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    JUNE 2004

    ndC/Library/Inventory 2 Version






     C.2 CUPBOARD 2



    Abbott, Sue (Ed.) Quest for Cure London 2002

    Abercrombie, John MD Diseases of the Brain & Spinal Cord .61683 1828

    Aberdeen Early Medical Schools Souvenir Volume 1939 ndfor BMA Meeting 1939 (2 Copy)

     Aberdeen Association of Social Service 1870-1970

     The Aberdeen Almanac S.C. Aberdeen 1793

    Aberdeen City Chief Sanitary Inspector Reports C.2 1933, 1935, 1936,

    1938, 1944-46,


     The Commemorative Plaques S.C. 2000

     The Bon-Accord Directory S.C. 1843-44

     The Book of Bon Accord S.C. Aberdeen 1839

    Aberdeen City Police The Diced Cap Aberdeen 1972

    Aberdeen District Nursing Book of the Bazaar 1895 Association

     ndAberdeen Medico-Chirurgical Catalogue of Valuable Books (2 Copy) Sotheby’s 1967 Society

     Catalogue 1934

     Trust Deed, List of Members and Catalogue Aberdeen 1848

    of Library

     Catalogue of Library ―Secretary‖ 1874

     Catalogue of Portraits S.C. 1914

     Account Book 1806-1808

     List of Members 1958

     Albums of Photographs of Members 3 Vols. O.S.

     Notes regarding Bicentennial Exhibition C.2 1989

    and Book

     th Notes regarding ―A R I‖ 250 Anniversary C.2 1992

    Aberdeen Postgraduate Medical Bulletins 3 Vols O.S. 1967-74

    Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Act of Incorporation 1887


     Foundation stone and early maps, with

    folder on Freemasonry and foundation


    Aberdeen University Calendars .37 1860-1864





     Final Year Souvenirs (Incomplete) O.S. 1931-2000

     University Review Vols. 1 to date 1913-to date


     Quarter centenary Directory 1906

     Catalogue of Library Vol. 3 O.S. Aberdeen 1874

     500 Years of Achievement S.C. Aberdeen 1994

     Alma Mater Vol. XL1 Aberdeen 1924

     Book of Remembrance O.S. 1939-1945

     nd Regius Chair of Surgery (2 Copy) 1939-1989

     Aberdeen University Club (Birmingham & C.2


    Achalme, Dr P L’Erysipele .61694 Paris (No Date)

Adam A, Smith D, ―To the Greit Support & Advancement of O.S Aberdeen 1996 ndWatson F (Eds.) Health‖ (2 Copy)

    Adams, Francis Paula Aeginata 3 Vols. 1844

     The Genuine Works of Hippocrates Vol. 1 1849

     The Extent Works of Aretaeus 1856

    Adams, Williams FRCS Observations of Contraction of the Fingers London 1879

    Albeé, F H A Surgeon’s Fight to Rebuild Men

    Alcock, Thomas Lectures on Practical & Medical Surgery .6179 London 1830

    Adler, A Lectures on Individual Psychology MS 1937

    Allardyce, Mabel D Roll of Service AUP 1914-1921

     The Library of the Med-Chi Society AUP 1934

     The Med-Chi Library MS


    Allen & Hanbury Surgical Instruments & Appliances O.S. London 1938

    Alvarez, Walter, C. MD Incurable Physician An Autobiography Surrey 196

    Amanm, Joseph Klinik der Wochenbettkrankheiten` .6187 Stuttgart 1876

    Anderson, P J (Ed.) Aurora Borealis Academica 9.37 Aberdeen 1889

     Appreciations 9.37 Aberdeen 1926

     King’s College Officers & Graduates 1923

     Studies in the History of the University of 1895


    Anderson, R D The Student Community of Aberdeen (No Date)

    Anderson, T M. MD Parasitic Affections of the Skin .6165 London 1861

    Andre, Dr G Insuffisiance Mitrale .61612 Paris (No Date)

    Angus, John Mortifications of Aberdeen Aberdeen 1849

    Anon New Dictionary of Quotations .42 London 1872

     The Edinburgh Practice of Physic and .6102 London 1800


     The New Infirmary S.C. 1936

     A.R.I. Its Rise & Progress S.C. Dundee 1904

     rd 153 Field Ambulance RAMC (TA) 1937-1944

     th The London Dissector, 4 Ed. .61102 London 1813

     Pharmacopoeia of the Manchester R I .61511 1909

     Pharmacopoeia of ARI .61511 Aberdeen 1898

     Pharmacopoeia of Sheffield R I 1921

     Pharmacopoeia of Belgrave Hospital for 1922


     Pharmacopoeia for Use in Military London 1938


     th L’Ami des Malades. 4 Ed. .6155 Paris 1774

     Report of the Royal Commissioners of the 9.37 Edinburgh 1878

    University of Scotland. Vols. l, ll, lll, & lV

     Medico-Chirurgical Society 9.37 Aberdeen 1906


    Letters about Quartercentenary

     Echoes In Memory of Dr James Walker Aberdeen 1894

     Phallism 10 Volumes London 1889

     Edinburgh Stereoscopic Atlas of Anatomy O.S. (No Date)

