English TestingPaperforGrade8

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English TestingPaperforGrade8

    宣城市2007---2008学年 第二学期八年级期中英语试卷

I. 睁开慧眼(精挑细选。(20)

    ( )1. There will be ___pollution in the future. The rivers and air will be

    cleaner. A) more B)fewer C)less D)no

     ( )2.How___ will you graduate from high school?

     --In 5 years

     A) long B)much C)often D)soon

     ( )3.Yang Liwei___ a pilot, but now he___ an astronaut

    A) is, will be B)was, is C )was, will be D)will be, was

     ( )4.The old man lives___ but he doesnt feel____ because he loves playing

    chess with others.

     A) lonely. alone B)alone, lonely C)along, lonely D)lonely, along

     ( ) 5.The report is so__ that most of listeners get___.

    A) boring, bored B)bored, boring

     C)boring, pleased D)pleasant, bored 6.Whats____? My clothes are out of style.

     A) wrong B)matter C)problem D)trouble

     ( )7.Can you give me____ on my study?

     ---Sure. Maybe you should be more careful and hardworking.

     A) any advice B)some advice C)some suggestion D)some advices ( )8. Maybe you could ____some money_____ your friends.

     A) borrow, from B) lend, from C)ask, for D)pay, for ( )9.Her clothes are the same .as_______.

    A)I B)me C)my D)mine ( )10.Your clothes are colorful and ______.

     ---Thank you.

     A) comfortable B)inexpensive C)expensive D)in style 11.If it _____tomorrow ,I ______hiking with my friends.

     A) isnt rainy, go B) doesnt rain, will go

    C) wont rain, am going D)wont rain, go

     ( )12.Dont ______any food to the party ,or the teachers will_____.

     A) take ,take it out B)bring ,take it away

     C)take ,take them away D)bring, take them out ( ) 13.If you because rich ,you will have a____ time _____who your real

    friends are. A)good ,to know B) hard, to know

    C)great, knowing D)difficult, knowing 14.Lana said she_____ bring some drinks and snacks to Marcias party.

     A).is going to B)will C)can D)would

     ( ) 15.In English, I_____ reading than listening.

     A) an good at B)do well in C)an better in D)do better in

     ( )16.Could you help me ______English? I have many problems


     ――Sure. lets learn together.

     A) learning, to learn B)to learn, learn

     C) learn, to learn D)learn, learning

    ( )17. When the girl saw the alien _______,she was_______.

    A) got out, scared B)get out, scary

     C)getting out, scary D)get out, scared

     ( )18. Yang Liwei, a national hero in China, went into space______ the

    morning of Oct.15,2003.

     A)in B)at C)on D)by

     ( ) 19.I thought I______ my test but I just found out I_______.

    Thank goodness!

     A) lost, won B)failed(passed C)won, lost D)passed, failed

    ( ) 20. We shouldnt care more about________ than others .

     A) us B)our own C)ours D)ourselves II. 完美无缺(10)

     It is Sunday. Mike and Lin Tao are going to the zoo. They__21__for a bus. A red bus stops at the bus stop. Mike and Li Tao__22_the bus .

     Heres a seat__23__you, Mike.

     No, thank you .Theres__24__seat at the front . I can__25__there.

     The bus stops at the next stop. An old woman gets on the__26__,Mike and Lin Tao stand up.

     Lin Tao__27__,Heres seat for you. granny . Please sit here.

     Mike also says, Please sit here, Granny.

     __28__ seat is near the door.__29__ takes this seat, please, Granny. says

    Lin Tao.

     Thank you very much. Its very__30__.

    ( ) 21.A. are waiting B. were waiting C. are standing D. were standing ( ) 22 . A. gets on B. get on C. gets off D. get off ( ) 23. A. for B. of C. on D. with ( ) 24. A. other B. the other C. another D. others ( ) 25. A. sit B. seat C. stand D. walk ( ) 26. A. train B. stop C. station D. bus ( ) 27. A says B. tells C. speaks D. talks

    ( ) 28. A. Our B. Mine C. My D. We ( ) 29. A. First B. At last C. Then D. So ( ) 30. A. fine B. kind C. good D. well III. 读一读(做一做!30分,

    A) 提高你的阅读能力(检验你的判断力,

    School activities , homework and chores; sleeping and eating. There are so many things to do just in one day !

     Ann feels that she never has enough time to practice playing her piano or play with her friends. Instead, she is always studying and doing her homework.

     Jane, 12, never has time to talk with her friends or write in her diary!

     Wouldnt it all be easier if time was like a DVD player? Because you could slow down., speed up(加速)(or rewind(倒转)it. Wouldnt it be nice if you could

    pay some money and get more time?

     Well, you cant change the speed of time or get more. What you can do, however, is to plan it. This means that you should:

     *Think about everything you have to do and want to do.

     *Know how much time each activity takes.

     *Make a plan that helps you get through the day, week or month.

     If you learn how to plan your time well, you might be surprised that you can do a lot of things. And you will have less pressure and be happier. 根据短文内容(判断正误。!10分,

     31.The example of Ann tells us that it is easy to plan our school life.

