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    Your term project is a survey on the above mentioned topics.The assessment will be based on;

1. The student with the outputs of his/her survey take a quiz out of 08 points ( i.e. 80 %

    of the total term project points )

    2. The student has to choose an article either from newspapers or periodicals related to

    our topic. After taking the instructor approval on the selected article, he/she has to

    present in written format (computerized) a brief summary of the article.( out of 02

    points, that is to say 20 % of the total term project points)

    A. The SHORT TERM INVESTMENT TOOLS that are covered in this study are:

    1. Term Deposits (Vadeli Mevduat)

    a) Local Currency Deposits

    b) Foreign Currency Deposits

    2. Repurchasing Agreement ( Repo)

    3. Treasury Bonds ( Hazine Bonosu)

    4. Mutual Funds ( Yatırım Fonları)

    a) A-type Funds

    b) B-type Funds

    5. Foreign Currency ( Döviz)

    6. Gold ( Altın)

    7. Stocks (Hisse Senedi) ; This item will be handled by the instructor for

    explanatory purpose as a sample for the students

     B. These investment tools to be reviewed under the below mentioned points.

1. What is/are the earning(s) of each tool?

    2. What type of earning is obtained? ( i.e. variable or fixed)

    3. Where to apply for these investments? (e.x. banks, exchange offices, financial


    4. Maturity of the investment.( based on investors choice or not, in which different periods) 5. Government guarantee.(yes, no, if limited, boundaries shall be provided) 6. Taxation on the earnings (ex.witholding tax, income tax...)

    7. Possible risks of the investors in each of these tools ( i.e. based on political, economic

    or social factors;e.g. loosing value, earnings lower than inflation etc.)

    C. For the below 2 items students are expected to make the necessary calculation.

1. Local Currency Term Deposit

    a) For different maturities

    b) Tax and other deductions

    c) Calculating the net earning

2. Foreign Currency

    a) Where to buy

    b) Buying and selling rates

    c) Other deductions

    d) Cross rates

     D. Based on the present circumstances of Turkish economy ; the student has to decide on his/her investment portfolio in percentages by indicating the reasons(why this tool and why in this percentage)


    The investment tools listed under part ‘A’ are be reviewed under the 7 points mentioned in part ‘B’.

    Stocks are reviewed by the instructor as a sample to explain briefly to students what are expected under those 7 items.


    (answers to part B of the study)

1.-Increase in market value of the stock

     -Dividends income

    2.Variable income(as the earning cannot be estimated when the stock is purchased) 3.Banks,financial instutitions,brokers

    4.Depends on the investors choice.Investor may sell the stock he purchased just after buying it or keep it for years.

    5.No government guarantee.

    6.Income tax is paid with a decleration.

    7.The possible risks are;

    a. Stocks market value may decrease or fall under your buyying value.

    b. If the company suffers financially no dividends sometimes bankrupt.

    c. If the company has legal problems with the authorities the transactions

    might be stopped by SPK.

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