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Table #1. Innovation and Expansion of Copyright Subject Matter and Rights



    ?? Cast sculptures No Sculpture Sculpture Copyright Act 1798

    Casts & models

    th8 cent? Woodblocks China No Books


    1600s India No Chintz fabrics

    1430s Engraving Germany England -1617 Images Engraver’s Act 1734, 1766 (UK)

    Italy Patent No 1 for

    "Engraving and

    Printing Maps,

    Plans &c"

     Moveable type printing press Chinese? 1473 Venetian Books Stationers’ Company Charter 1557 1452 Gutenberg (Germany) Patent Music Statute of Anne 1710 (UK)

    (Dutch?) Ordinance Dramatic Copyright Act 1833 (UK)

    Societe des Auteurs, Compositeurs et

    Editeurs de Musique (SACEM)

    established in France 1850

    Berne Convention for the Protection of

    Literary & Industrial Works 1886

    thMid 16 cent Etchings Numerous No Images Fine Art Copyright Act 1862 (UK) 1752 Colourfast copperplate printing Francis Nixon (Ireland) No Printed textiles Calico Printer’s Act 1787 (UK) 1775 Electric Telegraph George Louis Lesage (Swiss) Yes Telegram Telegram Copyright Act 1871 (Vict.) 1785 Roller printing Bell - Parkinson (UK) Yes Printed textiles Design Copyright Acts 1787; 1794; 1839

    (UK) 1798 Lithography Aloys Senefelder (Germany) Yes Printmaking Fine Art Copyright Act 1862 (UK)

    Colour prints

    1801 Jacquard loom Joseph Marie Jacquard Declared public Textiles

    (France) property in 1806.


    rewarded with a

    pension and




    1814 Steam driven printing Friedrich König (Germany) Yes Books

    1821 Difference Engine Charles Babbage (UK) No Computers

    1856 Analytic Engine

    1837 Daguerreotype process Louis Daguerre (France) Patented in UK Photography Fine Art Copyright Act 1862 (UK)

    1839/Public Berlin Convention adds photography,

    domain in film and sound recordings to Berne

    France Convention 1908 1840 Electro-etching Spencer & Wilson (UK) Yes Metal plates and objects, Ornamental Designs Act 1842 (UK)

    decorative silverware,


    1840 Electro-Magnetic Telegraph Samuel Morse (USA) Yes Telegraphic Signalling Ager v Peninsular & Oriental Steam

    Navigation Co (1884) 26 Ch D 637- 1843 Daedalum George Horner (UK) Yes

    1867 Milton Bradley(UK) Zoetrope

    William Lincoln (USA)

1850 Submarine cable-UK to France Messrs. Brett, Reid,

     Wollaston and Edwards (UK)

    1857 Transatlantic cable The Atlantic Telegraph Co


    1852 Photogravure William Henry Fox Talbot Yes Printmaking Fine Art Copyright Act 1862 (UK)


    1854 Boolean algebra George Boole (Irish) Binary code

    1863 Pianista Fourneaux (France); Yes Piano player Boosey v Whight (1899) 1 Ch 836; 1867 Pianola Edward Votey (USA) Piano rolls White-Smith Music Pub. Co. v. Apollo 1904 - Aeolian Co Yes Co., 209 U.S. 1 (1908)

    1881 Data Punch Cards Herman Hollerith (USA); Yes Computer programming US Copyright registrations for software

    IBM (1896) in early 1960s 1888 Camera George Eastman- Kodak Yes Camera Copyright Act 1911 (UK)

    (USA) Brownie Box Roll

    Camera (1900)



    1891 Kinetoscope Thomas Armat & C. Francis Yes Film Projector Copyright Act 1911 (UK) 1896 Vitascope Jenkins for Thomas Edison



    1893 Wireless Telegraph Nicola Tesla (USA) Yes Radio Copyright Act 1956 (UK)

     Alexander Popov (Russia) Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)

     Guglielmo Marconi (Italy) etc


1896 Yes

    1898 Magnetic Recordings Vladimir Poulsen (Denmark) Yes Telegraphone 1906 Radio Broadcast Reginald Fessenden Yes Voice radio and later "An Act to regulate radio

    (Canada/USA) two-way radio communication" 1912 (USA)


    Cell/mobile phones

    1907 Motion pictures; Lumiere brothers (France) Yes Portable motion-picture Copyright Act 1911 (UK)- as dramatic

    Cinematographe camera, film processing works

    unit and projector Barker v Huton [1912) 28 TLR 496 as


    Copyright Act 1956 (UK)

    Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) 1924 Radiovision Charles Jenkins (USA) Yes Radiovisor (Television) Copyright Act 1956 (UK) 1926 John Logie Baird (Scot) Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) 1928 Radiomovie broadcasting Charles Jenkins (USA Yes Television broadcast Rome Convention adds broadcasting to

    station Berne Convention 1928

    Brussels Convention adds television to

    Berne Convention 1948

    Copyright Act 1956 (UK)

    Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) 1928 Magnetic Tape recording Fritz Pfleumer (Germany) Yes



    1938 Xerography Chester Calson (USA) Yes Photocopier Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)- published

    edition copyright; 1970s redrafting of

    educational copyright etc.

