inspection checklist-keyboard

By Peter Lee,2014-03-30 11:09
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inspection checklist-keyboard

    Pre-shipment Inspection checklist-for keyboard

    Sampling:AQL Normal Inspection II with critical:0,major:1.0,minor:2.5.

    Test Items Defects class Test Qty(pcs) 1,packaging requirements(refer to P/R&sample)

     A.Master and inner carton: 2 code unscannable or hard to read. Critical

     ii.incorrect model No,ship mark,P.O,certification Critical mark,bar code,carton No,logo etc

     B.packaging materials(gift box,I/B,Blister Major/minor 32 card,leaflet,battery,accessories)quality,color

     C.size of Euro-hook hole(as per sample) Major 2

    2,Interior check(refer to sample &BOM)

     D,Rating and type of components Critical 1

     i.PCB Rating_____________________yes/no

     ii.USB cable lenght________________yes/no


     iv.main lead wire__________________yes/no

     v.marking on main IC_____________yes/no

     EInternal assembly check 1

     i.incorrect wiring,position of component Critical

     ii.lead wire damage,poor soldering,loose Critical/major parts,incorrect circuit,rust on the screw,something

    inside(metal or plastic) etc

    3,special test(refer to specification)

     F.master carton drop test 1 and product damaged heavily Critical

     ii.appearance and packaging damage Major/minor

     G,unit drop test(height as per specification) 3 Critical

     ii.function or appearance damage Major/minor

     H,3M tape test for electroplating,silkscreen Major 3

     I.accessories fitting test Major 3

     J.wireless distance test(as per product manual) Major 3

    4.Function check. shut down when connecting to the K/B Critical 100%SS

    Critical/major 100%SS L.No function of Key(1 is major,?2 critical) one key,other key corresponding Major 100%SS

     N.key corresponding when heavily pressed. Major/minor 100%SS

     O.Key can not/hard to restore when pressed. Major/minor 100%SS

     P.manual shock test(no function.INT,something Major/minor 100%SS inside)

     Q.smoke,bad smell,etc Critical/major 100%SS

     R.LED no light,uneven color for all LED Lights. Major/minor 100%SS

     S.for wireless keyboard

     i.code connection fail or hard to connect. Major 100%SS

     ii.unstable when connected. Major 100%SS

     iii. air distance less than 0.8m,surface distance less Major 100%SS than 1.2m

    5.cosmetics checking

     T.product/packaging/color conforms to sample Major/minor 100%SS on the unit. Major/minor 100%SS

    Major 100%SS i.on the front and top area,diameter ?


    major 100%SS ii.on the bottom or side area, diameter ?


     iii.on the key button ,easily visible Major/minor 100%SS

     V.scratch on the unit

    Major 100%SS i.on the front and top area,lenght?2mm,quantity?2 ,touch feeling

    Major 100%SS ii.on the bottom or side area,lenght ?

    2mm,quantity?3 touch feeling

    iii.on the key button ,touch feeling,easily visible Major/minor 100%SS

    Major/mino 100%SS W.key slide?45?or high/low key?1.5mm

     X.poor silkscreen on enclosure or key Major/mino 100%SS

    Major /minor 100%SS between upper and lower enclosure?


     Z. Foot sticker&foot stand 100%SS

     i.missing Major 100%SS

     ii.peel off or not put in right position Major/minor 100%SS

     iii.foot too tight or loose Major 100%SS

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