2007 Program - Women and Words

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2007 Program - Women and Words ...

     Thank you for joining us for the 2007 Women & Words conference. For the past year, the Executive

    Committee has worked to bring you the top women authors from around the country, to share their passion

    for writing, and the stories that come from their hearts. It is our pleasure to bring this spectacular event to

    you in the city we love, Los Angeles. We hope that this day will become your annual celebration of women’s

    words and achievements that you will look forward to year after year, and share with your friends so that

    they will have a chance to join in the celebration in 2008.

Gratefully yours,

    Sheila Irani Lewin, Executive Director

    Our Distinguished Authors

    Gail Tsukiyama is the best selling and award winning author of “Women Of The

    Silk”, “The Samurai’s Garden”, “The Language of Threads”, “Dreaming Water” and

    the newly released “The Street Of A Thousand Blossoms”. Ms. Tsukiyama was born

    in San Francisco, her mother a Chinese immigrant, her father Japanese born in Hawaii.

    This multicultural upbringing is reflected in the deeply personal stories about Chinese

    women, which she has been writing since her first novel, “Women of The Silk”, was

    published in 1991. An unexpected bestseller, it launched her successful writing life,

    winning her a prestigious Academy of American Poets award. Ms. Tsukiyama

    considers herself an examiner of what she calls the lives of Early Chinese Feminists as

    embodied by the silk workers in her first novel. She has also tackled the topics of the

    differences between Chinese and Japanese culture, and the daily struggles of young

    women growing up in WWII Hong Kong in her novel “Night Of Many Dreams.” A

    resident of the San Francisco Bay area, she has been a part time lecturer in Creative

    Writing at San Francisco State University, as well as a freelance book reviewer for the

    San Francisco Chronicle. She was one of nine fiction authors to appear during the first

    Library of Congress National Book Festival.

    Nicole Mones began a textile business in China in 1977, six weeks

    after the government declared an end to the Cultural Revolution. She

    ran this business for eighteen years, building relationships and

    learning about China, before she turned to writing about that country.

    “The Last Chinese Chef” is her third novel; she is also the author of

    the novels “Lost In Translation” and “A Cup Of Light”, which are in

    print in ten languages. All three novels were Booksense picks. Lost In

    Translation, a NY Times Notable Book and Editor’s Choice, won the

    Pacific Northwest Bookseller’s Association Book Award and the

    Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize for best work of fiction by any American

    Woman. Since 1999 Nicole has written about Chinese food for

    Gourmet magazine, covering the food scenes in cities like Beijing , Shanghai , Yunnan Province , and the San Gabriel Valley. An excerpt of “The Last Chinese Chef” appeared in

    Gourmet (August 2006) marking the first time Gourmet magazine has published fiction in its history of more than 60

    years. In her newest novel Nicole touches the personal stories of Sam, a Chinese-American-Jewish chef and Maggie, a

    widowed food writer who is suddenly confronted with a paternity claim by a Chinese family, against her late

    husband’s estate. “The Last Chinese Chef” is rich with meaning and lore and an examination of loving relationships. The descriptions of food make the aromas and textures float right off the page.

Anita Amirrezvani was born in Tehran and currently lives in Northern California. She

    has received fellowships from the National Arts Journalism program, the NEA’S Arts

    Journalism Institute for Dance, and the Hedgebrook Foundation for Women Writers.

    She was a dance critic for a decade with the San Jose Mercury News and the Contra

    Costa Times. Anita’s debut novel, “The Blood Of Flowers” has been sold to publishers th Century Iran who in 24 countries. It is an enchanting story of a 14 year old girl in 17grows up in a poor village as the fastest rug-knotter. When her father dies, she and her

    mother are forced to seek shelter with wealthy relatives in Isfahan, where they learned

    that material riches often go hand-in-hand with a poverty of the spirit and that gender is

    a cruel sorting mechanism in medieval society. The lyrical writing will draw you into

    the narrator’s world, aching for her success but fearing that it may never come. It blends

    strong women characters, both good and bad, with the magical Persian folktales that

    help bring to life a vivid picture of the beautiful Isfahan with her river, her bridges,

    mosques and gardens. As a carpet is woven together knot by knot and row by row to create a treasure, so has the

    author woven us “The Blood of Flowers”, word by word, story by story. Erika Schickel is the author of “You’re Not The Boss Of Me: Adventures of a Modern

