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    Important Topics for SRM

    Function Topic What to do

    Creating Choosing When ordering via the “Describe Requirement” function, the

    Shopping Commodity Code Requisitioner assigns the product category (aka. commodity code),

    Cart which will populate the GL Account field. This code determines

    whether the product category requires an additional approval as a

    restricted commodity.

    o Use the search function in SRM to choose the product category



    o A list of product category codes in SRM, Commodities by supplier

    and Commodities by Buyer can be found at

    o A list of commodities requiring special approval is located at:

    htm and can be accessed via a link in Business @ Purdue

    processes under “Buying”.

     Enter Cost In the Cost Assignment area of the shopping cart, remember to click

    Assignment the drop-down box to specify whether entering “Cost Center”,

    “Order” or “WBS Element”. The system may validate a cost

    assignment in certain cases even if an item is misclassified.

    REMINDER: “Cost Center” is used for non-Sponsored Program Funds,

    “Order” is used for Sponsored Program funds or when using any type

    of Internal Order, and “WBS Element” is used for Construction funds. Approve Work Flow o The only work flow built into SRM is that a shopping cart will go to Shopping the Inbox of all first approvers for the cost center(s) with costs

    Cart assigned in that cart.

    o All approvers should check their SRM Inbox often, since no emails

    will be sent when a cart is forwarded to the Inbox of an approver.

     Warning IMPORTANT NOTE: The shopping cart is automatically defaulted to

    regarding “Save” approval status in an approver’s Inbox. If the order is “saved” (by

    Button hitting the “Save” button at the bottom of the screen) before

    additional approvers are added, a purchase order will be created and

    forwarded directly to the vendor WITHOUT appropriate approvals.

     Adding Approvers The first fiscal approver ($2,500 level) will assign additional approvers

    as needed by doing the following BEFORE approving a shopping cart:

    o Always execute an approval search for the shopping cart number

    to identify all types of approver roles needed.

    o Select one approver for each type of approval (e.g. select one

    $50,000 fiscal approver, one asset approver, one commodity

    approver for livestock, etc.). Use the Quick Reference Card for

    “Approvers” to indicate the designated person for each type/level

    of approver for your department. This should be completed in

    conjunction with your supervisor. Add a line for “Asset Approver”

    to the card for capital purchases.

    o Add additional approvers to the approval flow as described in the

    SRM Requestor training.

     Adding SPS SPS Staff will NOT appear in the approval search, so the appropriate

    Approver Director of Financial Affairs will be responsible for obtaining approval

    from SPS BEFORE approving the shopping cart. This will be done by

    emailing the SPS Approver for approval and then pasting the approval

    text into the cart.Go to the SPS web site at to locate specific approval requirements

    as well as the SPS staff member to approve for each sponsor. Confirming Orders Needing All purchase orders with external vendors will need to be confirmed

    Shopping Confirmation (same as “received” in the Ariba system) in order to be paid, including

    Cart before OK to Pay Concerto orders. This is a change from how Concerto is handled in

    Important Topics for SRM


    Shopping carts and orders placed with internal vendors (University

    Stores, Printing Services) do not need to be confirmed (received) but

    will be automatically charged to the cost objects assigned, as

    currently happens.

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