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    Challenges of Technology Surprise for the Warfighter

    University of the Fraser Valley

    Zhimin Wang ( Will )


    Writing and Grammar Bridge 1

    Raymonde Tickner

    October 24, 2011

In their article Challenges of Technology Surprise for the Warfighter, Symposium

    on Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfighter (2010) suggest that, there was robust at the symposium regarding analysis of the surprising behaviors that permit or accompany the disruptive use of technology, the noteworthy result being the idea that cognizance and analysis of surprising behavior in addition to cognizance and analysis of technology alone represents an expansion of the contemporary community practice of addressing technology surprise. In other side that it was pointed out that the suggested multidisciplinary approach to analysis that focuses on technology surprise faces many obstacles in addition to a paucity of potential participants within the intelligence community. Therefore, as Admiral Hogg and the symposium attendees stated, the world is increasingly more complex and challenging, driven by globalization of resources and ideas as well as enabled by worldwide information and communication systems.


    Symposium on Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfighter, (2010). Avoiding Technology Surprise for Tomorrow's Warfighter--Symposium 2010. (pp.30). Retrieved from University of the Fraser Valley, Department of Philosophy website:{CKEY}

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