Announcing Pilates Day 2005

By Bill Stephens,2014-06-28 08:32
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Announcing Pilates Day 2005 ...

Join The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio with Williamsville

    Central Schools for the Third International

    Pilates Method Alliance? Pilates Day

    Educating our Nation Through Its Children

     THWILLIAMSVILLE, NEW YORK APRIL 24, 2006- The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio along with Williamsville Central Schools will host Pilates Fun Fair as

    part of the Pilates Method Alliance? Third International Pilates Day, sponsored by

    Canyon Ranch Health Resort, on May 6, 2006. The event will be dedicated to raising

    awareness of the nation’s increasing inactivity and launching the PMA’s new

    groundbreaking Pilates exercise initiative in the public school system.

    The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio was chosen along with Williamsville Central Schools as the local sponsor to host this special worldwide event for the PMA. The Pilates Fun Fair will be held from 9:30am 2:30pm at Transit Middle School, 8730

    Transit Road, East Amherst NY. The schedule of events is as follows:

     9:30am- Intro to Pilates Day

    10:00am- Benefits of Pilates with weight training for kids

    10:30am- Intro to Pilates Rehab Lecture and Demo

     Intro to health and skin care Lecture

    11:00am- Into to Yoga for kids

     Obesity and Children Lecture

    11:30am- Intro to Mat Pilates

    12:00pm- The Hundred-100 doing the Hundred

    12:30pm- Chiropractic Care and Pilates

     1:00pm- Pilates Postural Assessment- The back pack phenomenon

     1:30pm- Pilates and the young athlete

     2:00pm- Pilates and The Dancer

     Obesity and Children Lecture

     2:30pm- Intro to couples mat Pilates

All day events include, Feel Rite Foods - Healthy Choices for kids whose parents are on

    the run, Arbonne Skin Care Demos, Chair massage, Pilates Equipment demos

“We are honored to be a part of Pilates Day,” said Rick Williamson owner of The

    Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio. “By coming out to Transit Middle School you’re

    taking steps to improve your own health and well being, while becoming part of a larger

    movement to change the direction of our nation’s health in the most important way

    possible: the education of our children.”

    According to Kevin Bowen, Executive Director of the PMA, “Joseph believed introducing the Pilates method to children would provide an important foundation for the

    understanding and appreciation of physical fitness. To launch this new program, the

    annual Pilates Day event will be a departure from anything we have done in the past. In

addition to making it about Pilate’s awareness and whole body health, we really want to

    create an exciting day of events for the public to come and experience the many benefits

    Pilates has to offer.”

Pilate’s practitioners of all levels and ages have the opportunity to enjoy the events

    offered locally by The Fitness Institute and Pilates Studio or participate in Camp

    Pilates at the Eden Roc Renaissance Resort & Spa on Miami’s South Beach, national event location for Pilates Day 2006. For more information on Pilates Day and Camp

    Pilates 2006 visit or contact The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio at 716-639-0200.

About the Pilates Method Alliance

    The Pilates Method Alliance is the international, not for profit, professional association

    dedicated to the teachings of Joseph H. and Clara Pilates. The PMA’s mission is to

    protect the public by establishing certification and continuing education standards for

    Pilate’s professionals. For more information, visit

    The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio is the premier Pilates Studio and one on one training facility in Western New York for over 14 years. Our highly trained and certified

    staff works with you on a one on one basis designing and implementing a program, which is specialized to your needs. It is our goal at The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio

    to create for you a comprehensive movement experience that will allow you to increase

    the quality of life through coordination of the body, mind and spirit in a safe, state of the

    art environment offering you the most experienced and best full trained Pilate’s teachers

    in Western New York. Facility services include, Pilates, Pilates Rehabilitation,

    Postpartum/Prenatal Services, One on One Personal Training, sport specific programs for

    dance, golf, tennis, gymnastics, figure skating, football, baseball/softball, swimming,

    soccer, horseback riding and competition cheerleading.

Canyon Ranch Health Resorts are award-winning vacation destinations dedicated to

    healthy living. Guests enjoy a full array of indoor and outdoor fitness activities and

    classes, including hiking and biking programs; luxurious spa and therapeutic body

    treatments; nutritious gourmet dining; and private consultations and workshops with

    medical and wellness experts.

    Mel and Enid Zuckerman founded the original Canyon Ranch Health Resort in Tucson,

    Arizona in 1979. Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires Health Resort opened in Lenox,

    Massachusetts in 1989. Canyon Ranch Spa Club at The Venetian Resort opened in 1999.

    Canyon Ranch Spa Club at Gaylord Palms Resort in Kissimmee, Florida opened in 2002.

    Canyon Ranch Spa Club debuted on board the Queen Mary 2 luxury ocean liner in 2004

    Media Contact: Rick Williamson B.S, ( C ) A.C.S.M, A.C.E, C.P.T Certified Pilates Practitioner The Fitness Institute & Pilates Studio

    5427 Transit Road

    Williamsville, NY 14221



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