Packet by Board of Education of Rochester, NY (Eric Keihl, Jason ---

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Packet by Board of Education of Rochester, NY (Eric Keihl, Jason ---

Yale University

    Bulldogs over BroadwayOct 29, 2005

    Edited by Mike Wehrman

    Packet by Board of Education of Rochester, NY (Eric Keihl, Jason Eisele, Andrew Boardman, Gordon Arsenoff)


1. Until publication of The Pilgrim's Progress, it was second only to the Bible in circulation. It derived the

    Latin word for "woman" from roots meaning "faithless" and was deeply concerned with demons' genitalia and sexual capabilities. It circulated with the bull "Summis Desiderantes", but the book was not Church-endorsed, and indeed, its author was condemned by the Inquisition in 1490; nevertheless, its popularity soared in the 16th century. FTP, name this definitive witch-hunter's manual, compiled by Heinrich Kramer, also known as Der Hexenhammer.

    ANS.: Malleus Maleficarum (accept The Hammer of Witches and prompt on Der Hexenhammer until

    mentioned; then prompt on Hammer of Witches)

    2. One method for rendering it in color yields pictures resembling the Buddha. The Julia set for every point inside it is connected, but is a Cantor dust anywhere outside it. Its boundary, whose Hausdorff dimension is 2, consists mainly of a cardioid with countably infinite near-circles glued onto the boundary, outside which, the series z(n) = z(n-1) squared + c diverges. In 1905, Pierre Fautou first defined, FTP, what portion of the complex plane, named for a Yale mathematician, probably the world's most famous fractal set? ANS.: Mandelbrot set

    3. As a schoolboy, he received an English prize from the king of Hawaii. He's a saint of the syncretic religion Cao Dai, and his picture hangs in Tiananmen Square on May Day. Late in life, he reorganized his party with help from the Comintern and fought for unification till he died of liver cancer. After his 1895 coup failed, he went to Japan for sixteen years, where he rose to lead the Tongmenghui and first proclaimed his Three Principles of the People. FTP, who was this Chinese nationalist, the Mazzini to Yuan Shikai's Garibaldi and founder of the Guomindang?

    ANS.: Dr. Sun Yat-Sen (accept Sun Zhongshan; prompt on Rixin, Sun Deming, or Nakayama Sho)

    4. He studied alongside MacArthur at West Point, but dropped out after two weeks, and his wife raised champion dairy goats at their Flat Rock, NC estate. He rejected traditional fairy-tale characters for his Rootabaga Stories and filled them with skyscrapers and corn fairies instead. His first books, including In Reckless Ecstasy, were published by Philip Wright, his professor at Lombard College. The winner of Pulitzer Prizes for both history and poetry, FTP, what Midwesterner was most famous for his Chicago Poems and two-

    volume biography of Abraham Lincoln?

    ANS.: Carl Sandburg

5. Fugitives Run starring David Hasselhoff, Gypsy Angels, starring Vanna White, and a segment of National

    Lampoon's Senior Trip are among his films. The New York Times highly praised his 1969 big-screen debut, Death of a Gunfighter, and he went on to direct the video for Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You, the

    pilot episode of MacGyver, and an action film called Trio. "The Alias Men" is an apt anagram for, FTP, what

    prolific director, most ironically credited on a film named for him subtitled Burn Hollywood Burn?

    ANS.: Alan (or Allen) Smithee (don't accept Adam Smithee)

    6. Introduced in Europe in the mid-15th century, this item soon became one of the most widely sought-after commodities, aided by their hardiness and ship-ability. Breeds that could survive special conditions were soon bred and got enormous prices in bartering; viral infection was also sought for the unique patterns it created, the Mosaic virus being the most desired and the rarest. This root that was traded to excess in the Netherlands before the bubble burst and people were left with huge debts. FTP name this root whose end product is still the Dutch national flower.

