My Favourite Character

By Gordon Morales,2014-01-07 18:04
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My Favourite Character

     My Favorite Character: Kim

    Kim was a lonely girl who lost her father before she was born. She lived in America with her mother and her sister. She had no such memories of her dad to cry over as they did. Worse, her father didn’t know anything about her. She wished, but it would never happen. She was the one that started the garden——she planted beans to remember her father. Her father was a farmer and she did her work in the same way. She was a pure girl who planted her beautiful but

    painful dream with her little beans. She was persistent and strong even though she felt lonely and painful.

    The most important reason why I like her is that she did all these things for her father, not for money or something else. She thought in her own way and missed her father alone. She tried so hard to get a connection with her father. Second, she could find potentially beautiful things. The amazing garden, which was full of trash, was started by her. Third , there is a lot of power

    in her little body. Planting is a kind of hard work for a nine-year-old girl. But she did it and finished it finally. She was so strong inside that she found the best way for her to relieve her pain. She is the kind of person who would be a guardian of their pure world attentively and carefully.

    There some similarities between Kim and me. First, we both miss someone dead. I love Zhou Yu, a hero in the Three Kingdom. I miss him even

    though we don’t have any connection. He died in 1800 years ago. I read a lot of books and poems to know him better and tried to get a connection with him. To some extent, he is my faith. I planned to go to An Hui province to visit his hometown but I failed because of some reasons. Second, I feel lonely as well as Kim sometimes. My friends can’t understand why I love him so much. When I miss him, I just tell myself.

    But, we are different. Who Kim missed is her

    father, one of the people who was close to her. But Zhou Yu was a figure in history. Some of my friends think that I am a little crazy but they still support me, which makes me feel less lonely. Also I am in my own country, a familiar environment. I have a lot of friends. Maybe they don’t understand me exactly but we are together. I like talking with others about what I like even though they think that I’m annoying sometimes. I hope that my world could be pure as same as Kim’s forever. The difference is that Kim kept her

    secret and enjoyed it but I always share it with others.

    In a word, Kim is my favorite chapter in SEEDFOLKS. She is a real child with a pure heart full of love for her father. She worked hard just because she missed her father. That’s a strange but beautiful dream. I hoped that the garden could comfort her. I believe that her father would love her even he is in heaven. We could miss somebody in different ways. The most

important thing is our love.

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