Report for Community Services Committee July 9, 2007 meeting

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Report for Community Services Committee July 9, 2007 meeting


    Committee prior to the end of June 2 10-Year Arena Capital 2007.

     Development Strategy Report

    Purpose of the Strategy (2009 2019)

    ; The Strategy provides a strategic and comprehensive framework to

    ensure capital priorities are Recommendation:

    appropriately identified and long-That Community Services Committee term investment in arena facilities is recommend to City Council: effective. The Strategy achieves the That the 10-Year Arena Capital vision of recreation facilities as Development Strategy (2009 Vibrant Places” and focus the City’s 2019), as outlined in Attachment 1 planning for the future of arenas. of the June 13, 2007, Community ; Through its implementation, the Services Department report Strategy strives to provide 2007CSR012, be approved. sustainable facilities and sustainable

    funding while being flexible to Report Summary respond appropriately to emerging The actions recommended in this opportunities and changing report build on the Recreation conditions. Facility Master Plan (RFMP) and ; The City’s capital priorities and provide specific direction for arena needs for arenas are in accordance capital development over a ten-year with the Recreation Facility Master period. The 10-Year Arena Plan (RFMP) and the Urban Parks Development Strategy 2009-2019 (the Management Plan (UPMP). The Strategy) defines future capital Strategy also aligns with Council’s development for each of the existing Corporate Planning Framework. In arenas, new arenas and leisure ice, particular the environment and social partnership opportunities, an and cultural key outcome areas. implementation schedule, costs and ; The RFMP recommends: a financial strategy. - existing neighbourhood-serving

    single-pad facilities should be Previous Council/Committee Action

    assessed to determine whether At the January 16, 2007, City Council or not they are effectively meeting, an interim report was responding to local community presented to City Council and the needs. This assessment may following motion was passed: result in some of these facilities 1. That the December 22, 2006, being redeveloped, Community Services Department decommissioned and replaced, report 2007CSR001 be received for or converted to other recreation information. uses.

    2. That the final report (Arena Capital - a minimum of five ice pads Development Strategy) return to City should be developed over the Council through Community Services short term (2010) to respond to

    outstanding demand and by 2015,

    PAGE ROUTING Community Services Committee, City Council | DELEGATION R. Smyth/R. Jevne WRITTEN BY T. Miller-Grayston | June 13, 2007 Community Services Department 2007CSR012 Page 1 of 4

    one additional ice pad may be condition rating, limited functional

    required. capacity and land constraints; - future ice pads should be built as - building new arenas within future

    additions to existing single pad medium term multi-purpose

    facilities, or as new multi-pad recreation facilities planned for

    arenas as part of multi-purpose Edmonton.

    recreation facilities, where Equitable Distribution of Ice appropriate. ; As recommended in the RFMP, the Needs Assessment Strategy strives to provide equitable ; The principles of the RFMP provide distribution of ice, with overall direction on the preferred course of availability of ice, new and action for the Strategy including replacement facilities distributed integrated, grouping of facilities that throughout the city with a focus on provide a range of opportunities, growing arenas with lower current flexible design, physical linkage, supply, and where land availability access and focused funding. enables the City to provide efficient

    services consistent with the ; The needs assessment included:

    philosophy of service integration. infrastructure assessment based on

    physical condition and use (function Recommendations and demand); operating and capital ; The recommendations include: lifecycle costs; analysis of capital arena facility development standards, investment threshold, and financial a change process for single pad efficiency. arenas identified to close and go ; The assessment also examined through process for change, population forecasts, changing identification of capital development demographics, trends past and by geographical area (North, West, projected, use of arenas, land Southwest, and Southeast) and a capacity and constraints of each financial strategy. arena, inventory of City owned, not-; The Strategy identifies the need to for-profit and private arenas, an increase the number of environmental scan of community recommended ice pads to nine organizations, customer satisfaction based on greater growth in levels, benchmarking of other population than forecasted in the municipalities, and financial 2004 RFMP. This will maintain implications of various options. current service standards for arenas. ; The Strategy is based on: Capital Development North - planned maintenance of arenas (Strategy Recommendations 3 7) in good and very good condition; ; Develop new North-Central Twin - upgrading, rehabilitating and Arena, and Oliver and Westwood twinning of arenas in reasonable Arenas to close and go through the condition and capacity for identified process for change expansion; (Short term priority: by 2010). - replacement and closure/change

    ; Develop new Leisure Ice at the of single pad arenas at the end of

    existing Clareview Twin Arena, as their lifecycle, with poor physical

    part of the Multi-purpose Recreation Page 2 of 4

    Centre. purpose Recreation Centre.

