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Chronological Table of the Major Events in British History

    Time Events

    3000 B.C. Iberians came to the British Isles.

    750 B.C. Celts began to come to settle in the British Isles. 55 B.C.

    54 B.C. Julius Caesar invaded Britain.

    43 B.C. Roman Emperor Claudius sent Roman Legions to Britain and conquered


    410 A. D. Roman Legions were withdrawn from Britain. th5 C. Anglo-Saxon Invasion.

    thth5 & 6 C. The period of the Heptarchy (seven kingdoms). 597 Augustine arrived in England, preaching.

    829 Egbert ruled England.

    871 King Alfred fought against the Danish.

    1016 Danish King Canute conquered England, and became King of England 1066 Harold became King, and was killed at Hastings. The Battle of Hastings (Oct.

    14). Duke of Normandy, William conquered England and was crowned on

    Christmas Day, as King William I.

    1154 Henry II began the House of Anjou (Plantagenet).

     1170 Henry II sent four knights to kill the Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas


    1189 Richard I joined the third crusade.

    1215 King John signed the Magna Carta.

    1265 Simon de Montfort summoned the first parliament. 1282 Edward I conquered Wales.

    1295 Edward I summoned Model Parliament.

    1296 Edward I invaded Scotland.

    1337-1453 The Hundred Years War between England and France. 1348 The Black Death struck England.

    1381 Wat Tyler Uprising.

    1399 Henry IV began the House of Lancaster.

     1455-1485 The Wars of the Roses

    1461 Edward IV began the House of York.

    1485 Henry VII began the House of Tudor.

    1509 Henry VII came to the throne.

    1516 Thomas More published Utopia.

    1534 Henry VIII passed the Act of Supremacy. 1558 Elizabeth I was crowned.

    1587 Elizabeth I ordered Mary Queen of Scots to be sentenced to death 1588 England defeated Spains Armada.

    1600 The East India Company was set up.

    1603 James I began the House of Stuart.

     1629 Charles agreed to sign the Petition of Right.

1642 King Charles sent soldiers to arrest the Parliament leaders, and the First Civil

    War started (1642 - 1646)

    1644 Cromwell defeated the Kings forces.

    1649 Charles I was beheaded by Parliament in January. In May a republican

    government was proclaimed by Cromwell.

    1653 Cromwell became Protector of the Commonwealth of England. 1658 Cromwell died.

    1660 Charles II landed at Dover, and the House of Stuart was restored. 1664 The Plague of London.

    1666 The Great Fire of London.

    1679 The Exclusion Bill was passed, and the Whig and the Tory parties were


    1688 William of Orange landed on England on November 5. The Glorious

    Revolution took place.

    1689 The Bill of Rights was passed. The Constitutional Monarchy began in


    1690 The Cabinet was formed.

    1694 The Bank of England was founded.

    1701 The Act of Settlement was passed in Parliament.

    1707 The Parliament of England and Scotland were united. 1714 George I began The House of Hanover, the Cabinet system was established. 1712 Sir Robert Walpole became the First Prime Minister of England. 1756-1763 The Seven Years War between England and France.

    1756 William Pitt became Prime Minister.

    1764 James Hargreaves invented the Spinning Jenny.

    1769 James Watt made a steam engine.

    1775 The American War of Independence broke out.

    1781 English General Cornwall surrendered in Yorktown.

    1783 William Pitt, the younger, became Prime Minister.

    1801 The Parliaments of Great Britain and Ireland were united. 1812 The war between England and America broke out.

    1819 The Manchester Massacre in St. Peters Field took place. 1832 The Reform Bill was passed and became a law.

    1834 The New Poor Law was passed.

    1836-1848 The Chartist Movement.

    1837 Queen Victoria came to the throne.

    1839 The first national petition took place.

    1840 The British government launched the Opium War against China. 1851 The Crystal Palace Exhibition opened in London.

    1853-1856 England joined the Crimean War.

    1859 The Indian Mutiny was put down. Charles Darwin published On the Origin

    of Species.

    1867 The second Reform Bill was passed.

    1868 Gladstone of the Liberal Party became Prime Minister. 1884 The third parliamentary Reform Bill was passed. 1893 Kier Hardie set up the Independent Labour Party. 1900 The Labour Representation Committe was established. 1906 The Labour Representation Committee was officially recognized as the

    Labor Party.

    1914-1918 Britain Joined the First World War.

    1916 Llody George organized a united cabinet.

    1924 Ramsay MacDonald led the first Labour Party government. 1935 Baldwin replaced MacDonald as Prime Minister. 1936 George VI came to the throne.

    1937 Baldwin resigned to be succeeded as Prime Minister by Neville Chamberlain.

    1939 On September 3, Chamberlain broadcast to the nation that Britain was in the

    Second World War.

    1940 Winston Churchill formed a coalition government. 1944 The Allied Forces landed in Normandy.

    1945 On May 7, Germany surrendered unconditionally. 1949 NATO was established

    1952 Elizabeth II came to the throne.

    1955 Clean Air Act was passed.

    1973 Britain joined the European Community on 1 January. 1979 Marganet Thatcher became Prime Minister. 1981 Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. 1984 Mrs. Thatcher visited China.

    1990 John Major became Prime Minister.

    1993 Britain ratified the Masstricht Treaty.

    1997 Tony Blair became Prime Minister. Hong Kong returned to Chinese


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