International Friendship

By Jay Campbell,2014-12-17 19:15
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International Friendship

     International Friendship

    Dear foreign friends,

    Please let me introduce myself first.

     I am a 19-year-old boy,who come from Henan Province;河南省;,studying at

    School of Physics and Technology, Wuhan University.I am a little shy but enthusiastic.

    Maybe,we are both eager to make friends with each other.It is so excited to be friends with international students due to the fact that we both want to know different cultural stories and to share our experiences with each other.

    If we become good friends,it will be exciting and unforgettable.If you need help,a local student will be necessary.If you are happy,we can go to a film,go shopping,go to book store and so on.

    My telephone number is:136 2726 3223,and QQ number is:2495 660 542. Welcome to you!

     A sincere freshman

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