Unit 1wordpower for the teacher

By Tony Rivera,2014-08-18 21:06
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Unit 1wordpower for the teacher

    Unit 1 Word power

    Using suffixes

    执教人;闫庆 学校; 徐州市第三十七中学

    Teaching aims:

    To learn some common suffixes that can be added to nouns or verbs to create adjectives and expand the students’ vocabulary by using suffixes:

    To do some exercises to practise and reinforce the vocabulary they have learnt.

    Teaching procedures:

    ? Revision & Lead- in

    2. Analyse the part of speech of each word used in the exercise above. 3. Question:How are these words formed?

    4. Brainstorm Think out some other words formed this way. 5. Pair work Read the table and tip boxes on P6 to know the different ways to form adjectives from nouns and verbs. Each pair should think out as many words formed this way as they can using the suffixes listed in the table. Then they should report what they have got to the class. In this way, their vocabulary can be increased.

    6. Read the advertisement on P6 and fill in the blanks.

    7. Learn more about suffixes to find out the meanings of each suffix. 8. Consolidation Group work

    Combine the root word with the suffix to form a new word.



Review what we have learned today and finish the related exercise.

Preview the second part and finish the exercise on P7.


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