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By Ethel Williams,2014-09-08 21:00
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PDA vs

    PDA vs. Paper

    A recent survey of Real Simple readers found that 55 percent use a paper planner a date

    book or an organizer to keep track of their lives. The main reason they have not tried a PDA

    (personal digital assistant): PDAs are too expensive.

Well, that reason may be obsolete. With some at $69 or less, now PDAs are cheaper than many

    chic leather-bound planners. Is this the time for the “Good Stewards” to finally go electronic?

    It's still a matter of personal preference. But if you're considering a switch, here are the pros and cons of each medium.

    Information Storage

    PDA: Most PDAs can store at least three Paper: Minimal. It's happened to most people years of calendar information. You can also who use a paper planner: You reach the create and edit hundred of notes and to-do groaning point, when adding one more entry lists. Nearly twice as many PDA as paper to the R section requires either spilling over users say their planners contain their "whole into S or buying more inserts.



    PDA: With just a few clicks, your PDA and Paper: Misplace your planner and there's no

    computer "Sync" with each other, transferring backup waiting for you, unless you've recently information from computer to PDA or vice photocopied all the pages or logged your versa. If you lose your PDA, you will have a address list into a computer file.

    backup on your computer or on a disc.


    PDA: Chart your workouts, store recipes for Paper: Most planners allow you to add pages, easy supermarket shopping, search for local such as maps, birthday logs, expense reports, restaurants, or get maps and directions by travel information, credit-card logs, and to-do

    downloading any one of thousands of lists. But there is a limit to how many extra software programs available, many of them pages you can fit.


    Writing Ease

    PDA: It's not easy or fast to write or tap Paper: No stylus, no Graffiti to master, and no

    information with a stylus. You have to master fingers fumbling with a keyboard smaller than Graffiti writing or use the on-screen or built-a credit card.

    in keyboard.


PDA: Most PDAs can remind you of an Paper: Paper planners don't have alarms,

    upcoming event (via an alarm or a message) which may be a pro or a con.

     from five minutes ahead (for a meeting) to

    five days (for a birthday).


    PDA: A PDA can leave you bleary-eyed or Paper: One page of the smallest paper planner reaching for your granny glasses if you're is bigger than the largest handheld screen.

    opthalmologically challenged.


    PDA: A battery-loaded PDA typically weighs Paper: Leather-bound paper planners

    four to eight ounces and can easily slip into a especially when stuffed with lists, cards, and pocket for a shopping trip. notes can weigh in at a pound or moreave

    you bleary-eyed or reaching for your granny

    glasses if you're opthalmologically

    challenged. One page of the smallest paper

    planner is bigger than the largest handheld


    Personal Attraction

    PDA: PDAs are sleek, slim, and cool. Fans Paper: Two-thirds of survey respondents say love their functionality. "putting pen to paper" is their favorite thing

    about planners.

    Shopping Sources

    For PDAs: For paper planners: /

    Adapted from an AOL article on February 16, 2004

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