Logistics Group Meeting

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Logistics Group Meeting ...

    Logistics Group Meeting

    Date: March 28, 2008

    Venue: CRS

    Time: 10.00 a.m.


    1. Peter Geets, CRS (Chairing)

    2. Eva Ngumba, IMC Somalia

    3. Beatrice Rachuonyo, World Concern

    4. Göte Hertza, UNHCR Regional Office

    5. Robert Wainaina, WFP Kenya

    6. Douglas Osmond, UNHCR Regional Office

    7. Alessandro Aliffi, IMC

    8. Patricia Gimode, WVI

    9. Jurgen Hulst, UNICEF

    10. Caroline Kania, IMC

    11. Marin Tomas, IMC

    12. Elizabeth Chebet, IAWG


    Presentation on WFP Procurement Guidelines

    By Robert Wainaina, WFP Kenya

    See the presentation in the Annex

Plans for 2008

     Finalize framework agreements for blankets, mosquito nets and tarpaulins

     Share information on framework agreements within the region

     Identify other commodities for framework agreements

     Collect vendor information from within the whole region and share information


     Collect information on transport, bottlenecks, infrastructure and other challenges

    and share info

     Cluster activities when needed?

Subjects and speakers for meetings

     Avian flu

     Transport in the region (SDV WFP)

     Global logistics cluster (WFP)

     Report on fleet forum and trainings

     UNHRD system (WFP)

     Eventual company presentations


Logistics Cluster

    Thursday April w will be the last meeting of the Logistics cluster. The meeting was scheduled to discuss the deactivation of the logistics cluster.

    The Logistics Clusters was reactivated after the post-election crisis in Kenya. It is not known when it will be reactivated. However, Tony Freeman, WFP will continue to monitor the logistics situation. It was agreed to invite the Logistics Cluster members to our meeting.

    Action 1: Elizabeth to request for contacts of Logistics cluster from Tony Freeman, WFP.


    Regional Conference of Humanitarian Logistics Association in Nairobi

    The annual next Regional Humanitarian Logistics Conference will be held in Nairobi. Details to be confirmed.

Global Fields Institute

    Fritz Institute will offer professional training on humanitarian logistics in Nairobi. The course is Masters’ equivalent. Details of the courses to be confirmed.

Next Meeting

    The next meeting will be on May 14, 2008 at CRS Emergency Response Team, Westlands.



WFP - Food Procurement

    Main objective for WFP procurement to ensure that appropriate food commodities are

    available to beneficiaries in a timely and cost-effective manner.

    General Statistics of Food in Kenya

     Number of local food tenders 18

     Commodity purchased- 21,726.00 MTs

     Total Value commodities purchased 5,938,965.00 USD

     Break down of the local food tenders:

    1. Maize (7),

    2. CSB (4),

    3. Veg Oil (2),

    4. Salt (2),

    5. MML (3)

Responsibilities Division

    Three committees are involved in the process:

     Food Purchase Committee evaluates the process and advices the authorized

    individuals (office management),

     Bid Opening Panel,

     CCTI in HQs for final review and rules compliance.

Tendering Modality

     Selective tendering as against public tendering

     When it is not possible (emergency) or practical (suppliers availability, etc) to

    obtain at least three offers, purchases may be made by direct contracting (waivers).

Basic Concept to Decide On Local Purchase vs. Regional or International Tendering

     More cost effective (final cost including the delivery to final destination is


     More timely in supplying food aid (vs. of when is food actually needed to be


     Providing more appropriate foodstuff to the beneficiaries (Traditional food

    preferences of local beneficiaries)

Cost Effectiveness

     Purchasing based on the cheapest cost obtainable from the lowest reliable bidder

    of quality foodstuff,

     As a general policy, WFP will not purchase food in developing countries unless it

    is available in surplus to levels that will satisfy local consumption and food

    security requirements.

Timeliness of Supply


     Timeliness is essential in our operations, especially in the cases of emergency

    operations; Delay can cause distress or loss of life,

     The administrative complications or logistics problems are reviewed carefully

    before ordering locally,

Commodity Appropriateness

     Food acceptability is largely determined by consumption habits. This is

    recognized by WFP,

     This preference can sometimes command higher prices than imported foods.

    (WFP should be prepared to accept it in order to enhance the overall efficiency of

    its operations)

Food Procurement Process

     Market survey,

     Establishing a list of reliable suppliers of commodities,

    1. Specialized in the manufacturing/trade)

    2. Necessary experience,

    3. Financial standing

    4. Evidence that has been able to perform

     Selective tendering as Against Public Tendering

Food Procurement Process

     Inviting Tenders for food (defin ing requirements)

    1. Quantity, 5. Markings,

    2. Quality 6. Fumigation,

    3. Price 7. Delivery period

    4. Packaging, 8. Performance bond

     9. Q & Q Control

     10. Payments

    Tendering Conditions

     Fairness and transparency,

     WFP requirements the same for all,

     Including as many names as possible from the roster,

     Invitation is sent simultaneously to all of them,

     Bids submission in sealed envelopes, clearly indicating the tender reference

     Closing date & time,

     Bid opening venue

Direct Contracting (Waivers)

     Single food purchases less than 2,500 USD,

     Occasions when three offers were not in the best interest of WFP,

     Urgency of the requirements,

     Quantity added based on the previous tender (no more than 10% value)


Tendering Process

     Opening of bids,

     Bids evaluation,

     Food Purchase committee,

     Final authority with HQs,

     Contract award

     The settlement of disputes Arbitration and Immunity

     Contract format


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