    ANS.: tulip bulb (accept tulip until "hardiness")

    7. He had studied architecture for a year each at MIT and the Ecole des Beaux-Arts before turning nineteen. In his late career he designed a number of Midwestern banks, but his works with Dankmar Adler, like the Carson Scott Pirie department store and the Transportation Building for 1891's Columbian Exposition, defined the Chicago School. Best known for mentoring Frank Lloyd Wright and designing the first skyscraper, St. Louis's Wainwright Building, FTP, name this first modernist architect, who penned the line "form ever follows function"? ANS.: Louis Henry Sullivan

    8. A last-minute addition to the show at the insistence of star Harald Paulsen, it was sung opening night by Kurt Gerron, who doubled as Tiger Brown. English-language versions have usually omitted verses about the burning of an orphanage and the rape of a child widow. Although Louis Armstrong's cover established the standard English lyrics, including his impromptu Lotte Lenya name-drop, FTP, the definitive version of what most famous song from Brecht and Weill's Three Penny Opera was recorded by Bobby Darin?

    ANS.: Mack the Knife or Die Moritat von Mackie Messer

    9. Her mother sees through the hypocrisy of her fiance Adolphus. She puts remorse into Bill Walker when he demands to find his girl, whom she's already saved, but she gives up on him and her life's work when she learns it is paid for by a distiller and an armorer. She eventually reconciles with her father Andrew and decides to deliver to his middle-class cannon makers her Salvation Army message. FTP, what George Bernard Shaw title character will forgive God when she dies, as befits a woman of her rank?

    ANS.: Major Barbara or (Maj.) Barbara Undershaft

    10. When challenged to name a social science theory that was both true and non-trivial, he supplied Ricardo's theory of comparative advantage, which played a part in his contributions to the Hecksher-Ohlin model. He described the conditions under which substitution of private goods for public is unfavorable, and posited a model, along with Bela Belassa, to explain the Penn effect of higher consumer price levels in wealthier countries. FTP, name this MIT economist who received the 1970 Bank of Sweden Prize in Memory of Alfred Nobel and the author of an oft-used textbook with the generic title Economics.

    ANS.: Dr. Paul A. Samuelson

11. Gian Paolo Lomazzo helped set its philosphical foundations in Idea del tempio della pintura, but the style

    was developed by Raphael's Assistant Guiliano Romano and Andrea del Sarto. It was usually understood as a reaction to High Renaissance traditions and emphasizing self-consciousness with strange variations in scale, and El Greco's “acid” color sense and irrational perspective display elements of this style. FTP, what was this thlate-16-century artistic movement centered in Rome, which counted among its proponents Pontormo and Tintoretto?

    ANS.: Mannerism

    12. It was implemented in FORTRAN by Marlene Metzner, and occasionally bears her name. Genetic algorithms developed by Gene Strover have yielded h-values for it that outperform the sequence recommended by Sedgewick and Knuth, which begins with 1, 5, 9, 41, 109. Complexity analysis is difficult, but in the worst 2case, it simplifies to insertion sort and runs in O(n) [big O of N squared] time. FTP, what is this algorithm

    invented in 1959 that rearranges data into a two-dimensional array and runs insertion sort on each column? ANS.: Shell sort

    13. For most of their history, they were accused of accepting the Monothelite heresy, the doctrine that Christ had one will but two natures. Their patron saint, a key figure at the Council of Chalcedon, was approved as the first Patriarch of Antioch in 685 by Pope Sergius II; today their leader holds the same title but resides in Bkirki [buh-KEER-kee (?)]. They do not require celibacy of priests but are in full communion with Rome, using a West Syro-Antiochene rite. FTP, who are these Eastern Catholics whose members, by law, must include the President of Lebanon?

    ANS.: Maronites

    14. Some sources claim it descended to Earth as a meteorite, and its image has been adopted in jewelry and tattoos as a white supremacist symbol. It was once stolen by the giant Thrym, who demanded Freya for its return but was tricked in giving it back to the rightful owner. From the giantess Grid, that owner received the accessories he needed for its use, namely, iron gloves and a belt that doubled his strength. The most formidable weapon of the Aesir was, FTP, what magically recallable hammer of Thor?

