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Section 8


    Teaching Staff Qualifications


3-5 Teachers

    3-5 Teachers must have a baccalaureate or advanced degree in early childhood education or a related field (i.e. elementary education, social work, etc.). If the degree is in a related field, the employee must demonstrate completion of at least six (6) courses in early childhood education with at least one (1) year experience in teaching preschool children or complete a 3-5 CDA within six (6) months of hire.

Early Head Start Teachers/Home Visitors

    Early Head Start home visitors/teachers must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. and an Infant Toddler CDA credential, or a degree in Early Childhood Education or a related field. If the degree is in a related field, the employee must demonstrate completion of at least six (6) courses in early childhood education with at least one (1) year experience in teaching preschool children or complete a 0 - 3 CDA within 12 months of hire.


    Paraeducators for both Head Start and Early Head Start must have a high school diploma or G.E.D. and obtain a CDA credential either 0 3 or 3-5 within 24 working months of hire if they

    have at least five (5) hours per week in the classroom. Childcare staff will receive six (6) two-hour training sessions within their first year of hire, which will count towards the CDA credential.

    For extenuating circumstances the Executive Director or his/her designee and the CDA Coordinator may grant an extension. CDA candidates will be notified in writing if approved for an extension.

    Staff who desire, but are not required, to obtain a CDA credential may apply to the CIT (Continuous Improvement Team) for approval. This is done by submitting a letter of request to the CDA coordinator who, as an ad hoc member of the CIT, will make the request.

    CDA Section 8

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    CDA Process

    Revised 11/04

    Upon hire, all teaching staff (teachers, home visitors, paraeducators) will complete a Classroom Staff Worksheet, which is sent to the CDA Coordinator. Center Coordinators are notified as to whether this employee will need to attend CDA trainings.

    CDA trainings are provided monthly by Wyoming Child and Family Development CDA trainers at a designated time and place.

    It is the responsibility of the CDA candidate and his or her supervisor to work out release time so that the training may be attended. The time spent, both in travel and in training, is paid time.

    If a scheduled CDA training is missed, the CDA Make-Up Guidelines must be followed.

    The CDA advisors will guide the candidates through the process to obtain the CDA.

    CDA Section 8

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    CDA Homework/Make-Up Guidelines


    These guidelines are to support CDA candidates and trainers in completing the CDA training in a

    timely manner as required by Head Start Federal Regulations.

    1. Candidates not attending a scheduled CDA training will be given a make-up packet for

    the missed session. CDA trainers will see that the candidate gets the make-up packet. 2. Make-up packets must be completed and returned to the CDA trainers within 30 days. If

    not returned, a letter will be sent to the direct supervisor through the CDA coordinator. A

    copy will be given to the candidate.

    3. Homework must be returned at the next CDA training. If not returned, a letter will be

    sent to the direct supervisor through the CDA Coordinator. A copy will be given to the


    4. Homework corrections and/or incomplete work must be resubmitted at the next CDA


    5. Failure to comply with homework and make-up packet assignments in the required time

    may result in a Performance Support Plan or other disciplinary measures as deemed

    appropriate. Direct supervisors should contact CDA trainers for input.

    CDA Section 8

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    CDA Application Process

    (Revised 10/07)

    1. The advisors/trainers will help the candidate verify that they have completed:

     120 clock hours of training (with at least 10 hours in each of the eight content


     480 hours of experience working with children within the past five years

     Autobiography (300 words)

     6 Statements of Competency (200-500 words each)

     Resource File

    Observation Instrument (completed by the advisor)

     Parent Questionnaires (with 75% returned)

     Direct Assessment Application

     th2. The Direct Assessment Application is sent to the Central Office by the 15 of the month

    prior to the application date. (Application dates are ONLY Sept. 1, Dec. 1, March 1, and June 1.) Along with the Direct Assessment Application, send the list of verified training hours and the verification letter signed by the advisor.

    3. A CDA Council Representative will contact you to set up your verification visit.

    At this time you need to have in your possession:

     Resource File (including copies of your autobiography and competency


     Parent Questionnaires (in a sealed envelope)

     Observation Instrument (in a sealed envelope)

    4 Once you receive your CDA certificate you need to submit copies to:

     Central Office

     CDA Coordinator

    5. If obtaining your CDA will allow you to get a pay increase based on the hiring scale, you

    should work with your supervisor to complete a status form. Pay increases for CDA

    certification will be effective one month after the effective date of the CDA certification.

