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AFS Release - PR Newswire press release distribution, targeting ...

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    “Not only does swimming slow down the aging process – by upwards of 20% in

    some cases -- in terms of respiration, muscle mass, bone density, cardiovascular

    activity and neurological function, but there’s also evidence to suggest that it

    increases mental health and even spiritual and social health.”

    Dr. Joel M. Stager, Medical Director,

    St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute, Spokane Washington


    16 TO 19 ft Swim-in-Place Workout Pool Offers Multi-Taskers Multi Benefits

    Making the Most of Exercise Space and Time

    VISTA, CA (March 2007) What is more efficient than a swimming pool, more sophisticated

    than a hot tub and safer than a backyard playground? Dimension One Spa’s revolutionary Aquatic Fitness Systems? is an aquatic exercise machine for the backyard where you can safely swim, walk,

    run, stretch, row, strength train and relax!

    The line’s flagship model – the AquaFit? 19 Dual Temp is the ultimate hybrid of fitness and hydrotherapy. This unique 19-foot high-tech tub makes it possible to swim stationary laps; row for a

    robust upper body and arm workout; attach specially designed bands for resistance training; run or jog

    in place for cardiovascular conditioning all in cooler water. Then when your routine is done, muscles

    can be soothed with a relaxing hydrotherapy body massage in the hot tub section of the pool. This

    watery workout is an ideal environment for low impact exercises to tone, shape and enhance flexibility,

    while the body is suspended in buoyant security. Ideal for weekend warriors; aging boomers;

    overweight exercisers and athletes needing rehabilitation, D1 offers three models of the pool -- the

    AFS 16, 19 and 19 DT and their retail price ranges from $29,000 to $39,000.

    Superior to a traditional ―swim spa‖ because of its multiple functions and sophisticated design, the AFS has garnered substantial industry recognition. The Society of Plastic Engineers granted the

    AFS a ―People’s Choice Award,‖ Consumer’s Digest designated the AFS the ―Best Buy in Portable

    Spas‖ in the Premium Products Category and the Robb Report included the pool in a ―Best of‖ issue.

    Effective and efficient, the D1 Spa’s AFS swim spa takes up less space than a conventional

    pool and can be installed inside or outside the home. The pool’s Ultralife slip-resistant interior is surrounded by a durable, all-weather exterior, making the tub adaptable to either above ground or

    below ground installation. High volume swim jets are positioned to provide lift as well as current. The

    100% insulated tub uses a stainless steal heaterthe most reliable on the market providing optimal heat recovery and lower energy consumption. And, pure, clean water year-round is easily achieved

    with an E-Z Lock filter cartridge and the ozone purification system, allowing the owner to use fewer

    chemicals than most competitive products.

    Mary E. Sanders, PhD Professor at the University of Nevada’s School of Medicine and

    Public Health is known in fitness circles as the “water fitness guru.” The research her team has done with groups of aquatic exercisers over the years underscores the fact that water can be used as

    a liquid weight machine with unique benefits. ―Water’s buoyancy reduces impact and supports the

    body for increased range of motion,‖ she explains. ―And, the natural resistance of water (the harder

    you press the harder, the water presses back) provides an individualized personal training

    environment. Water’s viscosity or ―thickness‖ -- being about 800 times greater than air makes it an


    effective exercise environment in which to build muscular endurance. And using resistance tethers,

    like those featured in the AFS pool, provides additional core stabilization work.‖

    D1’s founder, Bob Hallam, is clear about his target market for AFS: ―Baby boomers are the

    most health & lifestyle conscious group of people in history. They spend more on working out, plastic

    surgery, healthcare and vacations than any other generation. And now with options like the AFS, they

    can achieve wellness efficiently and safely, in their own backyards.‖

    Hallam also notes that his customers are choosing priorities carefully. ―One couple who

    bought an AFS from us lives in a mobile home near a beautiful apple orchard in Northern California,‖

    he says. ―They told us they invested $30,000 in this pool because of the real and essential relief

    using it brings to the husband’s chronic back condition.‖

    When it comes to getting the most out of your exercise space and time, the AFS just makes

    sense. Dr. Joel M. Stager, Medical Director of the St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane

    Washington, who has studied the effects of aquatic activities among athletes and people in need of

    recovery from injuries or ailments for the past 30 years said it best: ―Simply being submersed in water

    up to the neck increases cardiac output by more than 30 percent in a sedentary individual. So, just by

    sitting in water, the hydrostatic pressure on your body and being in a buoyant state benefits the body.‖

    How much more beneficial would using an aquatic exercise machine at your own home be?

    Dimension One Spas? (D1?) was founded in 1977 in Vista, California by Bob and Linda

    Hallam. By combining innovations in materials science and water handling technology, D1 has set an

    industry benchmark and today is the leader in designing and manufacturing luxury home hydrotherapy

    and aquatic fitness products. The family-owned business is dedicated to bringing customers the most

    advanced spas in the world -- engineered to rejuvenate both body and mind.