    ANS: Mjollnir (prompt on Thor's Hammer or equivalents in first sentence)

    15. It is applied only within the Atlantic and northern Pacific ocean east of the International Date Line; Australia has its own categories which are scaled somewhat lower than this system's rankings. Created as the result of a U.N. commission to study low-income housing in vulnerable zones, it can be approximated in terms of central atmospheric pressure, but it was orignally defined in 1969 in terms of sustained, not peak, wind speeds. FTP, name the scale under which American meteorologists classified Hurricane Rita as Category 3. ANS. Saffir-Simpson hurricane scale

    16. The main equipment, designed by Max Faget, had only 120 onboard controls and was designed to be totally controllable from the ground. Participants included Enos, Miss Sam, and Ham; six humans were also selected, but Deke Slayton was replaced due to an irregular heartbeat. The first two manned missions were launched aboard Redstone missiles, but Atlas boosters carried the four orbital trips, including Sigma 7 and Aurora 7. FTP, name the United States' answer to the Vostok program and predecessor to Project Gemini.

    ANS.: Project Mercury or Mercury Space Program, etc.

    17. Ruled by Norway up till the 13th century, its Anglican diocese got the name of Sodor from Old Norse. Although the last native speaker died in 1974, its Goidelic language is undergoing a revival. Its Tynwald is probably the oldest continuous parliament in the world, consisting of the Legislative Council and the House of Keys. With a flag depicting a triskelion on a red field, FTP, what self-governing British crown dependency and birthplace of the Bee Gees is famous for an annual motorbike race and a tailless cat?

    ANS.: Isle of Man or Ellan Vannin

    18. It can be thought of as a Shockley diode with an extra terminal or as a PNP transistor connected in parallel with an NPN transistor, while two of these in reverse-parallel are equivalent to a triac. Unlike a GTO, it cannot be switched off with a signal to the gate, but must be unlatched by reducing the anode-to-cathode voltage. Applications include high-voltage regulation and phase control, as well as the lockout on quizbowl buzzers. FTP, name this solid-state switching device a, type of referred thyristor abbreviated SCR. ANS.: silicon controlled rectifier (accept early SCR or thyristor until "GTO", afterward prompt)

    19. It was broken in two when dropped by the four university students, including Ian Hamilton, who stole it on Christmas Day 1950. Legend considers it to be the traveling altar of St. Columba, or, more often, a pillow for the Biblical patriarch Jacob's head. Dating from at least 847 AD, in 1296 it was taken to Westminster Abbey after being captured by Edward Longshanks, and fitted into the coronation chair, where it stayed until 1996. FTP, what block of red sandstone served as the traditional coronation seat for Scottish kings? ANS.: Stone of Scone [SKOON; accept phonetic pronunciation] (prompt on Stone of Destiny or Tanist Stone)

    20. Two answers required. The idea of both as complimentary emotional states has been advanced by Freud and Havelock Ellis, while Gilles Deleuze [ZHEEL duh-LUghZ] argued in "Coldness and Cruelty" that one derives motivation from The Law and the other from what he calls The Contract. Distinct from simple algolagnia and in most circumstances not regarded by the DSM-IV as disorders, FTP, what are these related behavior patterns, first named in 1886 by Kraft-Ebbing and classically described in "Venus in Furs" and "120 Days of Sodom"?

    ANS.: sadism and masochism (prompt on S&M very grudgingly prompt on sadomasochism since it’s one


    Losses at this battle included the frigate Saint Nikolai, whose wreck was found in 1948. The Russians under

    Prince Nassau had difficulty maneuvering in the rough seas and were plagued by nimble, low-profile Swedish gun sloops. Russia was routed to the tune of 9500 men and upward of fifty ships lost. When the fighting began, each navy had more than two hundred vessels, making it the largest naval engagement in history not to occur at Leyte Gulf. For ten points, name this decisive battle of the Russo-Swedish war, fought July 9th and 10th, 1790.

    ANS.: Second Battle of Svensksund

He took a stance in favor of limited government in Parerga and Parelimpomena and claimed in the essay "Über

    die Weiber" that "woman is by nature meant to obey". Richard Wagner's works on music theory were influenced by his notions of art as a way to directly perceive the universal, identified with Kant's noumenon. FTP, name this German philosopher who attacked Hegel in his On the Basis of Morality and conceived of the

    Will as the driving force of all life in works like The World as Will and Representation.

