The Advantages of Examination

By Erin Cook,2014-04-05 13:41
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This article is to show the advantages of examination

The Advantages of Examination-oriented Education:

    Firstly, we can know that its a good way to educate students.Through Examination-oriented Education,many countries have educated countless outstanding talents.So,in other words, we can say that without Examination-oriented Education,many developing countries can not achieve such succcess. Because Examination-oriented Education plays an important role in selecting talents ,also in educating them.

    Secondly,students can command more knowledge and skills in a short time through teachers

    teaching,just oppisite to developed countries. Because in some developed countries,students discover things by themselves,teachers just teach them how to find. So ,from the contrast of different countries,we can know that Examination-oriented Education can save a lot of time,and it can increase study efficiency.

    Thirdly,its very suitable for the fundamental realities of our country. China has not enough fund for education now, so it cant offer enough material to develop Quality-oriented Education thoroughly.

    In addition, its more fair to select talents by examinations in some developing

    countries .Because some developing countries have large population,so its very hard to develop

    each person from all aspects. Naturally ,Examination-oriented Education System is popularly used in many countries.

The Disadvantages of Examination-oriented Education:

    1. Examination-oriented Education can bring the polarization of good students and bad

    students. That losers in competetion cant gain help will result the expansion of bad

    students. So some poor students may give up studying under the pressure of competetion.

    And this kind of condition not only go against Compulsory Education Law,but also

    become an unfair phenomenon which is factitious.

    2. Examination becomes a way for teacher to examine students study ,and also a kind of

    feedback. To get a good mark ,many students cheat in exams. Because in their

    minds,many parents judge their own children from their ranking in class or grade. So

    cheating becomes more and more common in all schools,even in College Entrance


    3. Traditional Examination-oriented Education focuses on training or doing more exercises.

    This must increase teachers pressure. Because teachers should prepare more things after

    class. In other words, teachers must spend more their spare time in finding some study

    materials. In this way,they have less time to relax themselves at weekends. Also some

    schools give their teachers bonus by students transition rates or their marks in all kinds of

    exams. This may lead to the competetion among teachers and also increase teachers


    4. It may impede personal development. In Examination-oriented Education,the goal of

    education is very narrow and the method of education is very single. Every student is just

    like a robot. They have no space to develop their creativity. They just know how to

    follow teachers steps. They learn things just for all kinds of exams. They havent their

    own opinion in some problems. When they meet some problems,they turn to teachers for

    help,not thinking by themselves. So it does harm to sudents growth in their telligence.

    5. Examination-oriented Education may result the work burden for students. Because of the

    transition rates, many schools take measures on increasing it ,naturally , students get more

    homework to do. Some schools even give supplementary courses at weekends. This leads

    to the fear of students for study. They no longer like going to school or study in class.

    Many of them start to escape from school and become a poor student in society.

The Status quo of Examination-oriented Education:

    In Japan,people always say that if you sleep 4 hours a day,you can enter the college. But if you sleep 5 hours,you will lose the chance to go into college. That means students in Japan have great pressure in their study. To have good marks, they should study very hard. Even when they are in elementary school,they have a lot of school counseling to enter a good secondary school or a famous college. So ,in Japan,the competetion of entering secondary school is much more fierce than entering college. Students should study harder than others. They should do their best to grasp the chance of entering a good high school,also a famous college.

    In South Korea, only about 50 percent of peaple who take part in College Entrance Examination can be admitted by colleges. To a large extent, College Entrance Examination decides the direction of childrens future. When the day, College Entrance Examination,comes,

    most of people will go to school gate to cheer for candidates.

    In Taiwan, to get ready for High School Entrance Examination,students must have classes on Saturday. In addition, parents will find some tutors to teach their own children at some nights. They think that their children can perform much better than other students in their schools.

    Just because of these cruel educational system, a lot of talents can be educated, and also increase the competitiveness of these countries. So ,on the whole,without the fundation of Examination-oriented Education System,all of these countries can not educated so many outstanding talents.

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