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     Identification cards are issued to retirees and eligible

    family members as a means of identification and as

    authorization for various benefits and privileges.

     The Armed Forces Identification Card, DD Form 2 RETIREE ACTIVITIES OFFICE (Ret), it issued to retired members who are entitled to

    retired pay, even though they may have waived their pay in NEWSLETTER

    favor of VA compensation, or because of employment with SPRING 2007 the Federal Government. Dependent ID Cards. DD Form 1172, “Application for

    Uniformed Services Identification and Privilege Card,” is The Little Rock Air Force Base Retiree

    used to apply for issue or reissue of ID cards for STActivities Office invites you to the 31 Annual dependents (DD Form 1173). Dependent ID cards generally

    Retiree Appreciation Day on September 29, expire four years from the date of issue or expiration of the

    sponsor’s obligated service. However, eligible dependents 2007 and survivors, age 75 or older, of retired uniformed

    Time 8:00a.m. 2:00p.m. servicemembers are issued permanent, nonexpiring ID

    cards. Little Rock AFB Conference Center Building ID cards must be surrendered when they are replaced

    1030 or expired or upon demand by an authorized individual, or

    when the cardholder becomes ineligible. The opening ceremony will kick off the events You can update your DEERS information at the

    with more than one hundred exhibits by private following locations: Be sure and call to find out time of

    operation. and military organizations.

    Little Rock AFB 501-987-6831

    (for appointments 501-987-8228) DON’T wait till the day before your need them.

    Hours 8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m. If you need to obtain an official copy of your records, th189 Air National Guard Little Rock AFB (501)987-6703; contact the Retiree Activities Office and we will assist you

    Arkadelphia, AR (888)277-3239; in obtaining your records. If you are a retiree from the

    Fayetteville, AR (479)442-5789; Arkansas Army National Guard you can obtain your thFt Smith, AR 188 Air National Guard (479)573-5761; records from Camp Robinson or from the Arkansas Air

    Ft. Chaffee, AR (479)484-2933; National Guard at Little Rock AFB.

    Camp Robinson (501)212-5037;

    USAR Camp Pike (501)771-7333;

    USMCR 771-4323


    Pine Bluff Arsenal (870)540-3030:

    Barksdale AFB, LA (318)456-2276;

    Ft. Leonard Wood, MO (573)596-0744;

    Millington Naval Support Center (901)874-7355.


    Vehicle registration can be processed at building 1255 during

    the hours of 8:30a.m. 4:00p.m Monday thru Friday except


    All decals must be renewed periodically and DO expire.

    Adjacent to the decal is a small tab with the expiration year.

    If your decal has expired, simply record the decal number

    and bring the required items when you come to renew. The

    year sticker expires in December of the year shown. MILITARY RECORDS ITEMS REQUIRED: Current ID card, Current Drivers You should have your DD Form 214(s) or NGB Form 22(s) License, Current Vehicle Registration and Current Proof of Report of Separation, and other documents which indicate Insurance. your military service, to include date of service, awards and character of service. These documents should be stored in a safe place and readily available if needed for VA/Social

    Security and in the event of death to be buried in a

    National Cemetery or a state veteran cemetery. DO your

    survivors a favor and be certain that copies are available.

    those servicemen retired before 1972 who did not convert

    to the new plan or who retained RSFPP in conjunction with

    SBP. RSFPP continues to pay survivor annuities.

     The SBP survivor annuity is initially 55 percent of the

    member’s base amount. The base amount is elected by the

    member, but cannot be less than $300 or more than the

    member’s full retired pay.