    ANS.: Arthur Schopenhauer

    Its ECO classification is B54 and it was used as early as 1732 by Marco Severino. 2. b3 d5 3. Nc3 [knight to c3] is the Toilet Variation, named after its inventor's point of inspiration. White branched off the main line with 3. Bb5+ [bishop to b5 check] in 1999's Kasparov vs. the World. Fischer had success with the Classical Sozin line and 6. Bg5 in the Najdorf, while the Yugoslav Attack and 6. g3 are typical responses to the Dragon Variation. The most aggressive and most pouplar of the semi-open games is, FTP, what chess opening defined by 1. e4 c5? ANS.: Sicilian defense

Heironymous Bosch's The Garden of Earthly Delights depicts about 22 species of them. They have been

    observed to find their way through mazes and are useful in studying cellular communication. The largest ones, which fall into the group of myxogastrids, may include thousands of nuclei and cover up to two square meters, making them the largest cellular structures known. Once classified as fungi by some specialists and amoebae by others, FTP, what are these protists that form cellular aggregates and release spores, also known as slime molds?

    ANS.: myxomycota (accept slime molds until mentioned)

Mainly inspired by Milton’s Paradise Lost, this trilogy was written for young adults but has subtle plot themes

    and allegorical meanings seemingly intended for an older readership. Several religious and philosophical themes come through the books as a cast of characters travel to several different universes each expressing a subtle criticism of the way in which our own society operates. FTP give the name of this trilogy written by Philip Pullman, containing the books Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass.

    ANS.: His Dark Materials

Yale University

    Bulldogs over BroadwayOct 29, 2005

    Edited by Mike Wehrman

    Packet by Board of Education of Rochester, NY (Eric Keihl, Jason Eisele, Andrew Boardman, Gordon Arsenoff)


1. FTPE, answer these questions on evolution.

    A. This is an evolutionary event in which a significant percentage of a population is killed or prevented from reproducing, and the population is reduced by 50% or more, named for the way that a population graph depicting it looks.

    ANS.: population bottleneck or genetic bottleneck

    B. This mammal is one of the most commonly known animals to have suffered from a population bottleneck. Evidence can be seen in the fact that any individual can accept a skin graft from any other in the species, signifying a very similar genetic makeup.

    ANS.: cheetahs

    C. Population Bottlenecks need not occur out of catastrophe; they can result from one species being transported to an isolated place through natural means. For ten points give the name for this evolutionary effect. ANS.: founder effect

2. FTPE, name these Generals from the US Civil War who lost limbs in combat.

    A. This legendary Confederate General lost his left arm at Chancellorsville. Pneumonia developed, and he died a week later.

    ANS.: Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

    B. This Confederate General from Texas lost the use of an arm at Gettysburg and a leg at Chickamauga. He later commanded the Army of the Tennessee at Nashville, where it suffered possibly the worst defeat by any Confederate army throughout the war.

    ANS.: John Bell "Sam" Hood

    C. This Union General lost his right arm at the battle of Fair Oaks, but he is probably most famous for leading the XI corps at Chancellorsville, where it was routed by Jackson’s corps. According to eyewitness accounts, he stood among his fleeing men shouting "I’m ruined! I’m ruined!"

    ANS.: Oliver O. Howard

3. Name the Canterbury Tale from brief plot description, FTPE.

    A. Chanticleer the Rooster loves the hen Pertelote, but that pesky Reynard the Fox seeks to ruin him. Answer: the Nun’s Priest’s Tale

    B. Verginius, a Roman nobleman, has a beautiful daughter Verginia. She is spotted by a judge, Apius, who decides he must have her and forms a plan. His accomplice, Claudius, claims in court that Verginia is his run-away slave and Apius decrees that her father must relinquish her to the court. Verginius kills her, then has Apius killed and Claudius exiled.

    ANS.: The Physician’s Tale

    C. Told by Chaucer, a man who away one day when three enemies break into his house, rape his wife Dame Prudence, and attack his daughter, leaving her for dead. The tale then proceeds as a long debate mainly between him and his wife on what actions to take and how to seek redress from his enemies. ANS.: The Tale of Melibee

    4. Given an opening string from a well-known mathematical sequence or set, name the sequence or the type of numbers it features FTPE:

    A. 1, 3, 6, 10, 15

    ANS.: triangular numbers

    B. 6, 28, 496, 8128

    ANS.: perfect numbers

C. 2, 4, 6, 30, 32, 34, 36

    ANS.: Eban numbers

5. Identify these Billy Joel songs from grim lyrics FTPE:

    A. "So you play your albums and you smoke your pot / And you meet your girlfriend in the parking lot / Oh, but still aching for the things you haven’t got / What went wrong"