    (Medium term priority: 2010 2015). (Medium term priority: 2010 2015).

    ; Planned maintenance at Glengarry ; Planned maintenance at Donnan

    Arena, Russ Barnes Arena and and Michael Cameron Arena.

    Clareview Twin Arena. (Medium term priority: 2010 2015).

    (Medium and long term priority: 2010 Financial Strategy 2019). (Strategy Recommendation 19) Capital Development West ; Community Services Department will (Strategy Recommendations 8 12) explore partnerships with other ;o Develop new Coronation Twin Arena, rders of government, not-for-profit

    existing Coronation Arena to be organizations and with the private

    sector, demolished and Crestwood Arena to along with other potential

    close and go through the identified funding sources such as a dedicated

    process for change. tax levy.

    (Short term priority: by 2010). Partnership Develop new Lewis Farms Twin ;; The Policy Framework for Partner Arena and Leisure Ice as part of the Involvement, currently being Multi-purpose Recreation Centre. developed, will establish an (Medium term priority: 2010 - 2015). approach to partnering with external ; Twin and upgrade/redevelop Grand organizations that is objective, Trunk Arena. consistent and transparent. (Medium term priority: 2010 - 2015). ; Through the public consultation ; Planned maintenance at process, the Public School Board Castledowns Twin Arena. and the University of Alberta have (Long term priority: 2015 2019). expressed interest in arena ; Upgrade Callingwood Twin Arena partnerships. (Short term priority: by 2010,

    Implementation Funded Project).

    ; Capital work at the Mill Woods, Bill Capital Development Southwest Hunter and Callingwood arenas is (Strategy Recommendations 13 and 14) currently underway and/or scheduled ; Upgrade Confederation Arena. for 2008. The capital development (Short term priority: by 2010). work defined in this 10-year strategy ; Planned maintenance at Kinsmen is identified to begin in 2009.

    Twin Arena. ; The implementation schedule makes (Long term priority: 2015- 2019). provision for the development of

    program statements for each capital Capital Development Southeast

    project. (Strategy Recommendations 15 18)

    ; Projects will be submitted in the ; Develop new South-Central Twin

    Capital Priorities Plan (CPP). Arena and Tipton and Southside

    ; The schedule also identifies short, Arena to close and go through the

    medium and long term priorities. See identified process for change.

    Implementation Schedule in the (Medium term priority: 2010 2015).

    Strategy, Attachment 1. ; Develop new Meadows Twin Arena

    and Leisure Ice as part of the Multi-

    Page 3 of 4

Public Consultation possible financing sources.

    Exploring financing options for ; The Arena Advisory Committee, community facilities is included representing a broad section of within the scope of this work. community stakeholders, and

    organizations, provided advice and Justification of Recommendation feedback on the process and content The 10-Year Arena Capital Development of the 10-Year Arena Capital Strategy defines the capital priorities for Development Strategy. existing and new arenas based on ; A public involvement plan and direction set in the Recreation Facility communication strategy were Master Plan and other Council approved developed. Attachment 2. plans. The recommendations of the ; Public input was collected from 10-Year Arena Capital Development arena stakeholders in the fall of 2006 Strategy are based on a thorough needs through one on one interviews assessment and extensive public conducted by Banister Research. consultation. ; Strategy recommendations were presented in the spring of 2007 to Attachments the Arena Advisory Committee, at

    1. 10-Year Arena Capital Development open houses, stakeholder meetings,

    Strategy and on-line. The feedback was positive and supports the 2. Public Involvement Plan recommendations presented.

    Background Information Available on

    Budget/Financial Implications Request

    ; The preliminary cost estimate to 1. Needs Assessment Research

    implement the capital work proposed 2. Open House Handouts in the strategy is $156 million, in

    3. Recreation Facility Master Plan 2007 dollars. See summary on page 43 of the Strategy, Attachment 1. Others Approving this Report ; However, several of the arena

    ; J. Tustian, General Manager, projects are also identified in the

    Corporate Services Department Medium Term Recreation Facility &

    ; P. Tarnawsky, General Manager, Sports Field Plan. Subject to City

    Corporate Business Planning Council’s approval of that Plan, the

    Department estimated cost to implement this

    ; W. D. Burn, General Manager, Asset strategy would become $78 million.

    Management and Public Works ; Projected costs do not include land

    Department acquisition, consulting fees, park

     development costs, or inflation. ; Administration (Office of

    Infrastructure) is currently developing a Sustainable Infrastructure

    Financial Strategy (SIFS), which will identify the long-term (30 years) infrastructure needs and recommend Page 4 of 4

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