Quotation for Duralwal Labour

By Rita Weaver,2014-03-23 00:31
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Quotation for Duralwal Labour


    Gweru Branch Head Office:

    Stand No.9091 Halifax Industrial Area Gweru 3 Iona Close Borrow.

    P.O. Box 6055 Harare, Zimbabwe Tel;054-228888 011366087 Tele;852030, 091377522

     Fax;054-231111 Fax;00263-4-852030

     4 July 2008 China Nanchang Engineering P/L



Re: Quotation for Duralwall: Labour

We kindly present our quotation as follows: Charges per meter is $ 100 billion /m *500

    meters = $ 50 trillion.

Labour charges should be paid at 5% deposit and the balance should be paid on completion.

The quotation is valid for 24 hrs.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

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