    CDA Section 8

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    CDA Renewal Procedures

    Revised 1/07

    A CDA Credential is valid for three years from the date of award, after which it may be renewed for five-year periods. A CDA Credential may be renewed only for the original setting, age-level endorsement, and specializations. A Credential for a different setting, endorsement, or added specialization may be earned by applying for a Second Setting CDA.

Under the renewal procedures, all staff must do the following:

    ; Document proof of a current Red Cross or other agency First Aid Certificate. ; Document proof of at least 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) or a three-credit hour

    course in early childhood education/child development. These hours must be in addition to

    the original 120 clock hours or three formal or informal educational experiences required

    when the candidate obtained the CDA Credential.

    CEU’s may be accessed from Wyoming Children’s Action Alliance for any STARS hours

    accumulated during the renewal period. Go to to access your CDA renewal


    ; Document proof of recent (within current year) work experience with young children (a

    minimum of 80 hours).

    ; Select an Early Childhood Education Professional to complete a Letter of Recommendation

    Form regarding the staff member’s competence with young children. This will typically be

    the Center Coordinator.

    ; Document proof (within current year) of membership in a national or local early childhood

    professional organization.

    WCFD will provide you with a National Head Start Membership card.

    The CDA Coordinator tracks the credential dates as held by Wyoming Child and Family Development staff and will send letters of reminder for renewals well in advance of the expiration date. If a staff member, required to have a CDA credential, fails to renew in a timely manner the Procedures Regarding CDA Certification Issues Including Salary Adjustment, Job Status and Training Cost is followed.

In addition to the above requirements these procedures must be followed:

    ; Complete the Request for Training Form and submit to Central Office.

    ; Complete the CDA Renewal Application Form. Send it, along with the above documents,

    to the Central Office one month prior to your renewal date.

    ; Send a copies of your new CDA certificate to the Central Office and the CDA


    CDA Section 8

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     WCFD shall only consider current CDA certification as meeting the CDA requirement. At the end of the initial three (3) year period the employee must obtain a renewed CDA certification and keep it current according to CDA certification requirements. WCFD does not recognize the two (2) year grace period allowed for renewal, as there is no current CDA certification status during that two (2) year period. Therefore, employees, who must maintain current CDA certification status as a requirement of continued employment, are required to keep certification current at all times. It is the employee’s sole responsibility to maintain current CDA certification as a condition of continued employment. 2. HOW DOES CDA CERTIFICATION AFFECT THE SALARY SCHEDULE?

    A salary adjustment will be made on the first day of the next pay period following the date that the certification status becomes effective or expires. If CDA certification expires, an extension of the CDA salary scale status will be considered only upon receipt of a copy of CDA renewal materials and a registered mail receipt documenting that the materials were sent. Extensions may be granted for up to 90 days as approved by the Executive Director. stThe employee’s CDA status adjustment on the salary schedule shall be reinstated the 1 day

    of the next pay period after receipt of the CDA certificate at the WCFD Central Office. 3. HOW DOES CDA CERTIFICATION AFFECT JOB STATUS?

    Employees, who have allowed CDA certification to expire and no longer meet the requirements of their position, will not be able to continue employment with WCFD beyond a 30-day period. Special consideration may be allowed for continued employment for extreme or unusual circumstances as approved by the Executive Director or his/her designee. 4. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS REGARDING FAILURE TO MAINTAIN CURRENT


    a. If a WCFD employee has allowed their CDA certification status to expire, and they are

    recommended for continued substitute employment contingent upon acquiring their

    CDA certification, any fees required shall be the employee’s financial responsibility

    including the assessment fee. Training time and related expenses to fulfill the

    requirements would be at the employee’s expense.

    b. If an employee obtained an initial CDA through other resources than WCFD funding and

    allowed their certification to expire, WCFD shall consider this a new employee status





    The employee in this situation shall be considered as a new employee to the position requiring the CDA status and shall enter into the CDA training process as any other new employee.

    CDA Section 8

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