M10 U2 Vocabulary

By Barry Wells,2014-06-25 15:33
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M10 U2 Vocabulary

    Module 10 Unit 2

1. on the move

    on ---in the state of

    on holiday

    on vacation/business

    on a trip/ journey/

    voyage/ visit/

    on exhibition/ show/ fire/ sale/ strike/ duty on the march

2. edition (n.)

v. edit

    n. editor

     a revised edition

     the chief editor of a newspaper

3. head vi.

    head for…

    headline headache headphone


    headmaster headteacher

    4. resident citizen civilian



5. account (v.)

    account for


on account of

    on no account

    on no terms, in no case, under/in no circumstances, on no condition, in no way

take…into account

    take…into consideration

open an account in the


    (n.) accountant

6. allowance (n.)



    e.g. travel allowance

     v. allow

     allow sb. to do allow doing

    7. astronomer












8. adjustments (n.)

    make adjustments to…


    v. adjust

    adjust the clock adjust(oneself) to sth.

    adapt to; be

    accustomed to; be used to

9. exchange vt./n.


    sth. with sb.…



    exchange pounds for dollars

    in exchange (for)

    the stock exchange

    adj. exchangeable



10. submit to

    submit to discipline

    submit to his orders

    submit to the enemy

    submit the report to the committee

    11. vote (v.)

     vote for

     vote against


    cast/record one’s vote

    an open vote a secret vote

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