4.00 - Pipe manufacturing, flushing procedure-2

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4.00 - Pipe manufacturing, flushing procedure-2

    ; Only TIG welding to be used for root pass, the inert gas

    to be applied also inside the pipe

    ; Proper penetration to be achieved

    1.1 Manual cleaning and grinding inside

    ; All irregularities, like excessive penetration etc, to be


    ; Welding spatter to be removed

    ; Welding slag is not allowed inside the pipes

    1.2 Chemical cleaning (acid pickling)

    1.3 Preservation, protection, sealing

    ; To be performed immediately after chemical cleaning

    1.4 Proper storage before installation

    Flushing procedures (flushing of lubricating oil system):

    The purpose of flushing is to remove particles during circulation of the oil but bypassing the bearings.

    Flushing of the lubricating oil systems can be affected with the lubricating oil normally recommended by MAN B&W Diesel A/S for service; fuel oil system must be flush with diesel oil.

2.1 Objectives

    ; Remove those particles from the system which cannot

    be avoided at earlier stages

    ; Improve condition of new lubricating oil

2.2 Preconditions

    ; Clean engine inside

    ; Clean pipes inside

    ; Clean tanks inside

2.3 Stages of flushing

    ; 1 step flushing of external piping with engine pipes

    by-passed, what means, only engine room pipes

    (Shipyard’s pipes)

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