer three questions.

    2. Lead to teach new letters.

    a. what’s your name?b. How old are you?c.

    what color is the cat?

    3. Teach “Xx” and “X-ray”. Say a chant:

    “Xx, Xx, Xx, Xx is for X-ray.”

    Play a game:

    4. Teach “Yy” and “yellow”. Say a

    chant: “Yy, Yy, Yy, Yy is for yellow.”

    Practice and encourage the Ss to tell “ a

    yellow „” as many as possible. Show some

    cards to help them.

    5. Teach “Zz” and “zoo”. Say a chant:

    “Zz, Zz, Zz, Zz is for zoo.”

    Practice with a chant:

    Zoo, zoo, in the zoo.

     A lion’s in the zoo.

    Zoo, zoo, in the zoo.

    A monkey’s in the zoo.

     Lead the Ss to say the chant with actions.

     6. Listen and repeat.

     7. Teach the writing of the three letters:

     Xx, Yy, Zz.

     (1)Get the Ss to show their fingers and

    write the letter after the teacher.

     (2)Then write the letters on their exercises books.

     (3)Encourage some Ss to write the

    letters on the blackboard. Correct the

    letters with the class.

     8. Teach the song: Happy New Year.]

     Say Happy New Year to animals. Happy New Year rabbit, lion„

     Say to all animals. Happy New Year to you all.

    What are they doing?

     (1). Teach: sing, dance.

    Get the Ss to say with actions.

     (2). Listen to the song and repeat.

     (3). Sing the song together with

    actions. Say “Happy New Year” to

    each other.


     1. Listen to the tape and repeat.

     2. Copy the new letters five times.

3. Sing the song:

“Happy New Year” to your parents.

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