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    LESSON PLAN: Were going to win

    -60 minutes TIME: 50

    LEVEL: Lower-intermediate / upper-intermediate learners

    FOCUS: Words about football

    Main objectives After this lesson the students will be able to name some

     positions of the players in a team and their actions. They should

    be able to describe what the viewers usually do in a match.

    For the upper-intermediate learners, they will be able to talk

    about some football teams and players they like.

    Materials needed 1 Focus unit: Were going to win


     2 Blank-filling” worksheet: 单词站;Football


    3 Matching: Football Players worksheet: Do you know

    these players?

    4 Quiz: More about Football worksheet

    Language Learn and say the positions of players defender, striker,

     goalkeeper; the actions of players and viewers -- support, cheer,

    score, shoot, win; rival (not enemy!)

    Warm-up activity Ask the students the following questions:

    (10 minutes) 1 Do you like football?

     2 Do you watch football very often?

    3 Which player/team do you support?

    4 How do you support your team or player?

    Presentation 1 Listen to the song “We’re going to win”.

    (20 minutes) 2 Go through the word list below the flash. Pronounce the

     words correctly.

    3 Categorise the words into the following types: Players,

    Players’ Actions and Fans’ Actions. Pay attention to the

    part of speech, e.g. score can be used as both a noun and a


    4 Listen to the song again. Answer some questions:

    ; What do the fans do when their team scores a goal?

    ; What do they shout?

    ; What does the striker do?

    ; What does the striker do to the defenders?

    ; Are they afraid of their rivals?

    ; What other difficulty do they have?

    Communication Ask the students to work in pairs and complete the

    practice activity Blank-filling” worksheet: Football

    (10 minutes) Learn how to explain the meaning of the words in English.

    Production activity Ask the students to do the Matching exercise: Football Players. (10 minutes) Work in groups and see which group can finish first and answer

     all the questions correctly.

    Wrap-up Activity Ask the students to conduct the Quiz: More about Football.

    (10 minutes)

LESSON PLAN: Were going to win


    Warm-up activity Some learners, especially the girls may not know much about

     football, but they may love to watch the famous players. This

     should be motivation enough.

    Presentation The first listening is just to get the idea of the song. Do not

     encourage them to look at the word list. After listening, go

    through the list with them and show them how to pronounce



    Players Players’ Actions Fans’ Actions

    defender goal cheer

    striker score support

    rival shoot


    The questions are based on the lines in the song. The teacher can

    decide whether to ask them before or after the listening.

    Answer (suggested):

    ; Shout, cheer, support

    ; One more. Were going to win.

    ; Shoot the goal

    ; Pass the defenders (Pass them all)

    ; They are not afraid of the rivals.

    ; Bad weather

    If there is enough time, they can sing with it.

Communication This is to review the words in the song and learn to explain

    practice activity them in English. Draw their attention to the useful expressions

     in the exercise, such as:

    A group of whois called.

    The player who is a

    A is a player who

Production activity This is mainly to practise saying the names of the countries. The

     names of the players may be difficult for the learners, so they

    can use Chinese. At this stage the teacher can give some help.

    Add one word to the list of positions: center (中锋) Some of

these stars appear on the TV commercials in China.

    This quiz can be done as a competition. See which group/pair can do the best.


    1) Ronaldo: Brazil, striker

    2) Kahn: Germany, goalkeeper

    3) Henry: France, striker

    4) Raul: Spain, striker

    5) Hidetoshi Nakata: Japan, center

    6) Figo: Portugal, centre

    7) Beckham: England, centre

    8) Zidane: France, center

    9) Carlos: Brazil, defender

    10) Maldini: Italy, defender

    Wrap-up activity Some of the questions do not have a key answer, such as 1, 2

    and 6.


    1) e.g. striker: Hao Haidong, Li Jinyu; goal keeper: An Qi,

    Liu Yunfei; defender: Sun Jihai, Xu Yunlong

    2) Greek: It won the champion in the 2004 European Cup.

    Argentina: It won the gold medal in the Olympic

    Games. Italy: It won the silver medal in the Olympic

    Games. Arsenal (England): Super League champion.

    Werder Bremen (Germany): League champion. Valencia

    (Spain): League champion.

    3) Brazil

    4) Germany

    5) 32

    6) No set answer.


    (Please create the pictures/caricatures of the players.)

    Can you recognize these people? Which national team do they play for? Do you know their position in the team? Drag the team name and position onto the blanks below the pictures. Some are used more than once.

TEAM: Brazil, England, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Portugal, Spain

    POSITION: goal keeper, defender, striker, centre





    Now talk about the following in pairs/groups.

    1) Name five football stars in China. What position do they play? 2) Name the best football teams in the world. What did they achieve in 2004? 3) Which team won the World Cup championship in 2002? 4) Which country is holding the World Cup in 2006?

    5) How many teams are playing in the World Cup Finals? 6) Which team do you think will win the World Cup this time? Why?

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