    5 Vols.

     The Well of Woolmanhill Facsimile of O.S. Aberdeen 1884

    Account Printed in 1580

     Aberdeen Early Medical Schools 1939

     Freedom Lands & Marches of Aberdeen O.S. Aberdeen 1929

     Obstetric Registrars 10 Vols. 1876-1948

     Presentation of Portraits to Sir Ashley Aberdeen 1933


     Quartercentenary of the Death of Hector O.S. Aberdeen 1937


     12 Volumes of History of Medicine 1970-74

     Aberdeen Mother & Child Welfare Ass. O.S. 1911-54

    Minute Book 1935-54 (3 Vols)

     Sketches in Bedlam by a Constant Observer London 1823

     Hospital Sketch Laws of the RCPE Edinburgh 1925

     Edinburgh & Medicine 1976

     Transactions of the Scottish Association of

    Exec. Councils. Vols 1,3,5-26 + Terminal

    Conference 1974

     Medical Facts London 1936

     Metropolitan Sanitary Commission. London 1848

    First Report of the Commissioners

     History & Statutes of Royal Infirmary O.S. 1778


     Newspaper Cuttings O.S. 1886, 87 & 90

     Joseph Bell by an Old Friend

     For The Public Good Historical

    Symposium Celebrating 250 Years of ARI

     The Northeast East of Scotland Central Press


    Aberdeen 1963

    Armstrong, John. MD Typhus Fever .61691 London 1819

    Arnold, W. MD Bilious Remittent Fever .61691 London 1840

    Bailey, H & Bishop W J Notable Names in Medicine & Surgery London 1959

    Bannerman, John The Beatons a Medical Kindred Edinburgh 1986

    Barbier, Dr H La Rougeole .61691 Paris (No Date)

    Barbour, A H R. MA.MD. The Anatomy of Labour .618202 Edinburgh 1889 FRCPE

Barclay, John The Arteries of the Human Body .6115 Edinburgh 1820 nd2 Edition

    Barie, Dr E Bruits de Souffle et Bruits de Galop .,6155 Paris (No Date)

    Barker, Sir Herbert Leaves from my Life London 1927

    Barker, F. MD Puerperal Diseases .6187 London 1874

    Barrington & Hoswell (Ed.) Puerperal Fever S.C Philadelphia 1842

    Bartlett, John Familiar Quotations London (No Date)

    Bateman, Donald Berkely Moynihan, Surgeon London 1940

    Bayliss & Ellis C W Neil Arnott, FRS, Reformer, Innovator & London 1981

    Popularizer of Science 1788-1874

     rdBeale, LS.MB.FRS On Slight Ailments 3 Edition London (No Date)

    Beaton, H Book of Benachie Aberdeen 1923

    Beattie Lectures in Natural History .53 Donated 1793

    (No Date)

    Beattie & Geiger Frozen in Time Franklin Expedition London 1987

    Becue et Guermonprez Actinomycose .616998 Paris (No Date)

    Begbie, J W. MD Medical Information & Advice London 1890

    Beigel, Dr H Patholgische Anatome der Weiblichen .6183 1878


     thBell, Sir Charles. KGH.FRS The Hand. 6 Edition London 1860

     The Hand Facsimile edition of 1833 Pilgrim Press 1979

    Bell, D & Muir N (Eds) A Century of Care A History of MDDUS Glasgow 2002


    Bell, John Answer to the Memorial of Dr James .6109 Edinburgh 1800


    Bell, W Blair The Pituitary London 1919

    Berg, J & Lagercrantz, B Scots in Sweden Stockholm 1962

    Beurnier, Dr Louis Les Varices .61612 Paris (No Date)

    Beveridge, R Statistics of Typhus Aberdeen 1868

     rdBigg, H H, AICE Orthopraxy. 3 Edition .6173 London 1877

    Birkenhead, The Earl of Loose Thinking & Other Matters

    Blanche, Dr R Clinique et Therapeutique Infantiles 2 Vols. .6189 Paris 1894

    Black, George F Scotland’s Mark on America New York 1921

    Black, Jos Lectures on Chemistry .54 MS Edinburgh (No


    Black, Joseph Experiments upon Magnesia Alba, S.C Edinburgh 1782

    Quicklime & Other Alkaline Substances

    Blair, J S C & The R.A.M.C. Reflections on one hundred Dundee 1998 Ticehurst, AC years of service

