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    2010 Taiwan International Tea Culture Expo

    2010 Dec, 24?26 Taipei World Trade Center Hall II

    The famous tea competitions, the most beloved tea pots

    and tea culture voting game, which is open to public participation.


     This event aims to enhance the "local marketing" through the strategy of "image reconstruction"

     based on the “uniqueness” and “rarity” of the local tea industry and will strive to revive Taiwan's tea

     industry through the development of creative art and culture.

     In addition to the goal of creating sustainable development in the tea industry and in coordination

     with government policies and development plans, this event will be centered on the art, culture, and

     history of tea to promote Taiwan's unique tea products, as well as those from the major tea growing

     regions of China, along with the tea enterprises from Hong Kong and Macao, as well as teas from

     the United States, France, Russia, South Korea, Japan, India and others; the aim being to develop

     domestic and foreign markets and promote industrial and technological exchange.

     In response to globalization and to accelerate internationalization, this event also aims to

     increase the added value of the tea industry and bring Taiwan’s tea products into the International

     market through the exchange of world tea cultures. This event is an attempt to transform the

     cultural property of tea industry into a creative one; furthermore, this also helps the industry

     develop into leisure industry of traveling and tourism.


     Organizer: Taiwan Commercial Tea Guild Union;B-Sun Information Co., Ltd.

     Co-organizer: Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government.

     Supporting Organizers: Department of Information & Tourism, Department of Economic

     Development, Taipei City Government.

     Executive Organizer: The B-Sun Information Co., Ltd.

     Event Duration: Total 3 days, Dec. 24 (Fri.) thru Dec. 26 (Mon.) 2010

     Event Venue: World Trade Center Hall II (Taipei Exhibition Hall II)

     No. 3, Songlian Rd., Taipei City; there will be 331 booths.

     The event will be taking place in the world's tallest skyscraper "Taipei 101", which is

     uniquely located in the most trendy part of Taipei, neighboring "Warner Village" and the

     administrative hub "Xingyi District Office".

     This Hall is a multifunctional exhibition-cum-performance venue that was specially

     planned by the Taipei City Government in response to world trends. It was constructed

     to meet international standards for world-class performance and exhibitions.

     ?World Trade Center Hall II


     Domestic and International Teas: Oolong, Puer, white/black/green teas, herbal teas,

     Tibetan teas, Baozhong, Dahongpao, Longjing,

     and Hakka Lei tea etc..

     Tea-ware and tools: tea sets, tea-making tools, tea packaging equipments.

     Tea Products: tea cuisine, tea snacks, tea beverages, canned tea beverages,

     and processed tea products. Etc.

     Tea Snack Technology: bakery products and equipment. Etc.

     Tea Health Products: Sober-up tea, healthy eye tea, stress relief tea etc.

     Tea Crafts: paintings & calligraphy, antiques, sculptures, etc.

     Tea Tours: packaged tours to the tea plantations in Taiwan, China, etc.

     Tea Industry: tea shop franchise, tea houses, tea arts, ceramic schools, etc.

     Tea Technology: tea planting, roasting, and new tea making technologies.

Professional Zoning

     The exhibition will be divided into the Taiwan Zone and International Zones.

     The Taiwan Zone will be further divided into tea producing regions and the Hakka tea

     producing regions, and the International Zone will be divided by country or region.

     The actual allocation will be based on product categories.

Fees & Charges

    I. Charge per standard Booth: US $2,300 with free standard fittings and equipment.

    1 Each standard booth measures 9 square meters (3 meters in length and width).

    2 Each standard booth is equipped with three partition walls, three projection lights, a regular power

    supply of 110V/500Watt, one power socket, one carpet (9 square meters), one signboard, and one

    reception table and set of chairs.

    3 Participating companies may engage the event contractor for additional design and modeling. II. The event organizer offers a temporary worker recruitment service at US$ 37/per person, including


    III. The event organizer offers a temporary phone line service (US$32 for installation, a deposit of US$96

    making a total of US$128 per line).

