Heavy burden of our young generation

By Clara Turner,2014-04-05 13:11
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Heavy burden of our young generation

    Heavy burden of our young generation

    One salient feature of China’s modern society today is the booming economy, contributing directly to the ever increasing levels of our life standard. Some may think that a generation born in such a prosperous era would not need to worry much about their future, and all they need to do is enjoy the cozy life. Nevertheless, the reality is invariably cruel. The ironic thing about our society is that, the young generation is suffering more and more in their life with every step of the way to prosperity.

    Generally speaking, the main burdens of the young come from 3 sources, which are career, shelters, and their duty to their parents. Among all these burdens, searching for a good job seems to be a priority. In China, nearly 5 million college students leave their schools for an expected career path, yet only 3 million of them could actually find a job, regardless of their degree of satisfaction. Worse still, the 2008 financial crisis aggravated this situation severely.

    Another dilemma the young generation in China faces today is undoubtedly the housing problem. With the growing bubbles in China’s housing industry, it is basically

    not possible for the middle-class citizens to ever be able to afford his own apartment, nor can they ever pay their mortgages off.

    Last but not least, with the incremental numbers of China’s aging citizens, the duty to support their parents stands out as a primary problem. Although it is good news that more and more Chinese are provided with good pension plans nowadays, there is still a huge number of senior citizens who could not have their lives be guaranteed.

    All in all, China’s young generation still has a long way to go in order to make a really easy life.

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