    Blair, J S C Centenary History of the Royal Army 1998

    Medical Corps. 1898-1998

Blanco, Richard L Sir James McGrigor Wellington’s 1974 Durham NC ndSurgeon General. (2 Copy)

     ndBliss, M The Discovery of Insulin (paperback 2 Toronto 1996


    Boece, H The Lives of the Bishops of Aberdeen Aberdeen 1894

    Booth, J McKenzie Diseases of Ear, Nose & Throat. MS (No Date)

    Boulay, Dr Maurice La Pneumonie Lobaire Aigue .61624 Paris (No Date)

    Boyd Orr, Lord J As I Recall S.C London 1966

    Bramwell, Byron MD Clinical Studies 1904

    Brazier, James S Analytical Tables .543 Aberdeen 1862

    Brebner Interesting Medical & Local Experiences

    British Medical Ass. More Secret Remedies London 1912

     Secret Remedies London 1909


     Minutes of Aberdeen, Banff & . 1891-1929

    Kincardineshire Branches

     Minutes of City of Aberdeen Meetings C.2 1961-1974

     Minutes of Aberdeen Branches C.2 1918-1932

     Aberdeen, Banff & Kincardineshire C.2 (No Dates)

    Division Notes of Meetings & Various

    Documents. 9 Vols.

     Catalogue of the Museum S.C 1939

    Brockbank, E M, MD FRCP Heart Sounds & Murmurs London 1911

    Brodie, Sir Benjamin FRS Psychological Inquiries .0 London 1856

     The Urinary Organs London 1849

    Brotherstone, T & The City and its Worlds S.C Glasgow 1996 Withrington, D J

    Brown, John MD Rab & His Friends 3 Vols. London 1882

    Brown, I A Doctor’s Visits Worcs. 1987

    Browne, Stanley G, ED Heralds of Health Cheshire 1985

    Browning, C H, MD et al Eds. Finlayson’s Clinical Manual London 1926

    Brunton, T Lauder MD FRS Action of Medicines .6151 London 1875

    Buchan, David The Writings of David Rorie

     Folk Tradition & Folk Medicine in Scotland Canongate 1994

     thBuchan, William MD Domestic Medicine 19 Edition London 1803

     st Domestic Medicine 1 Edition 1769

     Domestic Medicine c. 1800 (No Date)

    Buchanan, W W James VI of Scotland Toronto 2001

     The Scottish Highland Spa of Strathpeffer MS 2002

     The Spa of Strathpeffer and D William


    Bulloch, J M An Aberdeen Falstaff AUP 1930

    Bulloch, William MB Studies in Pathology .61608 Aberdeen 1906

    Bulloch, William The History of Bacteriology


    Bunch, Antonia J History of Medical Libraries in Scotland 1975

    Burgess, Thomas H, MD Diseases of the Skin .6165 London 1942

    Burgh Surveyor Water Engineer Reports C.2 1928-29

    Burn, Joseph Statistics Explained London 1914

    Burnett, James The Pocket Prescriber Ed. 1911

    Burns, J Principles of Midwifery London 1811

    Burrows, E H Pioneers and Early Years A History of 1986

    British Radiology

    Burt, Cyril The Young Delinquent London 1931

    Butterfield, J K (Ed.) The Making of a Neurologist Hatfield 1981

    Bynum, W F & Porter, Roy Companion Encyclopaedia of the History of S.C London 1993


    Cabanes, Dr Curious Bypaths of History Medico-S.C Paris 1898

    Historical Studies.

    Calder, A Byron and Scotland EUP 1989

    Cameron, H C The British Paediatric Association 1928-52 London 1955

    Campbell, David M C, DM Handbook of Therapeutics Edinburgh 1934

    Campbell, D & Watson, F Hospitals of Peterhead & District 1994

    Campbell, W. MD Study & Practice of Midwifery .618202 London 1833

     thCantlie, Sir J First Aid to the Injured 37 Edition 1919

    Cantlie, Sir J & Jones, C S Sun-Yat Sen and the Awakening of China London (No Date)

    Cantlie, Sir Neil A History of the Army Medical Edinburgh 1974

    Departmernt. 2 Vols.

    Cantlie, N & Seaver, G Sir James Cantlie London 1939

    Capuron, F Cours D’Accouchements .618202 Brussels 1832

    Carnie, Wm Reporting Reminiscences Vols. 1-3 .0 Aberdeen 1902

    Carter, J J & Pittock, J H Aberdeen & the Enlightenment Aberdeen 1987

    Cater, Jennifer & Scottish Universities Edinburgh 1992 Witherington, Donald

    Carter, D & Woods K Scotland’s Health and Health Services Nuffield Trust



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