     When the plan started in 1972, benefits for those 62 and older were reduced to reflect the availability of Social Privileges of Military facilities Security. In 1985, that reduction formula was changed so Retired military personnel and their eligible family all annuitants 62 and over received 35 percent of the members are authorized the use of many military facilities, member’s base. Effective April, 2008, the survivor benefit subject to the availability of the facilities as determined by will be 55 percent of the member’s elected base amount. the instillation commander. Using the facilities, for the most SBP annuities are reduced by any VA survivor benefits part, is a privilege that may be granted, rather than a right (Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) and all to which a retired personnel are automatically entitled. The premiums relating to reductions are returned to the presentation of proper identification cards (DD Form 2 survivor. Additionally, SBP annuities and premiums are gray or blue, or DD Form 1173 for family members) is annually increased with the cost of living adjustments generally required to use the facilities. (COLAs). For Reserve retirees, the same set of retired pay

    reductions applies for survivor coverage after a Reservist

    turns 60 and begins to receive retired pay. The Reserve

    Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) provides

    annuities to survivors of Reservists who die before age 60,

    but after attaining 20 years of qualified service.

     A paid-up provision eliminating the reduction in retired

    pay for premiums for SBP and RSFPP coverage will be effective October 1, 2008 for participants age 70 or older Survivor’s benefits program (SBP) whose retired pay has been reduced for 30 years or more. Legislation originating in 1953 provided optional survivor benefits. It was later referred to as the Retired

    Servicemen’s Family Protection Plan (RSFPP). On

    September 21, 1972, the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP)

    replaced the RSFPP for new retirees. RSFPP still covers

    are rated by the VA as 100 percent service-connected

    disabled receive 100 percent of their retired pay. Beginning

    on October 1, 2009, members who are receiving a 100

    percent disability due to being rated by the VA as

    unemployable will also receive 100 percent of their retired

    pay with no further offsets.

     Combat Related Special Compensation

     This program provides special compensation for Special compensation programs

    military retirees who have a qualifying combat-related

     disability and who have their military retired pay reduced The Department of Defense has two programs designed to in order to receive VA disability compensation for those reduce the reduction in retired pay due to receipt of VA qualified disabilities.

    compensation, for certain disabled retirees. Both programs Eligibility: Persons who are retired with at least 20 years

    have specific eligibility requirements. of service for the purposes of computing retired pay, or

     who are receiving Reserve Component retired pay based on

    Concurrent Retirement and Disability Payments 20 or more years of creditable service, who meet the basic

     This program was implemented January 1, 2004 in eligibility requirements. In addition, those meeting the accordance with a schedule provided by law. It provides for basic eligibility requirements must have a disability that is a 10 year phase out of the reduction in retired pay of an compensated by the VA and was incurred: (1) as a direct eligible member who is receiving VA compensation rated result of armed conflict; (2) while engaged in hazardous 50 percent or higher for either a service-connected service; (3)while performing duty simulating war, or (4) disability or combination of service-connected disabilities. through an instrumentality of war.

    Eligibility: The Program automatically applies to the The amount of compensation paid to a member under following: (1) active duty members who are retired for this program is equal to the amount of retired pay offset length of service; (2) Reserve retirees, age 60 or older, due to VA disability compensation that is attributable to a eligible to receive retired pay; and (3) those retired for qualifying disability listed above.

    disability as long as they have at least 20 years of service. A member who eligible for both Concurrent Retirement

     The phase out began with a fixed rate in 2004 based on and Disability Payments and Combat Related Special percentage of disability. In each year, 2005 through 2013, a Compensation must choose one program over the other. graduated percentage of the remaining offset is added to Members may not receive from both programs. In addition, the amount the member receives in monthly retired pay. in no case may payments from any combination of sources The reduction in retired pay for members rated between 50 exceed the amount of full retired pay.

    and 90 percent is fully eliminated in 2014. Members who

     The member will have a chance each year, in an open Navy: A retired packet is forwarded 10 months in season, to move from one program to the other. Each year, advance.

    prior to the open season, DFAS will mail each eligible Air Force: Members should apply for retirement pay thretiree a letter that provides an explanation and birthday. no sooner than 120 days prior to their 60instructions along with an election from that must be Marine Corps: Four to six months prior to reaching returned to DFAS. Once an election is made, it is age 60.

    irrevocable until the next open season. Coast Guard: Approximately six months prior to

     reaching age 60.