    ANS.: Captain Jack

    B. "There are people who have lost every trace of human kindness / There are many who have fallen, there are some who still survive"

    ANS.: All About Soul

    C. "And when you wake up in the morning / With your head on fire / And your eyes too bloody to see / Go on and cry in your coffee / But don’t come bitchin’ to me"

    ANS.: _Big Shot_

    6. The Boston Red Sox broke the 86-year curse on their franchise in 2004. So? FTPE name these teams with harder luck.

    A. Which team has an even longer curse still going, having not won a world series since 1908? ANS.: Chicago Cubs (prompt on city)

    B. This AL team once managed by the still-thawed, breathing corpse of Ted Williams when it changed cities has never reached the World Series.

    ANS.: Texas Rangers (accept either, prompt on Washington Senators)

    C. This National League team has existed since 1883, but has only one World Championship, in 1980. ANS.: Philadelphia Phillies (prompt on city)

    7. How well do you know your World War II war criminals? From their positions in the Nazi regime and their sentence at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, name these leading German statesmen FTPE. A. Commander in Chief of the Navy after 1943, later Hitler’s appointed successor as President of the Reich; 10 years imprisonment.

    ANS.: Grand Admiral Karl Dönitz

    B. Foreign Minister after 1938; death by hanging.

    ANS.: Joachim von Ribbentrop

    C. He’s not Rudolf Hess, but he was Hitler’s private secretary and head of the Reich’s Chancellery after 1941; death in absentia.

    ANS.: Martin Bormann

8. FTPE, name these modern composers.

    A. This friend of Ravi Shankar adaptedd the text of the Bhagavad Gita into the libretto for his Satyagraha. He

    also did Einstein on the Beach.

    Answer: Philip Glass

    B. Almost certainly the most famous composer to have undergone a sex change, her film scores include "Tron", "The Shining" and "A Clockwork Orange".

    ANS.: Wendy Carlos (prompt on Walter Carlos)

    C. His classical arrangements include "Bogus Pomp" , "The Duke of Prunes", "Naval Aviation in Art?" and "Stricktly Genteel." [sic], but he is perhaps better known for songs like "Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow".

    ANS.: Frank Zappa

9. Name these Holy Roman Emperors FTPE:

    A. Crowned in 962, his coronation marked the beginning of the Holy Roman Empire, which was foreshadowed by Charlemagne’s realm a century and a half earlier

    ANS.: Otto I or Otto the Great

    B. He is best remembered for his dispute with Pope Gregory VII over Lay Investiture and his penance in the snow at Canossa.

    Answer: Henry IV

    C. This grandson of Barbarossa and king of Sicily was excommunicated by Gregory IX because he wished to drive the pope out of Rome. After his death in 1250, there was a long interregnum, which weakened the HRE. Answer: Frederick II

    10. Given description, name the film which had scenes filmed at the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina, FTPE.

    A. This film is appropriately set at the estate, depicting an interesting chapter in the lives of its residents who are the richest people in the world. It stars Macaulay Culkin as the title character.

    ANS. Richie Rich

    B. Some scenes of this 2000 movie were shot at Biltmore, which was portrayed as the home for disfigured millionaire Mason Verger.

    ANS.: Hannibal

    C. Based on the political satire novel by Jerzy Kosinski, this film stars Peter Sellers and Shirley MacLaine and revolves around a gardener named Chance who grew up on the estate with no contact with the outside world except through TV.

    ANS.: Being There

11. Name the Hawthorne work from description FTPE:

    A. This collection of 18 short stories was Hawthorne’s first published work and brought him out of the relative

    literary obscurity.

    ANS.: Twice-Told Tales

    B. Possibly Hawthorne’s most famous work, it depicts the events of a small New England town in which scandal erupts as the result of less-than-Puritan goings on.

    ANS.: The Scarlet Letter

    C. Georgiana, a beautiful woman, is flawed by a single hand-shaped blemish on her cheek. Her husband, Aylmer, is is revolted at the sight it, and eventually the couple decides to try and remove it. This operation ends in tragedy when Georgiana dies.

