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U6 THE STORY OF RAINof,U6,u6,U6The,story,the,rain,The,Story,Rain


    _______(it) a sunny day. Little Water Drop ______(sleep) in a river. He ______(wake) up. He _____(feel) very hot. It may be cooler up in the sky, he _____(think). He _____(go) up. He ______(meet) Mr Wind.

    Mr Wind: Hello. Who ____(be) you?

    Water Drop: I’m little Water Drop. I’m hot.

    Mr Wind: ______ are you going?

    Water Drop: I’m ______(go) to the sky. _____(it) hot in the river.

    Mr Wind: See you.

    Water Drop: Bye.

    越越高Little Water Drop goes ______________(). He

    ______(meet) many other little water drops. They

    变成_____(go) up together and _______() a cloud. Little

    Water Drop _______(become) very heavy.

    Water Drop: Oh no! I am _______(fall).

    Other Water Drops: Me too.

    Little Water Drop and some of his friends _____(fall) down into a lake. The sun _____(come) out. Little Water

    Drop ______(feel) warm again. He _____(see) Mr Wind.Water Drop: Hello, Mr Wind. Nice to meet you again.Mr Wind: Hi, my dear little Water Drop.

    Water Drop: Can you ______(help) me _____(go) up to the sky again?

    Mr Wind: Sure.

    PART B:

    April 15

    Today is April 15. I ______(put) some ______(seed) into a pot. I _____(put) in some water too. Now it’s in the sun.April 21

    变变地April 21. I am so ______(). I can _____(see) a

    苗,芽______()! It’s so lovely. I water it again and put it in the sun.

    April 29

    April 29. My plant _____(have) two green _______(leaf). I ______(water) it every day and make sure it _____(get) lots of sun.

    May 15

    May 15. My plant is one month old! _____(it) tall and

strong, but still it _____(have) no _______(flowers). Oh,

come on! I can hardly ______(wait)!

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