    Application for retired pay Retired pay normally begins on the retiree’s 60th

    birthday. Even if application is made after age 60, pay is (gray area retirees) retroactive. There is a six-year statute of limitations. If the In order to actually start receiving retired pay, it is retired pay application is filed more than six years after age necessary that an application for retired pay be submitted 60, one day’s retired pay is deducted for each day’s delay. to the applicable center. Normally an application package Retired pay is subject to federal & state income is sent to all eligible Reservists approximately four to six taxation. The Defense Finance and Accounting Service will months prior to their 60th birthday. If however, this withhold a certain amount each month based on the package is not received, it is incumbent upon the Reservist amount of pay exemptions claimed on IRS Form W-4. Each to request the forms and submit them as soon as possible January retirees will receive a 1099-R showing how much prior to reaching age 60. The following is a list that and the amount of retired pay that is taxable. provides information for each service.

     Army: Upon reaching age 59, retirement-eligible

    members complete DD Form 108, Application for Retired

    Pay Benefits.

    Tricare pharmacy program Tricare for retired military members

     TRICARE provides a world-class pharmacy benefit to TRICARE for retired military members can be separated all eligible Uniformed Services members. Eligible into two categories: coverage for those retirees who are not beneficiaries may fill prescription medications at military eligible for Medicare and coverage for those eligible for treatment facility (MTF) pharmacies; through the Medicare.

    TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP); at TRICARE Retirees not eligible for Medicare: Retirees who are

    retail network pharmacies (TRRx); and at non network TRICARE eligible, but not Medicare eligible, are

    pharmacies. To have a prescription filled, beneficiaries automatically covered under TRICARE Standard. This

    need a written prescription and a valid Uniformed Services category includes most retirees under age 65 and their identification card. eligible family members. They have an option to elect MTF Pharmacy: Prescriptions may be filled (up to a coverage under TRICARE Prime if available in their local 90-day supply for most medications) at any MTF pharmacy area.

    at no cost to the beneficiary. Retirees eligible for Medicare: Medicare-eligible military

    TRICARE Mail Order Pharmacy (TMOP): TMOP is beneficiaries, who are also TRICARE eligible, are eligible administered by Express Scripts Inc. (ESI), and is available for TRICARE For Life (TFL). Under TFL, TRICARE acts

    for prescriptions that beneficiaries use on a regular basis. as a second payer to Medicare. TRICARE beneficiaries $3.00 or $9.00. must be entitled to Medicare Part A and enrolled in

    TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Program (TRRx): More than Medicare Part B to cover TFL.

    54,000 retail pharmacies such as Kroger, Walgreens, Beneficiaries under age 65: Beneficiaries under age 65,

    Kmart, Fred’s. Remember this you will only receive a who are eligible for Medicare, are eligible for TFL benefits. thirty day supply for the same price of ninety days. $3.00 or These under age 65 who are TRICARE/Medicare eligible $9.00. do not pay Prime enrollment fees, however they do have to

     pay for Medicare Part

    selecting a funeral home, preparation of the remains,

    casketing, and transportation to the national cemetery or

    veteran’s cemetery are the responsibility of the survivors or

    the deceased’s estate.

     Military honors will be made through the funeral

    director who will contact the proper military service.

     The government will mark all graves with regulation

    headstones and markers of the types authorized at no charge to the survivor’s or estate. Tricare retiree dental program

     Delta Dental of California administers the TRICARE ARKANSAS STATE VETERANS CEMETERY

    Retiree Dental Program (TRDP). Any Arkansas resident who was honorably discharged with

     TRDP enrollment is open to Reserve Component the required amount of active duty service, (peacetime or retirees and their family members, including “gray area” wartime). Any Arkansas National Guardsmen or Reservist: retirees who are entitled to pay but not yet age 60. ; Eligible for retirement at age 60; or For more information about the TRDP, beneficiaries ; Members called to active duty for 2 years or more, may call toll-free at 1-888-838-8737, or visit Delta Dental (does not have to be consecutive) or completed the online at full period for which called up. ; Members who die under honorable conditions while

    hospitalized or undergoing treatment, at the expense

    of the United States, for injury or disease contracted

    or incurred while performing active duty for


    ; Members who die under honorable conditions while

    performing full time AGR service.

