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Access Statement ...

    Access Statement For Spa


We aim to provide an excellent service to all visitors and continually

    strive to improve. Our mission is to provide a quality experience to all;

    we are committed to providing accessibility for our visitors to enable all

    to enjoy the relaxing haven of the SPA.

    We currently offer:


•Text phone, Fax and email available (please see contact section


    •Website accessible with ability to increase the size of text and

    change colour contrast and also includes 360º views of most areas.

    •Treatment and brochure literature can be produced in large print,

    Braille or audio tape on request.

    •Local village 1 kilometre from main entrance.

    •Hourly accessible bus service from local station (1 kilometre away)

    between 6.50am 19.50pm.

    •There is a RADAR operated toilet in the village near the station

    •There is one local taxi firm who have accessible taxis (please see

    contact information below)

    Arrival & Car Parking Facilities


    •Entrance to the main car park is off the A777 •Car park has 6 widened spaces (3.8metres wide with access to rear)

    designated for disabled parking (50 metres from main entrance).

    •Surface is tarmac on these widened spaces but loose chips on the

    remainder of the car park

    •Path leading to front entrance is wide (200cm), flat and made from

    levelled concrete.

    •Assistance can be offered on request (contact phone number in car


    •We have water bowls for service dogs which are to the right of the main entrance to the SPA

    •All signage is tactile with dark blue background with white text.

Main Entrance & Reception (spa and main)

Hours of operation 7am-10pm (last entry to pool 21.30, last


    •Automatic entrance door approached which has level entry from the

    car park.

    •The spa reception is separate to the main reception but has wide

    corridors with no doors to negotiate.

    •Both receptions have a low desk. The spa desk is 73cm high and

    the main reception is 77cm high.

    •There is an induction loop installed at both reception counters and

    pad & pen available

    •Lighting is a combination of natural and diffused electric light. There

    is a lot of natural light in both reception area and adjacent lounge area

    •There is seating available for visitors in both reception areas and the adjacent lounge area.

    Public Areas - General (Internal)

    •All public areas (including – pool, changing area, toilets, reception, lounge, dining area, relaxation room, sauna, steam room) are all on

    the ground floor which is level entry throughout (no ramps or steps).

    •Staff are always on hand to offer assistance where required and wear

    black tabards

    •All indoor public areas are no smoking. There are ash bins provided

    outside and to the left approximately 10 metres of each entrance.

    •Treatment rooms are all on the first floor (via 2 lots of 9 steps or a lift (see lift section for specific details).

    •Signage throughout is dark blue background with white text and is

    non reflective.


There is an open lift to access the first floor for those who find it

    difficult to use stairs.

    •The door is a swing door and is 1.2 metres wide and has assisted

    opening operated by a button control.

    The interior dimensions of the lift are 1.2 metres wide by 1.4 metres


    •The lift is operated using the buttons in the lift or by an operator

standing near the lift.

    •The lift is open at the top as it operates so any assistance during the

    operation can be face to face with the person in the lift.

    Public Areas - WC

There are toilets in each of the ladies and gents changing rooms.

    Each has ladies (4 cubicles) and Gents (2 cubicles, 4 urinals each

    with support rail).

    •There is also an accessible unsex toilet on the ground floor near the

    changing rooms and dining area. This unit has toilet and small

    washbasin and has 80cm transfer space to the left, seat height is

    45cm. There are 2 vertical support rails either side of the toilet and

    one beside the hand wash basin. There is one horizontal rail beside

    the toilet on the opposite side to transfer. There are lowered hooks

    and shelf.

    Main changing rooms

The changing rooms are on the ground floor and have level entrance

    and are level throughout

    There are a few individual cubicles two of which are larger offering

    1.2metres by 1.5 metres internal unobstructed space.

    There are small benches in the cubicles of 46cm high.

    Routes to all areas are wide and at a minimum are 1.1 metres.

    There are high and low lockers for use and also high and low hooks

    for hanging clothes.

     There are toilets in each of the ladies and gents changing rooms.

    Each has ladies (4 cubicles) and Gents (2 cubicles, 4 urinals each

    with support rail).

    •There is one larger cubicle in each changing room which offers 1x1

    metre unobstructed space with 89cm to the left of the toilet. Doors

    are 90cm wide.

    •Washbasins do not have any pedestals or casing so are easy to use

    •Floors have a non-slip coating •Showers are fairly large with curtains to the front; they do have a

    channel in the floor (1.5cm deep and 4cm wide) where the curtain

    closes to allow water to run to the drain.

Accessible changing room

•We can offer facilities for guests who might need more space and/or

    privacy to change or who may need assistance from a companion to

    change. These facilities are on the ground floor adjacent to the main

    changing rooms and swimming pool.