     ( ) 32.There is so much time that we dont know how to use it.

     ( ) 33.When our times is used up, we can do nothing to get it back.

     ( )34.We should know how long each activity takes when making a time plan.

     ( ) 35.A good plan can make us happier than before.


    Last night I was driving home from work. I had an accident(I was

    following behind a car, at about 30 kilometers an hour, I was watching the traffic carefully because it was getting dark.

     Suddenly(突然地) a small girl ran onto the road from the left. She was chasing a dog and she wasnt paying any attention to the traffic .I pushed hard the brakes(车刹)and turn my motorbike quickly to the right.

     The girl jumped towards the side of the road as soon as she saw my motorbike. Luckily, I did not hit her, but I hit a car coming in the other direction(方向). I was not driving very fast so I was not badly hurt and my motorbike wasnt broken seriously.

     Its better to break a motorbike than to hurt a young girl, I thought to myself.

( )36.hen I had an accident, I was on my way______.

     A. to my office

     B. to watch the traffic

     C. to be followed by a car

     D. home

    ( ) 37.When do you think the accident happened?

     A. In the morning

     B. In the afternoon

     C. In the evening

     D. At midnight

    ( ) 38.he girl________.

     A. was running a dog along the street

     B. looked around when she crossed the street

     C. turned left suddenly

     D. was suddenly on my way from the left

    ( ) 39.hich of the following is true?

     A. My cat hit the girls dog

     B. My car hit both the girl and her dog

     C.I had to pay for the broken car

     D. It is better to hit a car than to hit a girl

    ( ) 40.The best title may be ________.

     A).A Bad Accident B) A Girl An Accident

     C).The Traffic The Road D)A Broken Motorbike

    C) .阅读与欣赏!10分,

     All work and no play makes, Jack a dull boy is a popular saying in the

    United States. It is true that all of us need amusement and relaxation .We cannot work all the time if we are going to keep healthy and enjoy life.

     Everyone has his own way of relaxing maybe the most popular way is to take part is sports. There are team sports, such as basketball and football. There are also individual (个人的)sports, such as swimming and running. Skating and mountain climbing are the most popular activities for people who like to be outdoors.

     Not everyone who enjoys sports events likes to take part in them. Many people like watching TV or listening to them on the radio. Also, many people like indoor activities such as watching TV playing chess, playing cards ,singing and dancing.

     It doesnt matter we like indoor activities or take part in outdoor sports. It is important for everyone to relax from time to time, and enjoy some kinds of



    41.If we want to be healthy and enjoy life, we __________. 42. Football or soccer is a kind of _________________sport. 43. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? Here dull means_____.

    44. Does everyone who enjoys sports take part in them?_______________. 45. What kind of activities do you do to relax yourself?

    A.___________________ B._________________

    IV.交流空间 5分,

    A: Li Ming, do you know which country will host the 2008 Olympic Games? B: Of course. Beijing, China. Everyone knows that.


    B: Lots of things. More road and building will be built. A:_47__.

    B: Yes, a really new Beijing. I think many visitors will come to China then. A:__48__.

    B: Sure. But first we have to solve some problems.

    A: W hat do you mean?

    B:_49__For example, we cleaner and nicer.

    A: Youre right. We must try our best to do something for it. B: Yes._50__.

    A:I agree.

    A. I mean there is still a lot of work to do.

    B. What will China do for the Olympic Games then?

    C. You mean a new Beijing?

    D. Do you think we will successfully host the Olympic Games.

    E. Everyone should do something for the great event.

    V.灵活变化---- 用所给动词适当形式填空!10分, Imagine ( walk (

    call (go ( follow( look ( see ( land ( get ( be

     I had a very unusual experience on Sunday .At around seven oclock in the

    evening, I__51__down the street when a UFO __52__right in front of me. You can _53__how strange it was! An alien__54__out and__55__down New Street . I__56__it__57__where it__58__, and was very surprised when it went into a souvenir shop .While it __59__at the souvenir shop, the shop assistant __60 the police.

    51._________ 52.___________ 53.____________ 54._____________


    58.____________ .59______________ 60._______________ VI.善“变”巧用!10分,

    61.There are many famous_____(predict) that never came true. 62.Computers will____________ (use)by more and more people. 63.Japanese companies have already made robots____(dance).Its fun to watch.

    64. My ___________(fly ) to Beijing will take off in half an hour. 65. I ___________ (sleep) in class when my English woke me up yesterday.

    66. When I grow up, Id like to become a _________ teacher in a poor

    mountain village. (志愿)

    67. ___________are easy to get injured. (运动员)

    68. The radio said it ________________ rain tomorrow. ()

    69. Everyone is here ________Jim. (……之外)

    70. Liu Dehua gave a lot of money to schools and _________(慈善机构) .

    V. 小小论坛(展示风采(15)


    Nancy The math teacher ________hard-working

     The English teacher ______good at speaking and writing

     The History teacher _______can do better

     The Science teacher _______good student

Tom The math teacher ________Just so-so

     The English teacher _______good at speaking

     The History teacher________ should do better

     The Science teacher _______lazy student







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