    ANS.: The Birth-Mark

12. Name the physicist, 30-20-10.

    30: He is the namesake of an estimation method used to approximate the number of piano tuners in Chicago. He received his doctorate from Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa at the age of 20.

    20: He won the 1938 Nobel Prize in Physics for his "demonstrations of the existence of new radioactive elements produced by neutron irradiation, and for his related discovery of nuclear reactions brought about by slow neutrons."

    10: The aforementioned estimation method was also used to gauge the strength of the atomic bomb detonated at the Trinity Test. He also lends his name to particles of half-odd-integral spin.

    Answer: Enrico Fermi

13. FTPE, name these computer programming languages.

    A. Named after a French mathematician, programs written in this language consist of a series of procedures denoted by the words "begin" and "end."

    ANS.: Pascal

    B. Invented in 1963, it was designed to be an easy-to-use alternative to FORTRAN or ALGOL. Its popularity exploded when a version of it was included in the IBM PC ROM chip in 1979.

    ANS.: BASIC or Beginner's All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

    C. Created in 1959, demand for people who could program in this language skyrocketed when it was discovered that the Y2K bug might have a catastrophic effect on business applications.

    ANS.: COBOL or COmmon Business Oriented Language

    14. Shortly after the 1969 season, the St. Louis Cardinals traded Byron Browne, Joe Hoerner and Tim McCarver and one more notable player to Philadelphia for Dick Allen, Jerry Johnson and Cookie Rojas. FTPE, answer these questions about this trade that had a profound impact on the business of baseball:

    A. Which three-time All-Star wrote to commissioner Bowie Kuhn in response to his trade, stating, "I do not feel I am a piece of property to be bought and sold irrespective of my wishes," and paving the way for the abolishment of the Reserve Clause?

    ANS.: Curt Flood

    B. Although Flood lost his case, Major League Baseball saw its first modern free agent signing in 1974. Which pitcher officially kicked off this era, as well as the Yankees' reputation for signing expensive talent, by inking a deal for $3.5 million?

    ANS.: Jim “Catfish” Hunter

    C. Which Hall of Fame pitcher and former Reserve Clause subject made free agency fame in 1979 by signing with Houston with baseball’s first $1 million per year contract?

    ANS.: (Lynn) Nolan Ryan

    15. Given the following chords, spell them from the root up FTPE. For instance, a C Major chord must be given. "C, E, G," in that order:

    A. F# [F Sharp] sharp major seventh

    ANS.: F#, A#, C#, E#

    B. B augmented

    ANS.: B, D#, Fx (F double sharp)

    C. F diminished seventth

    ANS.: F, Ab, Cb, Ebb (E double flat)

    16. FTPE, answer the following questions about the most important transportation inovation ever, the railroad. A. This man invented the first steam locomotive to operate on rails, which was operated in 1804 in Wales. It was not financially successful, and ended in bankruptcy for him.

    ANS.: Richard Trevithick

    B. The first modern steam engine design, it was a big success for its creators, George and Robert Stephenson. ANS.: The Rocket

    C. This, the world's first "high-speed train", was created in Japan, officially launched in 1964 and has attained speeds of 124 miles per hour, but is still neither faster nor more powerful than Superman. ANS.: The Bullet train or Shinkansen

17. FTPE, give the name of the British Era.

    A. This era immediately preceded the Victorian era and is defined by the rule of George IV and the last years of George III’s reign, when he was very crazy. It has its own architectual style which follows closely on from the Georgian. Jane Austen popularized this era in her works.

    ANS.: Regency era or period

    B. Shakespeare’s later plays are considered to be part of this period, as are the works of John Webster and John

    Donne. It followed the unification of England and Scotland in 1603.

    ANS.: Jacobean era or period

    C. Beginning during the reign of Victoria’s successor, it was marked by an enthusiasm for Art Nouveau, this period leading up to the First World War was known as the Belle Epoque in France.

    Answer: Edwardian era or period

18. Name these Eastern Philosophies from clues, FTPE:

    A. It was the mainstream ideology in the Sinized world since the Han dynasty. It emphasizes formal rituals in every aspect of life, from quasi-religious ceremonies to strict politeness and deference to one's elders and to the state in the form of the Emperor.