    ; Member who receive a Hardship Discharge while on active duty.

    Burial information for retirees ; Member discharged due to a service-connected

     Military retirees, their spouses, and minor children may disability while on active duty.

    be buried in national cemeteries. There is no charge for

    opening or closing of graves. The same covers the Arkansas

    State Veteran’s Cemetery. Arrangements and expenses THE VETERANS DEPENDENTS

    such as obtaining the services of a funeral director, ; The veteran’s spouse

     If you are a retiree that is unable to shop on base do to ; Unmarried child (under the age of 21); or

    being handicap and need some assistance you can do the ; A verifiable life-long dependent of the veteran


     1. Have a letter from your doctor stating that you VETERAN MUST MEET ONE OF THE FOLLOWING

    need assistance do to health reasons and name the person ARKANSAS REIDENT REQUIREMENTS:

    that will assist you. ; Legal resident of Arkansas at time of death;

     2. Have the ID card holder and person who will ; Born in the State of Arkansas; or

    assist come to the Retiree Activities Office, Building 1255, Legal resident of Arkansas when he or she entered ;Suite 121 and the office will assist in issuing a card for the the Armed Forces of the United States, (home of person to shop the Base Exchange and Commissary. record). 3. This card is good for one year and must be renewed along with a new letter from the doctor. WHAT PAPERWORK IS NECESSARY? 4. Any questions please feel free to contact the To schedule an interment, the following forms must be office provided: 1. Veteran’s military discharge papers

    2. Signed Cemetery application

    3. Marriage License (If married)

    4. Check for $150 (spouse and dependent only)

    5. Headstone/Niche application

     Address: 1501 West Maryland Avenue N Little

    Rock, Arkansas; Phone: (501)683-2259

    Retiree Activities Office

    Building 1255, Suite 121

    Little Rock AFB, Arkansas

    ; To serve those that served and those now serving

    ; Assist veterans that have VA issues (VA Rep in office Monday Tuesday and Thursday 9:00a.m. SHOPPING FOR A RETIREE 1:00p.m.)

    Lodging Reservations LRAFB…………987-6652 ; AARP Drivers Education Classes AF Wide…………………………1-888-235-6343 ; Retiree Breakfast on 2nd Friday of each month 8:15 Army Wide………………………1-800-452-7691 a.m. Hanger 1080 Navy Wide…………………………1-800-628-9466

    Security Forces (Pass & Registration)…987-6338 ; Retiree Appreciation Day each year

    Shoppettes ; Retiree Information Web Page Arnold Drive Class VI…………………988-2301 click Retiree Information Lake ………………………………… 988-4841 ; Email address: Social Security Office………………1-800-772-1213

     Sherwood Office……………………… 833-9531 ; Toll Free Number: 1-877-815-3111

    ICARE OFFICE (LRAFB)…1-800-444-5445 TR; Local Number: 501-987-6095 VA HOSPITAL (LR & Ft Roots)………257-1000 ; Cell Phone Number: 501-786-1716 VA Regional Office…………………1-800-827-1000 ; Hours that office is open: 7:00 a.m. 4:00 p.m.,

    Monday Friday


    AR Department of Veterans Affairs……370-3820

    Base Exchange……………………988-1150

    Casualty Assistance………………987-3580

    Clinic LRAFB Appointments……………987-8811

     Pharmacy Call-In……………987-7457 or 1-877-329-5762 Commissary……………………….987-6990

    Hanger 1080…………………………987-5555

    Customer Service Military Pay…………987-8294 or


    Customer Service (ID Cards/DEERS)…987-6831

     Appointment line for ID Cards…987-8228

    Legal Office………………………… 987-7886

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