    IV. Motive power, a 24 hour power supply, running water, compressed air and forklift services are available

    at extra charge.

Triple Bonus for Participating Companies thI. Companies signing up for ten booths before May 31 2010 will get one extra booth free;

    companies signing up for 20 booths will get two extra booths free, and so on.

     II. Participating companies are eligible to enter their products for the famous tea competitions, the

     most beloved tea pots and tea culture voting game, which is open to public participation.

    There will be online voting and the top three winners will each award with certificate from the Taipei

    City Government and free newspaper advertisement promotion in local newspapers.

     III. Subscribe to one-year free product advertisement on the Easa Online Shopping Network.

Booth Allocation

    I. The event organizer may allocate booths in different zones based on the product categories after

    the registration deadline or when all booths are fully booked. Booths selected may not cross over


    II. Participating companies will be able to select booth(s) in the assigned zones based on their

    registration date. For companies that have registered on the same day, the company with the most

    booths can select the location of booths.

    III. Companies failing to participate in booth selection will be assigned booths by the event organizer

    without dispute.

    IV. The event organizer reserves the right to make adjustments to the booth layout in the exhibition


    V. For the safety of the floor structure, the event organizer reserves the right to regulate exhibition

    spaces and locations.

Event Activities

    ?. The event organizer extends a special invitation to International tea associations to exhibit the arts

     of tea ware, teapots, Zijing sculpture, products, supplies and the accessories for tea culture and t

     he demonstration of tea-making, tea ceremonies, and other tea cultural activities. An international

     forum for the tea industry related themes will also be hosted; i.e. tea ceremonies and tea cultures

     of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Yunnan, Fujian, Tibet, Japan, South Korea, and India, along with handcraft

     tea ware, pottery, wedding tea ceremony performances, tea dye, tea soap, tea kneading and DIY


    ?. To promote the International tea industry and cultural exchanges, an International Tea Cultural

     Industry Forum has been organized and renowned domestic and international tea culture experts

     and scholars will discuss topics of brand marketing, International competitiveness, the

     development and economy of the tea cultural industry, and tea heritages.

    ?. A tea culture event "Learning Etiquette through Tea Culture" will be held to advocate the learning

     of etiquette. The young generation will be able to discover the art of tea through relaxed and fun

     learning activities and develop a positive attitude in a healthy and joyful environment. ?. The "Good Music, Good Tea" audio exhibition area offers cheering music and good teas to

     alleviate spirits. Tea-drinking is a lifestyle, drinking good tea is a quality of life, and listening to

     good music is an ultimate enjoyment. Listening to good music through a quality stereo system with

     a cup of quality tea in hand helps to lighten up the mind and brings inner peace to your life.

     ?. Each visitor to the event will be eligible for the famous tea competitions, the most beloved tea pots

     and tea culture voting game Lucky Draw. Prizes include a home theater system, a large TV set,

     3C products, tea and home appliances.

    Promotion Plans

    ?. Media: News and advertisements will appear in the Apple Daily, the United Daily News, the

     Economic Daily News, the China Times and Weekly, and other print media. News will also be

     released through the Taipei City Government website, in MRT Stations, and other city propaganda

     channels and there will be intensive airing of event previews in the media. At the same time news

     releases and advertisements will be published via electronic media including TVBS, CtiTV, and

     SET channels. Reports will be displayed during the exhibition period to promote and continuously

     demonstrate the effective outcome of the Expo.

    ?. Invitation cards: The event organizer will print invitation cards. These will be sent out by the

     Academy, other relevant industrial associations, the media and by the domestic and International

     companies participating in this event.

     ?. Internet: To encourage participation, the event organizer will host the most beloved tea pots

     PackageInternet voting activity. The top three winners will be awarded a certificate from the Taipei

     City Government and free newspaper advertising. The voters will have the chance to win a wide

     range of prizes from computers and home appliances.

