6th National SPA Congress 2006

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6th National SPA Congress 2006 ...

    thSingapore Physiotherapy Association 6 Programme

    ththPre Congress Workshops, 16 19 August 06

    Date Ergonomic Workshops Geriatric Workshops (GW): Musculoskeletal Workshop Vascular Disease Rehabilitation

    (EW): (MSW): (VW) : th16 August PGMI, SGH

    (Full day) GW 1 (1 full day): Assoc

    Prof Stephen Lord,

    Dr Jacqueline Close (Aust)

    Assessment and Outcome

    Measures for Geriatric

    Rehabilitation. A Practical

    17th August Mercury II Mars II Mercury I Neptune (Full day) EW 1 (1 full day): Assoc MSW (2 full days): Roger VW (2 full days):

    GW 2 (1 full day): Assoc Prof Simon Yeung (HK) Fitzgerald (Aust) : Multidisciplinary Speakers :

    Prof Stephen Lord, Ergonomic Intervention for The Difficult Shoulder: The Big Virginia Tai, Physiotherapist;

    Jacqueline Close (Aust) Work-related (Manual Picture Approach. Ong Hwee Kuan,

    Operations) Physiotherapist; Dr Maung,

    Falls in Older People: Rick Musculoskeletal Disorders Vascular Surgeon/Physician;

    Factors, Assessment and Kathryn Stone, Podiatrist;

    Strategies for Prevention. A Vascular Rehabilitation: A

    Workshop for Community Medical Workshop on Arterial

    Physiotherapists and Chronic Venous

    Insufficiency Management.


    th August Mercury II Mars II Mercury I Neptune (Full day) EW 2 (1.5 days): Susan GW 3 (1 full day): Assoc MSW: Roger Fitzgerald (Aust) : VW: Vascular Rehabilitation: A

    Tingley, Fran Wagner Prof Stephen Lord, The Difficult Shoulder: The Big Medical Workshop on Arterial

    (USA) Dr Jacqueline Close (Aust) Picture Approach. and Chronic Venous

    Ergonomics: Office Falls in Older People: Risk Insufficiency Management.

     Workstation Evaluation Factors, Assessment and

    and Application. Strategies for Prevention. A


     Workshop for Hospital-

     based Physiotherapists.

     th19 August Mercury II (AM) EW 2: Susan Tingley, Fran

    Wagner (USA)

    Ergonomics: Office

    Workstation Evaluation

    and Application


Programme at a Glance

    ththCongress Programme, 19 20 August 06

    th19 August 06

     Venus I

    Opening Ceremony

    Arrival of Guest of Honour, Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for Health

    Message by Congress Chair, Ms Mahadevi Barathi

    1300hrs Message by SPA President, Dr Celia Tan

    Message by Chairman of the WCPT - Asia Western Pacific Region, Dr Margot Skinner

    Message by Minister for Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan

    Opening Launch by Minister for Health, Mr Khaw Boon Wan

    Tea-Break 1400hrs

    Venus I Keynote Lecture 1 : Ergonomics And The Roles Of Physiotherapists Ms Susan Tingley (USA) 1430hrs

    Venus I Keynote Lecture 2: The Effectiveness Of The Manual Handling Assessment Tools In The 1530hrs Prevention Of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Symptoms Dr Simon Yeung (HK)

    Singapore Chest Physiotherapy in The Use of Toe Spreader Cervical Dizziness: Swimming, Active Pulmonary for Toe Clawing Wee Differential Diagnosis and Preperation For Tuberculosis - Sandeep Seng Kwee Management - Ng Chong Sea Games 2005; Kumar Ching & Susan Niam 1630hrs A Case Study Venus II Roger Fitzgerald Venus III Jupiter III (Aust)

     Venus I 1730hrs End

    1800hrs Singapore Physiotherapy Association Extraordinary General Meeting Jupiter III 1900hrs The Masquerade Ball Venus Ballroom


Programme at a Glance

    th20 August 06

    Evidence-Based Overview Of Strategies To Modify Falls Risk 0900hrs : A Physiological Perspective - A/Prof Stephen Lord (Aust) Venus I

    1000hrs Implementing Research into Clinical Pilates and Low Back Pain Jason Cardiac Rehabilitation Ergonomics And Work Health -

    Practice: A Pragmatic Approach to Choi Venus III Overview and Updates -Prevention Of Musculoskeletal

    Preventing Falls and Fractures in Chan Siok Tian Jupiter III Disorders At The Workplace: Hong

     Older People - Dr Jacqueline Close Kong Experience - Dr Simon Yeung

     (Aust) Venus I (HK) & Jennifer Liaw Venus II

11.00 Tea-break

    1130hrs Platform Presentation


    1245hrs Venus I: Keynote Lecture 4: Dr Gillian Webb (Aust)