    D1 spas and aquatic fitness products are now sold through a network of more than 200

    dealers in the United States and 450 dealers worldwide in 35 countries. The company's four product

    lines include a selection of home hydrotherapy (ranging from $5,000-$18,000) and aquatic fitness

    products (ranging from $29k-$39k) that meet a variety of consumer needs and budgets: D1

    Reflections?, D1 Bay Collection?, AFS- Aquatic Fitness Systems? and @ Home Hot Tubs?.

    Holding more than 30 patents more than any other company in the industry D1 has earned

    accolades and awards from Consumer’s Digest, Robb Report,, Quality Buy and

    more, and in 2004 Bob Hallam was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. D1 proudly

    supports Vision of Children, a national organization dedicated to the eradication of blindness and

    vision disorders in industrialized nations. For more information about Dimension One Spas, its

    products and practices, visit


    2611 Business Park Drive Vista, CA 92081 USA

    760.727.7727 • 760.305.1243 fax • 800.345.7727



? Total Wellness: Aquatic exercise is a medically proven solution to boosting one’s mental,

    physical and emotional well-being. Scientific studies reveal many impressive health benefits

    of exercise, which include healthier bones and muscles, a leaner body, radiant skin, a strong

    immune system, fast recovery from illness, and a higher quality of life.

    ? Cardiovascular Health: Water Fitness Guru Mary E. Sanders (PhD, University of Nevada’s

    School of Medicine and Public Health) deems water an effective and safe liquid weight

    machine whose thickness and natural resistance reduces impact during activity while

    increasing range of motion and promoting muscular endurance.

    Extensive studies by Dr. Joel M. Stager (Medical Director, St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute in

    Spokane, Washington) reveal that the hydrostatic pressure and buoyant state of being

    submersed in water increases cardiac output in a sedentary person by more than 30 percent.

? Arthritis: New research by Marlene Fransen, PhD, explains that water therapy alleviates joint

    pain and directly improves one’s physical performance and function. The Arthritis Foundation,

    in fact, endorses water exercise as an ideal way to relieve arthritis pain and stiffness without

    harming joints. The Aquatic Fitness System drastically reduces excess strain on joints and

    muscles, and offers soothing therapeutic treatments provided by state-of-the-art massaging


? Diabetes: A recent study by SoJung Lee suggests aquatic activity can help lower the risk of

    deadly diseases by 44 percent through exercise that increases the vitality of the heart and

    lungs. Findings show that a fit heart and lungs decrease one’s chance of acquiring diabetes

    and related maladies, and further reflect low blood pressure and high HDL ―good‖ cholesterol.

? Sleep: Soaking in warm water is a natural, safe way to enhance deep sleep and ease sleep-

    related problems, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Water’s relaxing properties of

    buoyancy help promote sleep through the alleviation of pressure on joints and muscles, and by

    the creation of a peaceful, weightless sensation. Unlike sleeping aids, warm water is an

    organic and healthy remedy for sleep deprivation.

? Weight Management: A recent study titled ―Effects of Aquatic Exercise and Walking in

    Sedentary Obese Women‖ (published in the February 2007 launch of International Journal of

    Aquatic Research and Education) examines weight loss resulting from a separate aquatic and

    land-based walking program. Participants in both the water and land-based groups

    significantly improved their total body weight, cardiorespiratory fitness, flexibility, strength and

    quality of life. The aquatic walking group, however, recorded slightly higher body weight

    losses, improvements in flexibility and greater attendance rates.

? Back Pain: A study by Gerhard Strauss-Blasche, PhD, published in the Clinical Journal of

    Pain, finds exercise therapy to be an effective treatment for chronic back pain. Water exercise

    specifically prevents and reduces back pain by relieving the weight-baring effects of gravity on

    the lower extremities and spine. The built-in massage jets of the Aquatic Fitness System

    further reduce pain with varying bursts of water that offload the spine and buffet the body’s soft


    2611 Business Park Drive Vista, CA 92081 USA

    760.727.7727 • 760.305.1243 fax • 800.345.7727


    ? Depression: Improved mental health is directly linked to the performance of fitness activities,

    including those done in water, according to a recent study called ―The Influence of Exercise on

    Mental Health‖ by Dr. Daniel M. Landers (PhD, Arizona State University). An important

    conclusion of the study is that exercise is powerful in reducing mental ailments such as anxiety

    and depression.

    ? Prenatal Health: A Journal of Perinatal Education study reports that aquatic exercise during

    pregnancy benefits both mother and baby, as psychological stress levels can lower and thus

    reduce complications including adverse fetal outcome.

    # # #

    2611 Business Park Drive Vista, CA 92081 USA

    760.727.7727 • 760.305.1243 fax • 800.345.7727

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