Open Enrollment Driver Education

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Open Enrollment Driver Education

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    (This Document was modified on February 22, 2006)

    The intent of this information packet is to provide clarification regarding the impacts of the following Wisconsin public school attendance and enrollment options on students interested in enrolling in various driver education programs.

    ; Full-Time Inter-District Open Enrollment Program

    ; Part-Time Inter-District Open Enrollment Program

    ; Part-Time Public School Attendance Program for Private HS and Home-Based Education Students


    Should you have any questions regarding the various Public School Open Enrollment Options, you may contact Mary Jo Cleaver by either e-mailing her at: or by calling her at (608) 267-9101 or toll free (888) 245-2732


    Miscellaneous Situation Can it be Done? How Much can be Who Issues CC Slip

    Information charged? -- Who


    Yes. Open Enrollment Non-resident students Providing District Full-Time Inter- Student has all the rights pay the same as District Open

    and responsibilities as any resident students. Enrollment :

    other resident student in No additional charge is that district. made to the resident


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    Miscellaneous Situation Can it be Done? How Much can be charged? -Who Issues CC Slip

    Information - Who pays?

    Yes. A high school The student should be charged the The district in which The student must apply no later PART-TIME student may take up to same as a resident student is the student completes than 6 weeks prior to the INTER DISTRICT two courses at a time in charged. the driver education scheduled start of the course. OPEN a non-resident school program. ENROLLMENT: district. The resident district pays to the Student wishes to take No later than one week before the non-resident district an amount a course, or part of a start of the course, the However application calculated as follows: driver education nonresident district must notify must be made 6 weeks program, in a the student if the application is prior to the start of the 1. Multiplying the length of nonresident school accepted or rejected and the course. the class period, in district. (part-time resident district must notify the minutes, by the number of enrollment) student if the application is days the student will denied or if the course does not attend the course. meet the high school graduation 2. Dividing the above amount requirements in the resident (from item #1) by 48,600 school district. Prior to the start 3. Multiply the amount of the course, the parent must obtained in #2 above by notify both school districts if the the district’s daily tuition student will attend. rate.

    4. Multiply the amount

    obtained in #3 above by the

    number of days the student

    attends the course.

Additional Information

    Note---A nonresident school district may reject an application only for the following reasons, as specified in the school board policies:

     <> If space is not available in the course.

     <> If there are more applications than there are spaces, the school board must accept and reject applications on a random basis.

    Policies and criteria for entry into the course must be the same as those that apply to resident students, except that preference may be given to resident students.

A resident school district may reject a student's application to take a course in a nonresident district only for the following reasons, as specified in the school board policies:

     <> If the course conflicts with the individualized education program for a student with disabilities.

     <> If the cost of the course would impose an undue financial burden on the resident school district.

    If an application is rejected by either the resident or nonresident district, the parent may appeal the rejection to the State Superintendent of Public Instruction within 30 days. The State Superintendent must uphold the school board's decision unless that decision is found to be arbitrary or unreasonable. The decision of the State Superintendent is final and is not subject to judicial review.

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    Situation Can it be Done? How Much can be Who Issues the Miscellaneous

    charged? -- Who Course Completion Information

    pays? Certificate?

    During the regular Yes. Provided that the Same amount as any The public school Public school must allow attendance and

    school year, a home-public school has the other resident public issues the course participation unless it doesn’t have the

    based student or private capacity to do so and school -enrolled student completion certificate. capacity (room), or if the DE course

    high school student the student has met the would be charged. desired is not one of two courses allowed

    wishes to take DE in standards for admission per semester. the public school to high school, and that. Who Pays -- district in which they the driver education Public school district reside? course is one of up to should bill the

    two allowable courses respective private

    such students can take school or home-based

    during a semester. parent.


    During the regular No. The private HS N/A N/A under this school year, a home-student may only take program. However if based student or private courses in his/her taken and full tuition

    high school student district of residence is charged to the wishes to take DE in a under this program. student/parent, the public school district in program-providing

    district (non-resident which they do not NOTE:

    However, if a parent district) would issue the reside?

    wishes to have their Course Completion

    son/daughter take Certificate.

    driver education in a

    nonresident district,

    they would have to

    cover all costs on their

    own (full tuition) if the

    providing nonresident

    district is willing and

    able to provide the


    Thus, the nonresident

    district would issue a

    course completion


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NOTE: Please keep in mind that for districts offering summer school driver education programs, all students who are residents of the school

district are to be treated the same, regardless of their regular school-year school enrollment status.

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