    1315hrs Lunch

    Visual deficits in Stroke - Dr 1400hrs Sports Injuries in Pain Management: Living with Cancer: Are Public Forum Adopting Good

    Goh Kong Yong Mars II Adolescent and Children Interventional Procedures Physiotherapists Prepared? Posture- Er Beng Siong

    - Dr BenedictTan; for Spinal Pain - Dr Hozaidah Hussien Mars I

    Venus Ballroom II & III Bernard Lee;


     Screening and Sports Cognitive-Behavioural

    Injury Rehabilitation of Approach for Chronic

    Young Athletes - Grace Pain - Loy Fong Ling

    Ho Mercury I Mercury II

    1500hrs Dynamic Lycra Orthoses Promoting Ergonomics in Updates in ICU Forward-Head Postures: Public Forum: Golf- injury

     Martin Matthews Physiotherapy Tan Bee Singapore's Understanding the Prevention and Management

    Workplaces - Yoong Chi Yee Mohamed Haris Mechanism of Myofascial

     Meng Imbalance Sam Kan

1600hrs Tea-break

    1630hrs Incontinence: Overview The Role of Depression in Neurological Quality of Life Measures in Public Forum Which Exercise

    and Updates- June Physiotherapy in Sports Cardiopulmonary Patients to Pick : Walking, Jogging, 61675855.doc

    Chew & Cammy Tsai Injury Prevention - Adele Disorders - Dr Ng Li Ling Pilates or Tai Chi Wai Yan Dr Margot Skinner (New

    Ang Low, Jason Choi, Saw Lai Aik Zealand)

    1730hrs Special Meeting with AWP WCPT President, Dr Margot Skinner Mars I 1830hrs End


    thPlatform Presentation Overview, 20 August 2006

    Platform Presentation 1130hrs

     Chairpersons: Chairpersons: Chairpersons: Chairpersons: 1300hrs

    Stephen Lord Ng Chong Ching Sandeep Kumar Susan Tingley

    Jacqueline Close Shawn Soh Luah Chay Ling Simon Yeung

    Neurology and Musculoskeletal Cardiopulmonary Ergonomics

    Geriatrics Paediatrics

    Other Areas Foreign Experiences

    Venus I Venus III Jupiter III Venus II

    1130hrs Associating Factors Comparative Evaluation Functional Implementing Ergonomic Relating To Functional Of Abdominal Muscles In Independence Of Programmes Private

    Practitioner Experience 1145hrs Performance Among The Patients With First-Patients Undergoing

    Er Beng Siong Commnuity-Dwelling Episode Acute Low Back Abdominal Surgery In

    Elderly People In Pain And Healthy An Accelerated

     Philippines Dorothy Tan Carepath Lee Wing Subjects In Different

    Morala Posture - Ali-Asghar Kuen


    1145hrs Is Activity Restrictions Trunk Muscle Activity Review Of Current Ergonomic Office Chair -

    Ajiesh George Essential Post Canalith During Resisted Decannulation

    1200hrs Repositioning Technique Exercises On Different Protocol Carried Out

    For Treatment Of Being Trunk Strengthening By Physiotherapists

    Devises Chen Yu Chan Paroxysmal Positional On Non-Ventilated

    Vertigo? Tee Lee Huan Neurological Patients

    With Tracheostomies

    Jenny Tan

    1200hrs Management of Multiple Effect Of Low Intensity Can Physiotherapy A Literature Review: Canal Involvement in Laser Therapy Irradiation Reduce Physiotherapists and Work 1215hrs Patients with Benign On Post Mastectomy Breathlessness? Related Musculoskeletal

    Lymphoedema - G. Arun Disorders Grace Heng Paroxysmal Positional

    Investigating The Vertigo Wee Seng Kwee Maiya

    Immediate Impact Of


    Intervention For The

    Breathless Patient.

    Jennifer Hochstetter 1215hrs



    Neuroaid New My Cambodia Experience Opening In Post Stroke Effectiveness Of - Steve Newman Dynamic Lycra Rehabilitation - David Effect of cervical Orthoses In The Picard Management Of mobilization on motor

    Children With Cerebral function and pain Palsy perception in pain free

    individuals Benjamin Ong Jing Fang Soon


    1230hrs Identifying Neuromotor Six-Minute Walk Distance Management of Health Care And Disability

    Clubfoot Bak Tokyo Control Strategies That In Healthy Singaporean In Cambodia Gillian 1245hrs Regulate Stability After Adults Cannot Be Fergusson

    Anterior Shoulder Predicted Using

    Instability - Bala S. Reference Equations

    Rajaratnam Derived From Caucasian

    Populations Hermione


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