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    Festivals is part of the culture. Everyone likes to their own festival. Like their own culture.

    Festivals can be many thing but there are usually a one thing all festivals have in comnon. They began as celebrations between people in local communities.such as pagan festivals. Many were called seasonal

    festivals because they occourred during a specific seasonal.

    thChiristmas is celebrated on the 25 of Decembe every year. In

    chinachiristmas is different form The US. People will give friends a apple. It is mean well. More popular and is celebrated in almost every country in the world.

    Chinese New Year is traditional festival in china. People away to eat dumpling and others. Children will have lucky money. People will come home and family reunion.There have many others festivals in the world. Sush as Halloweenthe Munich Beer Festival.

    Festival is no national boundaries. Festival brings us laugh. It make our life more rich and colorful.



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