During the history process1

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During the history process1

    During the history process, the Orient and Occident have formed different thinking modes because of many reasons, such as the difference of life manners, the divergence of political and economical systems, the discrepancy of geographic environment, and the diversity of language. The following aspects appeare the main differences between the oriental thinking mode and the occidentals.

    No matter the contrast of traditional culture or the experiences from modern cultural psychology, the results show that the Oriental are holistic,dialectical thinking, while the occidental are focus more on individual thinking and logical thinking. For example, The ancient Chinese pay more attention to the“phenomenon”. They found the phenomenon from the protean, all things have symmetry. Any phenomenon is one of the opposites and any behavior contains two opposting sides. Therefore, both sides should be handled. Chinese people think everything is changable and developing, there is no extremly right and wrong, the key point of dialectical is the development. That is because the economy system in ancient China is self-contained and

    self-sufficient, such economic situation is the foundation of holistic thinking. Such thinking mode was especially developed in Song Dynasty. The

    professors in that period pay more attention to the entirety, try to find out the connection among all the elements,then dealing with them from the whole union to the part, they prefer to obtain the general impression. For instance, when study a reason of why a murderer kills people, the holistic thinking emphsizes the interaction of the environment and the inner characters of this murderer. Thus we can concluded that Chinese focuses on the value of usage, the function of object, the purpose and the result, they are not really care about how, why and the process of development. Such minds could be a guidence for keeping the ecological balance, lead human beings to respect and obey the principles of nature, have great significance of solving relations between human and nature. However, the Chinese thinking mode does not pay

    attention to experiment and analysis, it is hard to reveal the profound reasons that hide behind of the phenomenon, that is one of the reason why modern tecnology did not develope in China. Meanwhile, such harmony mind makes people more tolerent, try to survive in a stable situation, thus, Oriental people

    are more depend on the union

     Different than Chinese, the westerns tend to the individual thinking. They are more interested in the essence, want to recognize and explore the nature. Thus, they divided the whole into several parts, try to study all the things in the world,, this is the begining of individual or analysis thinking mode. In the late of 15 centry, the technology has developed fast in western country, the researchers prefer to make the complex phenomenon into simply detail, the process of development is important to them. Such thinking mode could dealing with specific problems and make it more effectively.

    . The western thinking mode is trying to figue out the procedure of the thing.

However, owadays the Occidental thinking mode is popular in China too, we

often could hear people say the value is to take part in it, we shall focus on the

procedure more than result.

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