     ?. Overseas publicity: The event organizer will engage foreign agents to publicize the event and

     invite exhibitors and buyers.

     ?. Invitations: The event organizer will invite public figures, such as the Taipei City Mayor Hau Lung-

     Bin and the Board of Director of Taiwan Commercial Tea Guild Union Zhang Shu-Gui to the

     ribbon-cutting ceremony. Celebrities or TV personages will be invited as spokespeople to

     enhance the media coverage and publicity of the Expo.

     ?. The Tour Guide: the organizer will publish the 2010 Taiwan Tea Plantation Tour Guide, which will

     be distributed free of charge at the event and will offer an additional print media exposure to help

     the participating companies expand their markets.

     International Company Registration Form

Company Name:

    Business Registration No.:

    Address : ??????

    Contact Person: Tel: Fax:

    E-mail: Website:

    Category: ?International ?Domestic Tea ?Tea Pots, Tea Ware ?Tea Products

    ?Tea Snack Technology ?Tea Health Products ?Tea Craft ?Tea Tours

     ?Tea related Industry ?Tea Technology


     ?Participate in the 2010 World the Tea Pots Modelling Design Award Event

     ?Subscribe to one-year free product advertisement on the Easa Online Shopping Network. No. of Booths: Total Fees Due: US$ No. of Free Booths:

    Deposit: US$ Balance: US$

    Each booth is US$2,300 (only a Taiwan Invoice will be issued).

    ?Standard Partition ?Extra Space Design (quoted separately)

    Temp Workers (US$37/person, including lunch) ? persons; Total Charge: US$

    Company Seal: Authorized Signature:


    1 To complete the application process, participating companies must complete this application form and wire

    transfer the total amount to the main organizer’s designated account.

    2 All fees are non-refundable. Funds transferred by Companies that have completed the registration, but fail to

    attend the Expo, will be used as part of the promotional fund for this event, or donated to the Children Are Us


    3 Exhibit products must comply with the themes as listed in the table above and the displays must not exceed

    the parameters of the leased area. The event organizer reserves the right to remove exhibitors in violation of

    the above two regulations.

    4 In disputes about damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters during the event, the fees paid

    are non-refundable.

    5 The organizer reserves the right to make adjustments to the facilities and booth arrangements. Participating

    companies must comply with the new arrangements and consult the general provisions of regular exhibition

    venues for standard rules of conduct.

    6 Exhibitors who fail to pay the deposit or balance before the due day are deemed to have forfeited their


    7 Beneficiary: B-SUN INFORMATION CO., LTD.

     A/C: 04731350059313



    Banker’s Address: No.127, Sec. 2, Keelung Rd., Sinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan, R.O.C.

    Banker’s TEL: 886-2-27329999 FAX: 886-2-27334900

     Please fill in the registration form and fax it to: B-Sun Information Co., Ltd.

     Tel: 886-2-27381225 Fax: 886-2-23786023


     International Company Power (Water) Supply Application

     The event provides a regular power supply of 100V-500W (equivalent of five 100W projection lights) for each booth, which can be accumulated for companies booking multiple units, and each booth is supplied with one dual pin socket. All companies are required to submit the application form and pay the fees accordingly, including companies planning to use 110V power supply within the limited range and not subscribing to the use of motive power of 220V and over or a 24-hour power supply.

     All companies must complete the following form and the application form and pay the fees before August th20 2010, including companies planning to use power exceeding the provided 110V quota or applying for motive power of 220V and above, the use of water, or a 24-hour power supply.

    Company Name: Booth No.: No. of Booths:

    Power Supply Application:

    ? Regular Supply (110V US$16 per 500W) W, US$

     ?Motive Power (220V, US$25 per 1HP) HP,US$

     ?A 24-hour Power Supply is charged at three-times the above amount:


    Water Supply Application: Diameter 16mm water supply pipe; each water in/outlet is charged at US$58.5, Water in/out let: US$

    Contact Person: Tel: Ext.