    Copyright Agency Ltd (CAL) formed

    Australia 1974

    Copyright Licensing Agency formed UK

    1982 1939 Digital Computer John V. Atanasoff (USA) Yes- but WW2 Computers


    1945 Memex idea Vannevar Bush (USA) No Electronic document

    (storage retrieval device using retrieval, Hypertext


    1947 Transistor John Bardeen and Walter H. Yes Computers

    Brattain; William Shockley Satellite

    (Bell Laboratories) (USA)

    1948 Cable Television John Walson and Margaret Cable television Copyright Act 1956 (UK)

    Walson (USA) Cable & Broadcasting Act 1988 (UK)

    Copyright Act 1968 (Cth)- diffusion

    rights 1956 Video Cassette Recorder Ampex Yes Videotape & Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City 1963 VCR Sony (Japan, USA, Recorders Studios, 464 U.S. 417 (1984) (Betamax 1970 Betamax Philips Korea) decision) 1975 VHS Sony CBS v Amstrad (1988) 1976 JVC/Sony Blank tape levies

    1958 Integrated circuit Jack Kilby (Texas Yes Microprocessors Semi-Conductor Chip Protection Act

    Instruments); Roberty Noyce 1984 (US)

    (Fairchild Semiconductor Washington Treaty on the protection of

    Corporation) (USA) IP in Respect of Integrated Circuits 1989

    Circuit Layouts Act 1989 (Cth)

    1989 UK amendment to Copyright,

    Designs and Patents Act



    1958 Laserdisc David Paul Gregg (USA) Yes Players and discs


    1962 Telstar 1 Colour television Bell Laboratories/AT&T; Yes Satellite broadcasts Satellite Home Viewer Act (SHVA)

    broadcasting satellite NASA 1988 (US) 1963 Compact Audio Cassette Philips Yes Audio tape & Recorders 1969 ARPAnet US Dept of Defence No Civilian internet 1971 Memory disc IBM Yes Floppy disc 1973 Optical Storage media Jim Russell (USA) Yes CD ROM Audio Home Recording Act 1992 (US) 1980s Sony/Philips EU & Canadian recordable media taxes 1988 CD Recordable Yes WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996; DMCA

    1998 (US)

    Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda)

    Act 2000 (Cth) 1973 Ethernet Robert Metcalfe (Xerox) Yes Local Area Networks


    1974/5 Personal Computers Altair; IBM 5100 Yes Hardware; Software Copyright Act 1980 (US) 1976/7 Apple 1, 11; Commodore Copyright Amendment Act 1984 (Cth)

    Copyright (Computer Software)

    Amendment Act 1985 (UK) 1979 Distributed computing Tom Truscott & Jim Ellis- No Bulletin Board systems, WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996

    USENET (USA) P2P networks and apps DMCA 1998 (US)

    Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda)

    Act 2000 (Cth) 1979 Walkman Sony (Japan) Yes- 1977 Personal music players

    Andreas Pavel’s


    1988 MPEG Standards Moving Picture Coding International MPEG

     Experts Group Standards



1993 MPEG Audio Layer Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft Thomson MP3




    1989 Free Software Foundation No Software GNU Public License Version 1 1998 Open Source Initiative Open Source 1991 World Wide Web Tim Berners Lee (USA) No Text and image WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996

    browsers DMCA 1998 (US)

    Internet and Carriage Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda)

    Service providers Act 2000 (Cth) 1993 Audio Compression Fraunhofer-Gesellshaft Yes MP3


    1995 DVD format DVD Forum Yes: (Philips, Players and discs




    1996 Content Scrambling System DVD Copy Control Yes CSS; DECSS (1998) WIPO Copyright Treaty 1996

    (CSS) Association Authentication keys DMCA 1998 (U);

    Copyright Amendment (Digital Agenda)

    Act 2000 (Cth) 2001 iPod Apple Yes MP 3 New fair dealing provisions in Australia? 2001 Centre for Public Digital content Creative Commons License



    Blu-Ray Hitachi, LG Electronics Inc., Copyright HD Content Supports DRM; encryption, region 2003 Matsushita Electric Industrial HD Television encoding

    Co., Pioneer Corporation, recording

    Royal Philips Electronics, HD Camcorder

    Samsung Electronics Co., recording

    Sharp Corporation, Sony Mass data storage

    Corporation, and Thomson Game console

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