Updated version 11th May 2009

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Updated version 11th May 2009

    Medium Route - Updated version 21st May 2009 - FINAL

Turn Right out of the start field, walking on the right hand side of the road, passing the Pub “The Drovers

    Inn” and Mosaic “Boots and Beer” on the left.

    Turn left at road junction sign Post Dallowgill, You are now on part of the Ripon Rowel, (Rowel logo - circular part of a spur)

    Mosaic “Curlew” is on your left behind the gate.

    Walk down the road, on the right, to the bend in the road, Mosaic “Leaves”,

    Continue ahead, “Unsuitable for motor vehicles” sign, following the finger post with the Ripon Rowel symbol on it.

    Continue along the lane to go down hill on the track to wooden bridge and cross, Mosaic “Brown Trout”.

    Through metal gate, keep along the track to reach a track junction, and Mosaic “Flag Iris and Tadpoles.”

    Turn left and up hill to pass through a metal gate.

    Turn right, Mosaic “Friesian Cow” and down the track, through metal gate, to cross wooden bridge over the


    Then ahead up hill along the track to meet the road and Mosaic “Greater Spotted Woodpecker”.

    Turn left at the road and walk on the right hand side to the track on the right. Sign post Carlsmoor Turn right along this track, Mosaic “Wild Rose”.

    Ahead on the track.

    Just passed the Mosaic “Sighting Tower”. Turn right onto the farm track.

    Ahead to go past the farm buildings, with the feed hold on the left with straw mound on the right to reach

    two sets of gates, take the left hand gate into the walled lane.

    Go along the track, signed with the Ripon Rowel.

    This leads you passed the sighting tower.

    Go along the walled lane and through a gate, bearing left on walled lane to a smaller

    gate and turn tight.

    Over the stream and ahead to ascend the hill and follow the path through the heather past a shooting

    fence, heading towards the trees and barn on the road.

    Passing over a bridge and through gate, up to the stile on the left and onto the road.

    Turn left and then follow road right as it goes uphill to a T-junction, sign posted, Ilton Swinton, turn right

    and then follow the road around to the left,

    On reaching the brow of the hill and just before the bend, look for the finger post on the left sign post Ripon Rowel. Cross over stile/fence, trying not to stand on the edges of the water trough.

    Ahead on path past the two stone gate posts, to reach a fence and

    Checkpoint - Mouscar.

    (This is where the long and medium routes split, long goes ahead, medium turns right)

    Turn right on track and through the metal gate, ahead along the lane, straight on at the cross roads, to go right at the next T-junction. Sign post Grewelthorpe Kirkby Malzeard

    On reaching the woods turn left and then right at the first path through the woods.

    When reaching a larger track turn right for 100m to turn right onto another path through the woods. This opens out to a newly planted section, pause for the view.

    Descend along the tongue to meet the larger track, turn right and carry on reaching the road. Cross over the road and turn left, extreme caution as there is a blind corner just after the car park.

    Turn right into the car park.

    Checkpoint - Hack Fall Car Park

    Leave checkpoint via the kissing gate, turning left and down the track, follow the Hack Fall sign. Cross stile to left of wooden gate, to then descend to go through kissing gate into the woods and Checkpoint - Limehouse Hill

    Long route rejoins here from the left.

    You now rejoin the Ripon Rowel here. Take the track to the left and then right fork to the View Point, pause for the view, and “It’s behind you!”

    Then ahead to descend the hill to the track by the river, turn right through the stone posts, then the right fork signed Ripon Rowel.

    Look for the folly on your left before you cross the stone lines stream.

    Right at the fork, up hill leaving the Ripon Rowel, to head for Grewelthorpe.

    Climbing out through the woods on the well trodden and sometimes muddy path, taking the right hand fork at the fallen trees.

    Then further on take the left hand fork downhill marked with a white arrow.

    Emerging from the woods at a wooden bridge on your right.

    Take the path to the left, then ahead up to and over a wooden stile, left through gateway and turn right along field edge to go over broken wall in the corner.

Then along field edge path to wooden stile in the hedge.

    Over stile and turn right along the lane to emerge into Grewelthorpe, turn left to pass the pub and through the village passed the pond.

    Leaving the village look for the finger post on your right signpost Kirkby Malzeard, just before the National speed sign.

    Climb the steps and over the fence. Walk around the field boundary, in single file, with the hedge on your

    right to the far diagonal corner, where there is a gate and stile to the left of the building. Cross over the wooden step stile and ahead to go through metal gate.

    Follow fence on your right to go over wooden step stile.

    Follow field around the house to go through metal gate in right hand corner. Ahead with fence on your right to go over wooden step stile.

    Ahead passed fence corner to cross the field to stile in fence.

    Do Not cross stile but turn right to the road.

    The village of Kirkby Malzeard is left here but this goes via a very dangerous blind corner so you MUST

    turn right.

    Walk along to the T-junction, crossing 30meter before the junction, as this is a busy corner and

    turn left, along this road into the village of Kirkby Malzeard.

    When reaching the main street turn left then left at road fork, (the village shop will be open for that

    all important ice cream,) you will then find the checkpoint at the crossroads/large stone cross. Checkpoint - Kirkby Malzeard

    Leaving the Checkpoint, take the road sign post Kirkby Malzeard Cemetery.

    Just opposite the Cemetery take the road to the right.

    At the T-junction turn right, sign post Pately Bridge.

    Turn left after the phone box sign post Pately Bridge and over the stone bridge. Along the road, walking on the right to the T-junction and then turn left sign post Grantley Along to where the road takes a sharp left, take the lane to the right with the sign saying “Harry’s Hideaway”

    On reaching the top of the lane go through the right hand wooden gate with sign post “Public Bridleway” and gate sign “Please shut the gate”

    Ahead on track through further gates to reach open field just after the woods. Ahead with wall on the left and wire fence to the right, to reach multiple signed fingerpost

    Go through metal gate and take path on right with wall on the right, to wall corner.

    Go through the metal gate and head diagonally right to the metal gate. Go through the gate and follow the track to the bottom left hand corner of the field. Go through the gate posts and turn left to the finish.

    Well Done!

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