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    Nonlinear Statics

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    Question W31: How does tripling the load affect the midspan displacement in

    the linear analyses?

    Answer: The midspan displacement is tripled in the linear analysis.

    Question W32: How do the results of the nonlinear analyses compare to each

    other and to those from the linear analyses?

    Answer: The midspan displacement is not tripled in the nonlinear

    analysis when the load is tripled; at the higher load, the value

    of the displacement predicted by the nonlinear analysis is less

    than the value predicted by the linear analysis.

    Question W33: Why is the second entry on the first data line of the

    ;PLASTIC option equal to 0.0?

    Answer: The first data line of the ;PLASTIC option defines the initial

    yield point. The plastic strain at this point is zero.

    Question W34: Where do the peak displacements and stresses occur in the


    Answer: The peak value of U3 occurs at the midspan. The supports of

    the plate are likely to be heavily stressed; this is confirmed by

    contour plots of S11.

    ? Dassault Systèmes, 2008 Introduction to Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit

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