Yorkshire RFU - MiniMidi Competitions

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Yorkshire RFU - MiniMidi Competitions


    Rules for the Central District U8/9/10 Festivals

    thSunday 29 November 2009

; All games will be played to the RFU Continuum for all ages.

; Match durations will be decided by the individual organisers depending on the number of teams entered

    to ensure that the maximum playing time set by the continuum is not exceeded.

; Referees should be neutral each team must provide a referee to officiate.

    ; Please note that the Central District have concerns regarding Blades and other studs in a dangerous condition. You should expect referees to check the studs at the competitions and they will have the right to disqualify any player whose boots are deemed dangerous. Referees are instructed to be vigilant and strict in this matter by the Central District Committee.

; In the event of a clash of colours both teams should change.

    ; All U9s & 10s players must be registered with the Yorkshire RFU Passport scheme. Should any player not have a passport they will not be eligible to take part in this year’s competition. Should

    a team not have enough registered players, then they will forfeit the competition. All U8 players should be registered, but players will still be allowed to compete with or without registration.

    ; Should a player be registered with the Yorkshire RFU Passport scheme and not have their actual passports, the Yorkshire registration number is sufficient to allow them to play in the competition a

    registration form will be provided, and registration numbers will be checked.

    ; Individual teams must hand in at registration, (9.30-10.00) at their specific venue, a copy of their respective team sheets, failure to do so will result in that team being able play, but unable to win the days


     stst; For the U9 & U10 competition, all players MUST be under the stated age at midnight on 31 August/1

    September at the beginning of the current season. The mixing of age group players for this competition is not allowed. An under 10 side will only have U10 players i.e. no U9 or U11 players are to be included.

    ; In the U8’s competition, teams may include U7’s players, but may not include any U9’s players. Any U7’s players entered into the U8 competition will not be allowed to play in the U7 competition at the end

    of the season they must play in the U8 team for both parts of the tournament.


    ; In the event of clubs who cannot field a genuine age group side and wish to combine, two club sides are allowed to form one team. That team must play under one club name for the duration of the competition. The clubs involved with the creation of such a team, must inform the competitions secretary.

; The organisers will allocate pitches and times for each game

; Please be on time. Failure to be on time will mean forfeiting the games

     th; The tournament will be played in two halves. The qualifying round will be played on 29 November,

    and will be split roughly into North and South Leeds. The winning teams from each event will go forward into the “Cup” competition on 28th March, whilst the losing teams will play in the “Plate”

    competition on the same day.

    ; Generally there will be two groups, drawn randomly, at each event. Depending on the number of teams entered by age group, either 3 or 4 teams will go forward as the winners into the Cup competition. If three teams are required they will be:

     - The winner of Group A

     - The winner of Group B nd - The winner of a play-off match between the 2 place teams in Group A & B

    If four teams are required they will be:

     - The winners and runners up of both Group A and Group B.

; Games will be played on a league basis with 2 points for a win and 1 for a draw.

    ; In the event of a draw in the playoff game at the end of normal time, the following will apply:

    (a) Teams will play sudden death extra time duration 3 minutes each way.

    (b) If at the end of this extra time the game is still a draw the winner will be decided on the

    toss of a coin.

; In the event of teams being level the winner will be decided as follows :-

    (a) Team with the best points difference

    (b) Team scoring the most tries

    (c) Team which has conceded the fewest tries

    If none of these methods (applied in above sequence) provides a winner the toss of a

    coin shall decide

; Any player asked to leave the field will take no further part in the days games

    ; There is no limit to squad sizes for this stage of the competition, nor is there a limit to substitutions.

    ; Players who are replaced may return to the same game as a substitute, (i.e unlimited interchanges are allowed)

    ; Any club entering two teams MUST register players into either their A team or their B team. Any team playing an A team player in the B team or vice-versa will have BOTH teams disqualified. Different teams may be entered into the finals in March i.e. an A team player on 29/11 may play in the B team in


    ; In the event of a dispute that cannot be resolved by the organisers on the day the Central District Mini/Midi Competitions Committee, (consisting of District Chairman, District Secretary and Competitions Secretary), will rule and their decision is final. No appeal to the Yorkshire Committee will be allowed, as this is a District Festival.

    ; Fees will be ?15 per team entered to pay for medals & trophies. i.e. 2 x U8 & 1 x U9 = ?45. Please send cheques payable to Leos Junior RUFC to Chris Cadge, 38 Parklands, Bramhope, Leeds. LS16 9AJ. Please ensure you write the club name and teams entered on the reverse of the cheque.

    Teams Entered, and Competition Locations

    The following teams are entered into the competitions. Clubs may still enter teams if stspaces available - by contacting up until 31 October

    U8 Group 1 U8 Group 2

    Location: Leos Location: Wetherby

    Registration: 9.30 10.00 Registration: 9.30 10.00

    4 teams to go through 4 teams to go through WPL A Wetherby A

    Leos Group A Bramley Group A Sandal B Otley A

    WPL B Otley B

Moortown Roundhegians

    Yarnbury Group B Aireborough Group B Sandal A Wetherby B

    U9 South

    Location: Bramley

    Registration: 9.30 10.00

    6 teams to go through

    Sandal Wetherby A

    Bramley Wetherby B

    Leos WPL

    Roundhegians Moortown

    Otley A Yarnbury

    Otley B Aireborough

    U10 North

    Location: Aireborough

    Registration: 9.30 10.00

    7 teams to go through 2 from group A&B, 3 from group C Sandal B

    Roundhegians Group A

    Moortown Leos

    Morley Yarnbury

     Otley A Group C Sandal A WPL A

    Otley B Group B WPL B



The groups at each location were randomly drawn by the RDO in advance. League 1 is

    coloured blue, league 2 is left as black

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