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    Wan Chun Yang

    Cellphone: 15021833154

Professional Profile

    I am an enthsiastic graduate ,who enjoys being a part of a successful and productive team.I have good academic record and strong implementation capacity in my work.Im

    quickly tograsp new ideas and concepts,and to develop innovative and creative solutions to various problems.Im honest,cooperative,dutiful,dedicated and detail-

    oriented .Im able to work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate high level motivation required to meet the new challenges.Even under significant pressure,I possess a strong ability to perform effectively.

Key Technical Skills

    Strong communication in written and oral English

    Profient in Microsoft Office and operating mutiple common-used office equipment

Career Summary

Education:BA, Economics, Nanchang University, Cum laude 2006-2010

    ; As the commissary in charge of publicity,mainly take charge of designing the post

    and publicizing the activities of the Department of Economics. ; As the Assistant Minister of the Department of Decipline Inspection(the Student

    Union of Nanchang University),mainly in charge of making the statistical returns. ; As the coach of New Jazz in Nanchang University,have led the dancing team to

    win the performing competetions and successfully served as the accompanying

    dancing guests of numbers of stars such as Landy Wen and ShawnHuang for many


    Internship :Credit card Marketing in China Merchant Bank-Nanchang Branch


    ; As the marketing group leader of the XiangNan Road Branch,in charge of

    managing and leading my team members to accomplish the sales task and supervise

    the credit of the clients.

Professional Experience

    Suning Appliance Company, Department of Market Programming, Jiangxi Province, Project Planning Commissioner 2010.3-2010.6

    ; Accumulate data of the rivals and do penertrating reasearch and analysis of the

    consumer market

    ; Designed promotion strategies to promote the sales volume, win the advertising

    campaign and accomplish the sales task

    Suning Appliance Company,Changning Store, Department of Frige and Washing Machines ,Shanghai Sales Manager 2010.7-Present ; Manage and supervised a 41-salesmen staff

    ; Training sales associates in advanced sales methods and normative etiquette by

    using our inbuilt FTP facility

    ; Devised efficient and effective evaluation criteria to motivate the team members ; Made forms of statistics and assist the senior excecutive to make new strategies ; Took charge of the daily administration of the department

    Suning Appliance Company, VIP Centre of Changning Store,Shanghai Marketing Commissioner 2010.12-Present

    ; Negotiate business with distinguished guests in big deals

Major Accomplishments

    ; Boosted the department sales by 30%(2010.7-2011.2)

    ; Personal turnover has reached 1.2 million RMB in VIP Centre(2010.12-2011.2)


    On campus:

    ; The Second Prize Scholarship(three times) 2008-2010 ; Excellent Students Leader 2008-2009

    ; Exerllent Assitant Minister of the Student Union 2006-2007 ; Exerllent Students Leader of the Student Union 2006-2007 ; Performing Contest of QianHu,Winner of the Year 2009

    ; Performing Contest of QianHu,Runner-up of the Year 2008

    ; Advanced Individual in Associations Cultural Festival 2008

    ; “Contest of Designing Youth League Organization Activities, 2007

    the Third Prize

    ; Contest of Performing English Modern Drama,Runner-up 2007

    ; “Debate Competetion of The Academy of Economics and 2006


In Company:

    ; Contest of Karaoke-Seek the Best Singer of Nanchang, 2010.4

    Runner-up Suning Appliance Company,JiangXi Province ; The Up-and-coming Star of the Year 2010-2011

    Suning Appliance Company,Shanghai

Personal Details

    Date of Birth: 01/27/90 Gender: Female

    Nationality:Chinese Health: Excellent

Interests & Activities

    Currently include:Hip-hop,New Jazz,Singing,Reading,Swimming

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