Book review of Jane Eyre

By Jeffrey Wright,2014-09-05 22:03
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Book review of Jane Eyre

Book review of Jane Eyre

    From the book we can see that Jane is a tough girl. Since she is a little girl, her bitty family gives her miserable lot. She has a poor childhood with tease of her cousins and her aunt disdains her. After her uncles death, she is sent to a school

    for orphans and she suffers from many tribulations such as hunger, illness and so on. After she graduates from the school, she publishes an advertisement to be a tutor and she makes it. She becomes a tutor of a little girl. She begins to know Mr. Rochester. At first, in her opinions, he is a stubborn and grim man. As time is going on, she realizes he is a good man and fells in love with him. Mr. Rochester tries to proposal her and she promises to marry him. However things don’t go in its way, their wedding is destroyed by Rochester wifes brother. Jane is shocked that Rochesters

    wife is still alive. Rochester tells her the truth about his marriage and his wife. Jane decides to leave for a while. Luckily, she is told that her uncle leaves her a mount of legacy and John is her cousin. John makes a proposal for her, but she refuses him. She is sorry to hear that Mr. Rochesters

    wife burns the manor and suicides herself. Mr. Rochester is burned and becomes deaf. Fortunately, they get married and

    give birth to a little boy. Since then, they lead a happy life. Jane acquires her true love.

    Nowadays, as a university student, there are many problems surrounding us. We should try our best to study in order to conclude our dream. Just like Jane, we proposal equal and true love. However, usually we are puzzled by lure. We may ask ourselves that which kind of love we want to proposal. Love sometimes means everything, while sometimes nothing. We are now adult, but, its difficult for us to understand the

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