    Mom”. A native of New York City and graduate of Barnard College, she started out as an actress and performance artist, working closely with The Blue Man Group developing

    their seminal show, Tubes for the Astor Theater in lower Manhattan. She came to Los

    Angeles in 1989 to pursue an acting career. Along the way she wrote and starred in

    several one-woman shows, most notably Wild Amerika a Darwinian exploration of

    mating, motherhood and monogamy. That show was later adapted for radio and produced

    by LA Theater Works for their series The Play’s The Thing on NPR. Eventually Erika realized that though she loved acting, her real gift was for writing. She began placing

    short pieces in several weekly newspapers, including the LA Weekly and LA City Beat.

    Erika has had several pieces included in literary anthologies, including “Another City: Writing from Los Angeles ”. Many of these stories focused on her experience raising her

    daughters and were gathered together for her current memoir. In “You’re Not The Boss

    Of Me” she makes the everyday world of child rearing and commonplace activities such as a visit to the park or a jaunt to her local strip club with a girlfriend into funny, curious

    and thought provoking encounter. As one reader put it: “If you are a Mom who can become lost in the scent of your

    baby’s hair, while forgetting to wash your own, then this book is for you.” Walmart chose “You’re Not The Boss Of

    Me” for their “Latest and Greatest” book promotion and the book was featured in People Magazine’s Mother’s Day

    Shopping Guide. These days Erika is a regular book critic and op-ed contributor for The Los Angeles Times and The

    Chicago Tribune. She also writes online for LA,, and The Daily Reel.

    Gabrielle Pina won the 2002 Pacificus Foundation Literary Prize for achievement in

    short fiction. She is a faculty member at the University Of Southern California ’s Master

    of Professional Writing Program and a member of the adjunct faculty at Pasadena City

    College. Also in 2002 her thesis project “Bliss” became a novel and led to a national book

    tour and a three book deal with Random House. Gabrielle’s second novel “Chasing

    Sophea” has become a book club favorite with its poignant and universal themes of

    revelations and reckoning. In this novel the well-crafted characters are unforgettable. The

    author clearly brings to light the psyche’s protective response to trauma and the difficult

    but worthwhile process the main character and her family must endure if wholeness is to

    be accomplished. In the face of mental illness and maternal loss this novel proves once

    again that emotional courage and an open heart can overcome all obstacles.

    Merrill Markoe is an Emmy award winning writer who also authored three

    books of humorous essays; the novel “It’s My F-----ing Birthday” and co

    authored the novel “The Psycho Ex Game”. She has worked as a T.V.

    correspondent and written for television (Late Night with David Letterman,

    Newhart, Mary Taylor Moore, Moonlighting, Sex and The City, movies and

    numerous publications). In her new book “Walking In Circles Before Lying

    Down, the main character, Dawn Tarnauer’s life isn’t exactly a success story.

    Already twice divorced, the young Californian is too busy job hopping to start a

    career, her current boyfriend insists on living “off the grid,” her Life Coach sister

    perpetually interferes with incomprehensible affirmations, her eccentric mother is

    busy promoting the culmination of her life’s work: The Every Holiday Tree, and her father is ending his brief third

    marriage while scheduling two dates for the same night. Dawn’s only source of security and comfort is Chuck, a pit-bull mix from the pound. Filled with sharp wit, and canine conversation that would make doctor Doolittle’s jaw drop, Merrill Markoe’s engaging, cleverly written novel is about the confusing search for love and the divine acts of dogs.

    Whether one is reading Merrill’s razor sharp commentary on Mel Gibson’s Drunken Rant in The Huffington Post or

    viewing her endorphin producing on-line videos, Merrill’s unique perspective of life in this modern age is one that will

    keep you laughing out loud.

    Women & Words Past Authors:

     2004: Chitra Divakaruni Liz Dolan Patt Morrison Sena Jeter Naslund Lisa See

    2005: Martha Beck Denise Hamilton Helie Lee Shirley Taylor Haizlip Jane Juska Cassandra King

    2006: Mary Gordon Sonia Nazario Denise Nicholas Nina Revoyr Karen Stabiner Susan Straight


     Joanna Beacom Roslyn Fanello Linda Friedman Teresa Jones Denise Neumann

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