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Food Distribution Sacramento Warehouse Flyer - Food Distribution ...

    Helpful Hints and Resources State Distribution Center Sacramento Contacts

     State Web site 916-324-0162 STATE Manager ? Food Distribution Program contacts DISTRIBUTION Andy Valdez 916-323-1217 ? Management Bulletins and CENTER Information Alerts Technical Assistance Brenda Allen 916-324-0165 ? Offering schedule, price list, and serving guide SACRAMENTO Warehousing ? Commodity inventory, storage, Toni Viramontes 916-324-1216 distribution, pick-up, and other 401 North Third Street related forms Sacramento, CA 95814 Dispatching ? FDP milestone calendar

    Butch Milami 916-327-2959 916-324-0162 USDA Web site Fax 916-324-0167 Entitlement, Reports, and Invoicing

    Peggy Sutch 909-596-7777 ext 232 ? National School Lunch Program and other commodity programs Food Distribution Program Inquiries ? Commodity fact sheets Amy Bell 916-322-5051 ? Hotline 800-446-6991 ? Commodity foods expected to be We would like to invite you for a available walk-through of our SDC-Sacto. To

    schedule an appointment, contact Andy ? School programs commodity update

    Valdez. newsletter

    California Department of Education

    Nutrition Services Division

    Food Distribution Program

    Revised May 2009

    Are you aware of the services Benefits of using the

     the SDC-Sacramento has to SDC-Sacramento The State Distribution Centers have served offer? Mission the National School Lunch Program for ? No annual membership fee

    Recipient Agencies (RAs) receiving over 60 years with the United States ? One month free storage commodities through the SDC-Sacramento Department of Agriculture (USDA) donated ? 15% discount on agency pick-up are part of the Offering and Advance Order food commodities and Department of ? Direct communication with the state Program. RAs have the full control of their Defense (DOD) donated fresh produce. distribution agency entitlement spending and commodity

    Our mission is to continue this effort with scheduling. The SDC-Sacramento also serves ? Seamless paperwork the State Co-op program. If needed, all RAs the-state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, ? Easy commodity transfer may choose to place their commodities into and management by storing and ? Several delivery options extended storage at a minimal fee. distributing nutritious food to California’s o Weekly school children. o Additional delivery sites Offering ? Residual commodity from inventory RAs are mailed five Offerings per year from Northern California Counties (Tag-ends) which they are entitled to order non-processed The State Distribution Center ? Hold for processor pick-up commodities based on the quantity available Sacramento (SDC-Sacramento) distributes at the SDC-Sacramento. USDA shipments of ? State-of-the-art facilities and

    commodities are designated for delivery to the commodities to the following 46 counties: equipment SDC-Sacramento or held for processor pick- ? Quality services up. Delivery dates to RAs for commodities are Alameda Merced Stanislaus indicated on the Offerings. Alpine Modoc Sutter Warehouse Fees Amador Monterey Tehama

    Advance Order Butte Napa Trinity Annually, before each new school year, RAs Calaveras Nevada Tulare ? $1.00 per case administrative fee for that have a minimum Average Daily Colusa Placer Tuolumne Advance Order commodities Participation (ADP) of 250 or more have the Contra Costa Plumas Yolo ? $1.25 per case administrative fee for opportunity to order raw bulk commodities.

    Del Norte Sacramento Yuba State Co-op commodities Commodities are shipped directly to a

    designated approved processor for processing El Dorado San Benito ? $2.20 per case for processed end through the Advance Order Program. Fresno San Francisco product Glenn San Joaquin ? $3.25 per case service & handling for

    State Co-op Program Humboldt San Mateo USDA non-processed commodities Annually, before each new school year, RAs Kings Santa Clara ? $3.25 per case service & handling for submit a completed preplanner to the State Lake Santa Cruz DOD fresh produce Co-op Coordinator. RAs order specific Lassen Shasta commodities to be received at the SDC-

    Extended Storage Madera Sierra Sacramento rather than selecting inventory

    from the Offering process. Raw bulk Marin Siskiyou Monthly storage cost per unit commodities can also be ordered on the Mariposa Solano ? Frozen $0.50 preplanner for direct shipment to a designated Mendocino Sonoma ? Refrigerated $0.40 approved processor. There is NO minimum ? Dry $0.30 ADP required to participate.

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