County Memorandum wseal

By Brenda Tucker,2014-05-19 12:47
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County Memorandum wseal

Staff Report

    Date: May 19, 2011

To: Solid Waste Collection Subcommittee

From: Solid Waste Collection Project Team

Subject: Background Information and Discussion of

    Policy Issues Related to Solid Waste


    At the July 14, 2009 Board of Supervisor’s (BOS) hearing, the BOS directed Public Works staff to form a Project Team consisting of representatives from the Auditor-Controller’s Office, County Counsel, Public Works, and the County Executive Office. In addition, the BOS requested that a Subcommittee be created to oversee the work of the Project Team.

    At the direction of the BOS, the purpose of the Project Team and Subcommittee is to evaluate the options available to the BOS once the exclusive franchise agreements for solid waste collection expire June 30, 2011 in zones 2, 4 and 5. At the hearing, it was emphasized that the evaluation of options be a transparent process and subject to the Brown Act noticing requirements. The goals of the process are to ensure that customers receive high quality, comprehensive services at a competitive price. In addition, the County needs to ensure that they have the utmost control and accountability for the services provided due to the broad scope and value of this service type.

    Participants on the Project Team include John McInnes (CEO’s Office), Mark Paul (Auditor-Controller’s Office), Marie LaSala (County Counsel), Mark Schleich

    (Public Works), Leslie Wells (Public Works), Tom Chiarodit (Public Works), and Constance Hornig (Solid Waste Consultant). Subcommittee members are Supervisors Farr and Carbajal.

    The solid waste management system consists of many components including the collection, processing and/or disposal of trash, recyclables, green waste, construction and demolition debris, and electronic and hazardous waste. Each jurisdiction within the County is responsible for its own waste. In order to meet this requirement, jurisdictions throughout the County use a combination of public and private services. In addition, several regional services are provided by the County to several cities.

    The cities of Santa Maria, Lompoc, Guadalupe and Carpinteria provide services to their constituents without the services of the County. The cities of Buellton,

    Solvang, Goleta, and Santa Barbara as well as the unincorporated areas rely on the service of the County for processing, disposal, e-waste and hazardous waste programs, as well as education. Each of these jurisdictions maintains their own contracts for collection services.

    In December 2006, the BOS approved 5 exclusive franchise agreements for the collection of solid waste (trash, commingled recyclables, and green waste) from residents and businesses. Currently, there are 5 collection zones served by 3 service providers (a map of the current zones is attached). The following table summarizes the service provider and expiration dates of the current exclusive franchise agreements in each service zone.

Zone 1 MarBorg Ind. By April 30, 2011, need to determine

    eligibility for extension to 2015 and