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    Friday, September 4, 2009 8:30a.m.-11:30a.m.

    Multnomah Education Service District V-Tel Room


     Cathie Anderson, PSU Brooke O’Neill, David Douglas

     Marcia Arganbright, PPS Penny Plavala, MESD

     Judy Custy, MESD Kelvin Webster, MESD

     Brian Goldman, MESD Cheryl Williamson, Centennial

     Teresa Ketelsen, Gresham-Barlow Kate Wray, Riverdale

     Yuki Monteith, Parkrose

Reformat of Meetings Teresa Ketelsen

    ; Teresa started the meeting by reminding the committee that at the end

    of last year they spoke about reformatting the meeting so that guest

    speakers would be scheduled at the beginning of the agenda so if they

    had other commitments they could have the option to leave early.

Updates Kelvin Webster

    ; The Oregon School Improvement Facilitators Program assists schools in

    goal setting, practices to reach goals, making action plans which include

    evaluations and how to sustain efforts. The ESDs are working with

    ODE in state wide recruitments for this program to move forward.

    Willamette ESD is the lead agency for districts to contact with their

    level of interest.

    ; ODE has sent out a waiver form to the districts that must be signed if

    the OSIF model is not going to be use and also inform ODE of the

    program that is in place in your school. These were due to ODE by

    stAugust 31.

    ; Applications are being taken and reviewed for more facilitators to fill

    positions. MESD will be bringing OSIF in as a temporary employee that

    will also work with PLCs. The salary for the facilitators will be paid by

    MESD. A personal service agreement must be signed by the state, ESD,

    districts and facilitator before employment begins.

; OSIF funding is coming from state Title I dollars and not the districts

    Title I allocation. The facilitators will work 8.5 hours a week for 35


    State Board Change on Essential Skills Kelvin Webster

    ; ODE will present up-to-date information on the application of work

    samples for the Essential Skills Graduation Requirements through two

    web-ex seminars on Thursday, October 8, 2009. The handout gives an

    overview of times and presentations. To register please email Cari

    White at

    ; An effort is being made to look at ways to reconnect with youths that

    are not attending school. The intent is to look to find what the extent

    of the issue is by looking at data and a model from California. The next

    meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2009.

    ; Kelvin also shared with the committee that there will be adjustments to

    some of the service plans. Alpha and Outdoor School will see a


    End of Course Assessment Update Judy Custy

    ; Judy met with ten of the End of Course design members from Math and

    Science. The selected and constructed responses are complete as well as

    Algebra, Physical Science and Biology. Geometry is still being


    ; The target date to start the pilot program for selected and constructed

    responses should be end of September or first of October and go

    through May 2010. (handout).

    ; End of Course binders will be given to each high school which will

    include manuals for the implementation notebooks, a CD listing all the

    items, and recording forms on how to use it. Judy has also designed a

    power point to help principals understand the concept of the program

    and its purpose.

    th; The design team strongly believes that the 8 grade math and science

    teachers need to go through the unwrapping process with the new

    standards for understanding of how they work.

    ; Judy and the design team members offered to meet with each of the

    principals to inform them of the End of Course Assessment project and

    how it works. Judy will work to set up mutually convenient times.

; The committee was given a draft of MESD’s Work Plan Calendar for

    2009-2010 for review. The calendar shows possible projects, dates,

    times and places. (handout)

    School Improvement Fund 2009-2010- Teresa Ketelsen

    ; This handout draft shows a beginning balance $264, 295.45 as well

    some carryover balances from 2008-2009. The initiatives included were

    AP, AVID, PLC, Literacy Initiative and New Diploma Requirements. ; PLC workshop dollars were set aside so that the principals could

    develop skills to help PLC teams with facilitation. It was suggested that

    Janelle Keating from White River and Bob Akers present on the central

    office role in the PLCs and how to move the program forward. ; There was interest in having a two day AVID Data Analysis workshop

    to show teachers what you analyze for your students and what systems

    are in place. There are tentative dates on the calendar. ; It was agreed by the committee not to do any AP Summer Institute

    workshops in June next year as the past summer’s teacher participation

    was extremely low. They will continue to try to partner with Vancouver

    in class offerings that won’t have duplications.

