4.00 - Pipe manufacturing, flushing procedure-3

By Ellen Washington,2014-09-08 18:46
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4.00 - Pipe manufacturing, flushing procedure-3

    ; 2 step flushing of both external and internal piping, what

    means engine room pipes and engine pipes together, but

    not the bearings and crossheads

    2.1 Flushing conditions

    ; Obligatory conditions:

    - Heating the flushing oil

    - Running purifier (centrifuge)

    - Full flow rate from both oil pumps running simultaneously - Pneumatic / electrical vibrators (instead of manual


    ; Optional conditions:

    - Temporary full flow flushing filter of 10-25µm fineness, should

    be installed just before lube oil inlet to the engine. - Temporary by-pass fine filter of 6µm fineness (tank to tank)

    2.2 Verification of flushing results

    - Check bag

    - Particle counting

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