Developing Democracy Through Peace Education

By Melvin Reed,2014-08-18 03:17
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Developing Democracy Through Peace Education

    Developing Democracy Through Peace Education:

    Educating Toward a World Without Violence

    Linza, Albania

    October 20 24, 2004

    Participant List

    Special Guests

    1. Professor Gabi Baramki, Special Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education Dr. Naim

    Abu Hommos and Vice President of the National Council for Higher Education, Palestine 2. Darcy Rojas Calderon, Oficina de Tutoría y Prevención de with Culture of Peace Integral,

    Ministry of Education, Peru

    3. Michael Cassandra, Chief, Monitoring Database and Information Branch - UN Department

    for Disarmament Affairs, New York, USA

    4. Abass M. Collier, Deputy Minister - Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Sierra


    5. Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury, United Nations Under Secretary General for the Least

    Developed Countries, New York, USA

    6. Abdourahamane Daouda, Ministry of Basic Education and Literacy, Niger 7. Dr. Ayyoush Thiab, Secretary General - National Council for Higher Education, Ministry of

    Education, Palestine

    8. Mao Veasna, Officer - Teacher Training Department, Ministry of Education, Cambodia

    Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP) Board of Directors

    9. Colin Archer, Director - International Peace Bureau (IPB), Switzerland 10. Margaret Melkonian, Vice President - HAP, USA

    11. Herman Spanjaard, IPPNW, The Netherlands

    12. Jennifer Allen Simons, The Simons Foundation of British Columbia, Canada 13. Phon van den Biesen, Secretary - HAP, The Netherlands

    14. Cora Weiss, President - HAP, IPB, USA

    15. Peter Weiss, IALANA, USA

    Hague Appeal for Peace (HAP) Staff

16. Betty Burkes, Pedagogical Coordinator - HAP, New York

    17. Idi Cheffou, Coordinator of Peace and Disarmament Education Project - UN DDA / HAP,


    18. Betty Evans, Coordinator of Peace and Disarmament Education Project - UN DDA / HAP,


    19. Thavory Huot, Coordinator of Peace and Disarmament Education Project - UN DDA /

    HAP, Cambodia

    20. Elton Skendaj, Coordinator of Peace and Disarmament Education Project - UN DDA /

    HAP, Albania

    21. Kathleen Tordini, Program Director - HAP Global Campaign for Peace Education, USA

    International Advisory Committee

    22. Ghassan Abdullah, Co-Director - Middle East Children's Association (MECA), Palestine 23. Azril Bacal, Coordinator - Culture of Peace Network Uppsala (CETAL), Sweden 24. Amada Benavides, Professor - Fundación Escuelas de Paz, Colombia

    25. Alicia Cabezudo, Regional Director - Ciudades Educadoras America Latina, Argentina 26. Loreta Castro, Director - Center for Peace Education, Miriam College, Philippines 27. Margaret Dabor, Secretariat - Forum for African Women Educationalist (FAWE), Sierra


    28. Meg Gardinier, Fulbright Fellow Albania/ HAP Consultant, Albania

    29. Irma Ghosn, Director - Center for Peace and Justice, Lebanese American University,


    30. Anne M. Halvorsen, Executive Board Member - Norwegian Peace Alliance and Teacher

    Trainer - Lindeberg School, UNESCO Associated Schools Project, Norway 31. Catherine Odora Hoppers, Professor - Human Science Research Council, South Africa 32. Olivia Martin, Youth Peace Education Consultant, Brazil

    33. Adina Shapiro, Co-Director - Middle East Children's Association (MECA), Israel 34. Philip Thomas, Education Consultant - International Baccalaureate School, Switzerland 35. Barbara Wien, Peace Education Consultant - International Peace Brigades, USA 36. Werner Wintersteiner, Professor - Institut fur Germanistik, Austria

    Peace Education Practitioners

    37. Jasna Bastic, International Coordinator - Peace Boat Global University, Japan 38. Frank Brodhead, Consultant, UN DDA/ HAP, USA

    39. Cristina Vicente Cordo, Director - Galician Seminar of Education for Peace, Spain 40. Janet Gerson, Acting Director - Peace Education Center, Teacher’s College, Columbia

    University, USA

    41. Cathy Hoffman, Director - Cambridge Peace Commission, Massachusetts, USA 42. Marcos Smith, Consultant UN DDA/ HAP, Cambodia


    43. Maria Celina Del Felice, Educating Cities Latin America/ UNOY Peacebuilders, Argentina 44. Solange Marquez Espinoza, Youth Network for Peacebuilding, UNESCO, Mexico 45. Tom Omondi Onyango, Kenya Youth Foundation (KYF), Kenya

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