    Writing Assessment Refresher Penny Plavala

    ; Penny gave the committee a handout for this two day workshop for

    grades 6-12 teachers on October 6 & 13, 2009. These workshops will

    help to review official writing scoring guides, practice scoring state

    sample papers, learn strategies for writing instructions and group


    Writing Calibration Training of Trainers Penny Plavala

    ; This is a handout that outlines a training of the trainers two day

    workshop for grades 6-10 and will be held at MESD on October 19-20,

    2009. The participants will analyze and score student writing samples,

    learn how to calibrate the scoring process and learn how to use the

    calibrations with a team of teachers. To register for either workshop

    please contact Penny at

    ; The intent of the workshop is for the participant to get the training and

    then go back to their school and district to train others.

    The coaching support is part of the Literacy Initiative that is in the

    fourth year of the Secondary Coaching Network. There are

    representatives from most of the districts in Multnomah County that

    meet three times a year. This is a support group for instructional

    coaches with emphasis on Literacy.

    New Diploma Requirements Teresa Ketelsen

    ; The BEC workshop is a credit by proficiency workshop that is

    generating a lot of interest. It was discussed that the MESD host a

    workshop that focus on core teachers. Judy has been in contact with the

    BEC to see about a mutually convenient time and will keep the

    committee appraised.

    District Test Coordinators Training Brian Goldman

    ; Brian attended a workshop about what is new about test coordination

    and gave the committee a handout from ODE’s website.

    ; This year’s focus is making sure that all alternative schools, substitute

    teachers and new hires get properly trained to process the exam. They

    must have read the Administration Manual as there is a certain script

    they must use before administering the test.

    ; This year the State Writing Assessment will give the high school student

    an opportunity to take the test online as well as paper and pencil. ; ODE is looking for 5,000 seventh graders to participate in a pilot on line

    writing program as well as a third grade Spanish reading pilot program. ; This year teachers will go through OAKS to deliver the ELPA test.

    District Updates

    ; Kate Wray from Riverdale reported that the K-8 grade school building

    has been demolished and the students are going to Smith Elementary.

    All administrative offices are now at the high schools. The completion

    of the new school should be next year.

    ; Brooke O’Neill from David Douglas shared that they were awarded

    partial funding for the Oregon Mentor Grant and were able to hire two

    lead mentor teachers. They are taking all middle schools through school

    wide Title I process. They were also able to hire twenty new teachers. ; Cheryl Williamson from Centennial stated that they have lost 50

    teaching positions this year. But on a positive note the high school

    reading scores are up by 15-20%, up 10% in writing and 15% in math.

    In August a team of teachers went to Philadelphia for reading

    apprenticeship training and will return again in March next year.

; Marsha Arganbright from PPS said they have a new chief academic

    officer from Chicago public schools, Xavier Botano. . The Gates

    thFoundation is funding an effort that is the 9 grade curriculum guides.

    A team will be putting a package together around the standards and

    adopted materials. They will field test materials, do a lesson study model,

    collaborate reviews and assessments. By year’s end they hope to have a

    working program. Nike continues to support the work they are doing

    with PLC programs. PPS has contracted Alan Dichter, author of

    “Power of Protocols” to work with PLC teacher leaders, TOSAs,

    administrators and Nike.

    ; Yuki Monteith from Parkrose reported that Ana Gonzalez is their new

    high school principal and Molly Davies is the new principal of Reynolds

    Middle School. Parkrose is continuing to work with reading

    interventions and math workshops. There was a week-long transition

    thfrom 8 grade to high school called the Bronco Stampede.

    ; Parkrose is putting new interventions in place for the middle school as

    well as focusing on PLCs. They now have two standards in the district

    from K-12 that has a very structured outline of expectations. ; The administrators will be observing the PLC teams as well as common

    instructional strategies within the classroom. All administrators are

    expected to be instructional leaders so they will be the leaders in the

    professional development.

    Gresham-Barlow Teresa Ketelsen

    ; The PLC elementary teachers will now be getting sub time so that they

    can meet once a month as a team.

    PSU- Cathie Anderson

    ; The Rex Center is under construction on campus as well as building

    instructional signs are now being installed. PSU just completed a

    successful International Storyline Conference where 25-30% was

    European delegates. This allowed local teachers to share classroom

    experiences with teachers from fifteen other countries.

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