    ANS.: Confucianism

    B. In this ideology, morality was not important; officials who exceeded expectations were as liable for punishment as were those who underperformed their duties. It was was the principal philosophic basis of the Qin Dynasty in China

    ANS.: Legalism

    C. This philosophy rejects the urban proletariat and Leninist emphasis on heavy industrialization in favor of a

    revolution supported by the peasantry, and a decentralized agrarian economy based on many collectively worked farms.

    ANS.: Maoism

19. FSTNOP, name these dystopias from a list of characters.

    5: Winston Smith, Julia, O’Brien.

    ANS.: 1984

    5: Bernard Marx, Lenina Crowne, the Savage.

    ANS.: Brave New World

    10: D-503, O-90, I-330, the Benefactor

    ANS.: We

    10: Rubashov and Number 1

    Answer: Darkness at Noon

20. Given a brief description, name the element for ten points each.

    A. Discovered by Carlo Perrier and Emiliano Segre, this element with number 43 was the first artificially-created element.

    Answer: Technetium or Tc

    B. This metal with number 76 is the element with the highest density.

    Answer: Osmium or Os

    C. This metal, number 23 is often combined with steel to make it extra strong and resistant to shock. Answer: Vanadium or V

    If you’ve read one of those Shakespeare books with Modern English translation, you’d probably appreciate miserable plot summaries from Wikipedia’s Simple Enlgish site. Name the Shakespeare play FTPE, noting that title character names will be replaced with John Doe and Jane Doe.

    A. "It told the story of John Doe and Jane Doe, two teenagers living in the town of Verona, Italy and also the tragic story of what happened when they fell in love and married, while keeping it a secret from their feuding families."

    ANS.: The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet

    B. "The story goes on an fictional island. There two persons, an old magician John Doe and his beautiful daughter Jane Doe. John was the right duke but banned from Milan. After some events John and Jane come back to Milan. At the last John Doe greet the audience."

    ANS.: The Tempest

    C. The summary of this play barely got started, simply noting that "it was written between 1600 and 1605. It is about a maid, Jane Doe’s love for John Doe, a young nobleman. The name comes from a proverb […] which means everything works out."

    ANS.: All’s Well That Ends Well

30-20-10, name the Photographer.

    30: When he was 4, he was tossed face-first into a garden wall in the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, breaking his nose. He became interested in photography when his aunt Mary gave him a copy of "In the Heart of the Sierras".

    20: He invented the zone system, a technique which allows photographers to translate the light they see into specific densities on negatives and paper, giving them better control over finished photographs. 10: The photographs in the above book by George Fiske interested him enough to persuade his parents to vacation in Yosemite National Park in 1916, where most of his most famous pictures were taken. ANS.: Ansel Adam

FTPE, identify these kinds of citizenship:

    A. Though the United States recognizes this type of citizenship, Sweden does not, which resulted in Calle Johansson getting kicked out of the 1998 Olympics.

    ANS.: dual or multiple citizenship

    B. This is a term for a person who is not a citizen of the country though is recognized by the government as having a lawful status there.

    ANS.: resident alien

    C. This type of citizenship is given through an act of congress and presidential assent, and has been awarded several times in US history. Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa are two of the more famous recipients. ANS.: honorary citizenship

Identify these African Diasporic religions FTPE:

    A. This form of African tribal religion was brought to the Caribbean by slaves from the Dahomey region and is not to be confused with a Hollywood brand of doll-poking.

    ANS.: Vodoun (also accept vodou or vodon; do not accept voodoo)

    B. This other syncretic religion is known to it’s believers as Lukumi, but it’s more common name means "the way of the saints".

    ANS.: Santeria

    C. Some misunderstand this religion as a lesser form of Santeria. It blends African shamanic religion, spiritism, magick, and Catholicism with a chief goal of spiritual growth.

    ANS.: Palo Mayombe

30-20-10, name this Roman Goddess.

    30: It was customary during Roman meals to throw a cake into the fire for this goddess of the hearth. 20: She was the protector of the sacred flame, which was brought by Aeneas from Troy to Rome. 10: The sacred flame was relit every year, and kept alive by virgin priestesses sharing a name with this Goddess. ANS.: Vesta

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