    Mobile: E-mail

    Name of the Electrical Contractor: Company Representative:

    Contact Person: Tel: Mobile:

    Electrician: License No.:

    I. Terms of Power Supply Application:

    1 Please complete the application before August 20, 2010. The event provides a quota of electricity

    usage for each booth free of charge. Please fill in the "Power (Water) Supply Application Form"

    and "Booth Utility Service Layout" and fax to +886-2-2378-6023. Late applications will not be


    2 Exhibitors should engage a qualified electrical contractor and are responsible for the installation

    of electrical equipment inside the booths. All loses resulted from improper use or installation of

    electrical equipment will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

    3 In the case of companies that fail to apply for electricity use or use electricity without authorization,

    or that fail to apply for actual electricity consumption, or overload the electricity system, and/or

    who engage in other illegal and hazardous electricity usage the event organizer reserves the right

    to request full compensation for any damage caused.

    4 Cancellation or changes to this application should be made in writing before November 10, 2010.

    Late applications will not be accepted.

    II. Diagram of Booth Utility Layout (Companies should provide accurate utility layout to the space

    construction company)

    ;110V ;110V

    ;3Φ ;3Φ ;3Φ

    220V 220V 220V

    Booth No.: 110 Booth No.: 112?114

?. For further information regarding application for water and electricity,

     please call +886-2-27381225 or fax to +886-2-23786023.

    2010 Taiwan Tea Plantation Tour Guide- List of Participating Companies

     and Advertisements

    A special edition of the 2010 Taiwan Tea Plantation Tour Guide will be distributed free of charge to domestic and International buyers and handed out at the ticket office during the event. The content will include tour guides to the tea districts in Taiwan and a list of the exhibitors. We are now accepting entries for advertisements.

    I. Size: 19cm x 26cm

    II. Photos: digital file at 300dpi resolution (or higher) in .TIF, .EPS or .PDF formats. III. Pricing (color, only a Taiwan invoice will be issued):

     Cover US $6,200????????????Back cover US $5,000

    Inside the cover page US $4,000?????Page One US $4,000

    Page 2 to 3 US $3,200??????????Page 4 to 5 US $2,500

    Page 6 to 7 US $1,900??????????Page 8 to 9 US $1,450

     Inside the back cover US $2,500??????the last page US $2,500

     Inside pages US $1,100 (page no. not specified)?Double-page ads US $2,100 (page no. not specified)

2010 Tea Culture Gift Pack- Advertisements

    The 2010 Tea Culture Gift Pack will be given away with each visitor.

    We are now accepting entries for advertisements.

    I. AD Size: 15cm x 15cm

    II. Photos: digital files with a resolution of 300dpi (or higher) in .TIF, .EPS or .PDF format. III. Pricing (mono/dual-tone, only a domestic invoice will be issued)

    *One-sided/mono US $9,500??????One-sided/dual-tone US $14,100

    *Double-sided/mono US $15,630????Double-sided/dual-tone US $21,900

Large Electrical Mobile Banners on the Ceilings of the Exhibition Hall

     These banners will be made of flame retardant material and hung on the first floor ceiling of the

     exhibition hall. We are now accepting entries for advertisements.

    I. Size: 300cm x 1800 cm (to be confirmed).

    II. Photo: electronic files with a resolution 300dpi (or higher) in .TIF, .EPS or .PDF format. III. Pricing (color, only a domestic invoice will be issued)????US $6,200

    For enquiries regarding the above publications or advertisements,

    please call +886-2-2738-1225

Insurance and Safety

    I. The event organizer will insure all participating companies for fire (W.P.A.) at NT$ 60 million and

    public liability insurance at NT$ 24 million during the exhibition period (Exhibitors may purchase

    extra fire insurance, W.P.A., theft insurance, public accident insurance, third party liability insurance,

    etc. if necessary).