    •These facilities incorporate a level entry shower with support rails,

    large toilet cubicle with 1.4 x 1.5 metres unobstructed space and

    support rails, large washbasin with no pedestal or boxing, changing

    area 3.5 x 4.5 metres, lockers operable at sitting height and hooks for

    clothes at 1.2 metres from the floor.

    •This facility is lockable whilst in use but can be used by several

    people during the day.

Restaurant / Dining Room Bar & Lounges, Take Away & Cafe

    •Menus can be provided in audio, large print and Braille on request. •The dining area is open plan to a conservatory and is all level.

    •Chairs and tables are movable, some with a central support column

    some with legs on each corner. Some chairs have arms.

    •There are also some sofas with low tables in the dining/ lounge area. •Staff are available to assist where required

    •The dining area offers serviced dining; if you are on a day package

    you will be able to pre order food on arrival.

    •There is quiet soothing background music which can be turned

    down/off on request

    •We are able to cater for Vegetarians, gluten free, dairy free, nut free,

    and sugar free diets (food is labelled). If you have any other dietary

    requirements, please notify us at least a day in advance and we will

    endeavour to cater for you.


Not applicable


We have a few cabinets of goods for sale which can be purchased

    though reception or the therapists. These can be viewed in the

    public areas.

Treatment room/s

    Our treatment rooms are all on the first floor. They can be reached via 2 lots of 9 steps or via a lift (specific detail in lift section). •We have 3 particularly large rooms which would enable manoeuvring

    of wheelchairs, frames or equipment. Each has free space of 140cm by 160cm to the side of the treatment couch/bench.

    •Treatments are tailored to individual needs – for advice about which

    treatments would be suitable please ask one of our team.

Leisure Facilities

    Swimming pool

    We have a swimming pool which is entered at the deep end via 5 steps either side (steps are ladder steps through the water). The shallow end is entered via 6 steps which gradually lead you into the water.

    Hydrotherapy/Jacuzzi Pool

    •Next to the swimming pool there is a Jacuzzi pool which has one step

    up to enter and 4 steps inside the pool to the bottom.

    There are hand rails either side of the steps on one side of the pool. The water in the pool is hot and there are certain medical conditions which the pool is not suitable for (please ask a member of staff). Sauna and Steam room

    We have a sauna and steam room available next to the pool (please check if they are suitable if you have a medical condition).

    Both the sauna and the steam room are entered via doors 83cm wide and both have a 1.5cm raised threshold on the floor of the door way. Both have fixed seating inside which at a minimum (there are 2 levels) is 49cm high.

    Relaxation room

    We have a relaxation room which is on the first floor. The door is 85cm wide.

    •The room has 12 reclining comfortable chairs which provide support

    for the whole body when reclined.

    There is 1 metre between most chairs to ensure a little privacy Gym and studio

    The gym and studio are on the ground floor and have level entry. They are accessed via permanently closed double doors (each leaf is 83cm wide).

    •We run various activities in the studio from relaxation classes to spinning (please ask staff which would be appropriate for your needs).

•The gym has a variety of equipment from running machines to

    weights and exercise ball. Please ask the trained gym staff for the

    most appropriate for your needs.

    Outdoor Facilities

•We have a croquet lawn which is flat with short grass

    •We have a tennis court available to hire which is accessed via a level

    footpath 120cm wide. The entrance is 89cm wide.

Conference & Meeting Rooms, Banqueting, Clubs, Entertainment

• Not Applicable


• Not Applicable

    Grounds and Gardens

•We have some lovely gardens which are all accessible via flat

    footpaths of 120cm wide

    We have cycle trails and walking trails throughout the grounds.

    Bikes are available to hire and we have one tandem allowing one

    person to be supported by another.

    Additional Information

All staff are fully trained particularly in customer service and disability

    awareness training.

    The fire evacuation procedures allow for special requests e.g.

    reduced mobility or hearing and staff are fully trained to evacuate

    guests if the alarm is sounded. If you have a special request if

    evacuation occurs please tell reception on arrival.

    •Service dogs (only) are allowed in most parts of the spa. We

    request that dogs do not enter the water facilities throughout the spa.

    Contact Information

• Address: The Spa, Spa Road, Spa Town, Spashire, SP1 1AS

• Telephone: 01999999999

    • Fax: 01999999999

    • Minicom: 0999999999

    • Email:

    • Website: • Hours of operation: 7am-10pm

    • Emergency number: 0979999999 • Local carers: We Care tel: 0189999999 • Local equipment hire companies: We Hire 01799999999

    • Local public transport numbers: Bus 016999999999

    • Local accessible taxi numbers: A1 cars 0159999999

Future Plans

• A hoist will be installed into the pool area (January 2008)

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if

    you have any comments please phone 01999999999 or email

    Created on: 28/06/2010

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