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Good English (Singapore)


Female Singaporean student: … seriously if I spoke with

    an American accent. But why is it that so many English language teachers in this country teach the strange variety of the stiff upper lip? How often have I learned since coming home 1 and a half months ago, that I am supposed to speak standard English like a native speaker. But nobody specified, native to where? Thanks to twelve years of education in elite Singapore schools I do have the ability to speak what is known as

    acrolectal Singaporean English. According to Wikipedia, this is the highest class form of speech, used by the well-educated in formal situations. Acrolectal Singaporean English is roughly the same as British English, with the exception of some pronunciation

    differences that occur due to the influence of Singlish pronunciation.

    At the other end of the spectrum there is basilectal Singlish, which is defined as "the code of speech (?) used by almost everyone, educated or not, in informal settings, and is the speech referred to as 'Singlish'". But actually, I think there is much more…. (and then she

    launches into Singlish, and then the audience starts to roar, and then the transcript gets somewhat patchy ;). … How good is their Singlish? How good is their

    dialectal… The Chinese… Singlish is a lot… Good

    English for everyone they say And I have to tell you I

    would feel ashamed… good Singaporean. … manual or construction worker Just because they are doing a job at Singaporean Mobile doesn't mean…, right? Of every

    man. And that's why the people say: Ah the bibi learning English, man, that’s why I cannot speak the good

    English (Nazis?). Ah I really must learn… … so many

    different kinds of English I can't talk English like you. It's not enough to speak English like a native speaker.

    One has to choose the right country. Because we all speak English but some English is more English than others.

    ; Acrolectal (not just formal, but also international) basilectal nd; Singlish exploited for comic purposes (audience response in 2 part)

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