    II. In a case where an exhibitors’ facilities or goods (exhibits) cause injury or financial loss to the staff or

    a third person due to installation, operation, or maintenance negligence or mismanagement during

    the exhibition (including the entrance and exit time), the perpetrating company will be liable for all

    compensation and legal responsibilities.

    III. During the exhibition period (including the time of arrival or departure), please comply with the

    security access control for proper order and security maintenance. However, the exhibitors are

    responsible their own products, materials, booth decoration, and engineering facilities. The event

    organizer will not be liable for any loss or damage.

    IV. Companies should make sure that their displays and products or exhibits are fixed or properly


    V. When starting installation or leaving after closing, please follow the instructions of the Site Clearing

    Security Personnel before leaving and arrive punctually the next day. To make sure of the safety of

    the exhibit products, do not leave early or late.

Terms and Conditions

    1. Explosive, flammable, or hazardous substances, gas, open flames, and welding are prohibited in the

    exhibition venue.

    2. The obstruction, blocking, or stacking of empty boxes or materials near fire hydrants, security doors,

    public walkways and escape routes is prohibited.

    3. Unauthorized booth transfer or the subletting and display of non-exhibitor signs or non-approved

    products are prohibited.

    4. Loudspeakers may not face outwards towards the aisles; all loudspeakers must face towards the

    booths (loud speakers that face outward may not be connected with any cable)..

    5. All exhibiting products must be brought into the venue at 7:00am on the day before the opening

    (12/23) until 5:00pm on the last day (12/26). Late admissions or early removal is not allowed. 6. All companies must limit their exhibitions to the booth area. Booth lines are marked on the floor. This

    includes flower pots and decorative bases. Displays should not protrude into the public facilities, such

    as the walkways; they may not be displayed on pillars. Piles of products, publicity materials or

    catalogs, publications, souvenirs, or other publicity materials may not intrude on the public areas. 7. Companies setting up television walls must set aside space to maintain a smooth flow along the


    8. No exhibitors shall slander any competitors through oral presentation, posters, product displays, texts,

    or diagrams.

    9. Exhibitors who wish to use audio instruments or carry out product presentation should comply with

    the regulations of the exhibition venue, and the volume should not exceed the standard 85 dB. 10. Karaoke singing is prohibited in the exhibition venue.

    11. Peddling, the release of balloons, or the suspension of objects from the ceiling or banners is


    12. Decorations of excessive height and undecorated back partition boards are prohibited. 13. Venue access passes are for the use of company staff only, for identification purposes, and may not

    be loaned out. Unauthorized entry is prohibited.

    14. Companies are prohibited from destroying any existing facilities in the venue during booth set up. The

    use of decoration materials that may cause damage to the venue structure is prohibited. 15. Companies may not leave decoration materials, waste, carpets, opaque containers (i.e. plastic bag),

    packaging, glass, or signal wires at the site. All objects must be cleared away and removed from the

    exhibition venue at the end of the show.

    16. Forgery and the unauthorized use of exhibitors’ passes are prohibited.

    17. Companies should issue uniform invoices for field sales or for deposits. Companies that fail to do so

    may be reported to the tax authorities for further investigation.

    18. Exhibitors are liable for all costs incurred from copyright, royalties, taxes, public broadcasting fees,

    sales taxes, and other charges.

    19. Exhibitors in violation of the provisions of the exhibition or who fail to supervise construction works,

    and have been duly warned without effect, will have their electricity and water supply cut off, be

    suspended of all exhibition rights, or be expelled.

    20. The event organizer reserves the right to amend all these terms and conditions.

    2010 Taiwan International Tea Culture Expo Floor Plan

Ticket Booth

     Venue Pillars

     Access Points

     Fire Hydrant Boxes

     Electrical Boxes

     Manual Fire Alarm Trigger

     Water Supply Box

     Note: The Floor Plan is for reference only. The actual floor plan is pending on the site arrangement.

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