New Mexico BioPark Society Membership

By Alma Martinez,2014-05-19 13:25
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New Mexico BioPark Society Membership

    New Mexico BioPark Society Membership

    Available April 1, 2006

    We are pleased to announce that the New Mexico Zoological Society (NMZS)and the Friends of the Aquarium and Botanic Garden (FABG) have merged to become the New Mexico BioPark Society (NMBPS).

    The agreement to merge was confirmed by the FABG members at the annual meeting on November 5, 2005 and the NMZS member meeting held December 8, 2005.

The combined organization creates an opportunity for two successful, missiondriven organizations to

    unify and increase our ability to provide financial support to the four facilities that comprise the Albuquerque BioPark (The Rio Grande Zoo, Botanic Garden, Albuquerque Aquarium and Tingley Beach).

    We would like to explain how this change will affect your current and renewal membership. Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions. Please read through them and if you have any further questions, contact us at or (505) 764-6280.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Q) When will the new BioPark Membership (with entrance to the Zoo, Aquarium, and Botanic Garden)

    be available?

    A) April 1, 2006

2. Q) What will the price of a BioPark membership be?

    Membership benefits for 1adult Individual $49

    Seniors, age 65 or older Senior $39

    Membership benefits for 2 adults OR 1 adult and 1 child Couple $59

    Senior couples, age 65 and over Senior $49

    Membership benefits for

    2 adults and 4 children Family $79 OR 3 adults and 2 children

    Membership Benefits for

     2 adults and 6 children Family Plus $95 OR 3 adults and 4 children

    OR 4 adults

    Membership benefits for 1 named primary card holder Club $150 and up to 4 named/unnamed guests memberships *

    Membership benefits for 1 named primary card holder $300 and up to 4 named/unnamed guests

    Membership benefits for 1 named primary card holder $600 and up to 5 named/unnamed guests

     * See question 5 for additional Club member benefits

3. Q) Will I still be able to add unnamed guests to my membership?

     A) Yes. There will be a limit of two unnamed guests per membership with each adult guest costing $15 and each child guest costing $10.

4. Q) What will the benefits of a BioPark Membership be?

    ; Unlimited entrance to all BioPark Facilities during regular hours of operation: Zoo, Aquarium, and

    Botanic Garden

    ; Free entrance to Zoo Boo and Mother’s Day Symphony concert

    ; Half price admission to Summer Nights and Zoo Music Concerts

    ; Discounted or Free admission to over 100 reciprocal zoos and aquariums around the nation

    ; Discounts in all BioPark gift shops; discounts on education classes and special events like Run

    for the Zoo

    ; Free Subscription to our members-only magazine BioScape

    ; Special invitations to exhibit previews and the annual members-only picnic 5. Q) What will the Club member benefits include?

    A) In addition to the benefits listed above, our club members will receive:

    ; 2 free guest passes for Feast with the Beast, our members- only picnic

    ; Early bird registration opportunities for BioPark education classes

    ; Laminated membership card

    ; Club members-only invitation to exhibit previews

     Additional Club Level Benefits:

    ; $150 5 one-time guest passes

    ; $300 10 one-time guest passes

    Your choice of a behind-the-scenes tour for 4 of the Catwalk, OR the

    Garden Conservatories, OR the Shark tank

    ; $600 15 one-time-guest passes

    Your choice of a behind-the-scenes tour for 4 of the Zoo, OR Aquarium,

    OR Botanic Garden

    6. Are the BioPark trains included in my membership?

     A) No. At this time there are no train benefits for NMBPS members.

7. Q) Will I be able to use my current membership card(s)?

    A) Yes. All NMZS/FABG memberships purchased before April 1, 2006 will be honored as purchased for the duration of the membership.

    8. Q) Will I be able to buy just a Zoo or Aquarium and Garden pass after April 1, 2006?

    A) No, after April 1, 2006 the membership program will reflect the merged organization to support the BioPark as a whole.

    9. Q) Will I still be able to attend Zoo Music and/or Summer Nights concerts for free?

    A) As listed under NMBPS benefits, all Zoo Music and Summer Nights concerts will be half-price for NMBPS members. This will allow members discounted admission to approximately 20 concerts each year. Note: Until your current pre-merger membership expires, Zoo members will still be able to attend Zoo Music Concerts for free. Likewise, Aquarium/Botanic Garden Members will still be able to attend the Summer Nights Concerts for free until your pre-merger current memberships expire.

    10. Q) Can I choose to change my current membership to a BioPark membership after April 1, 2006?

    A) Yes. You may pay the difference between your old membership and your new BioPark membership. Or you may renew your NMZS/FABQ membership early at the new NMBPS combined membership price and benefit package.

    11. Q) I have memberships to both the Zoo and the Aquarium/Botanic Garden which expire in different months. Do I have to wait for them both to expire before buying the new BioPark membership?

     A) No, when your first membership expires you may purchase the new membership for both facilities. The remaining months on your other card will be added to the new BioPark membership with an extension limit up to 6 months.

12. Q) Will I be able to purchase the new combined membership online?

     A) Yes. For your convenience membership to the NMBPS will be available to new and renewing members for purchase at after April 1, 2006. Don’t forget to print your

    confirmation page; it can be used as a temporary card until your new membership cards arrive in the mail.

13. Q) How can I contact the New Mexico BioPark Society? thA) The NMBPS is located at 1320 Iron Ave SW in the old NMZS building on the corner of 14 and

    Iron. Our office hours are 9-5 Monday through Friday. Visit us on the web at

    or reach us by phone at (505) 764-6280.

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