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    Frequently Asked Questions by Substitute Teachers

Q. What is the phone number to SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System?

    A. 720-972-4082

Q. What is the online address to SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System?

    A. The exact web address is No “www” is required.

Q. What is my Access ID for SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System?

    A. Your Access ID is your phone number listed under your profile minus the area code.

Q. How do I register?

    A. To register, call the SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System at 720-972-4082 and enter your Access ID.

    When the system asks for your PIN, enter your Access ID again. The system will then prompt you to create a

    new PIN up to six digits. You must first register before you can use the SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling

    System. The system will not call you for jobs if you have not registered, nor can a teacher request or assign

    you to a job if you have not registered.

Q. I forgot my PIN number. What do I do?

    A. Should you forget your PIN, you will need to call the Substitute Office at 720-972-4064.

Q. I am calling the SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System to listen for jobs and all I get is a busy

    signal. Why can’t I get through?

    A. The SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System has a high volume early mornings and evenings. If you

    receive a busy signal, you need to keep trying until you get through. You may also try accessing available jobs

    through the website.

    Q. I am calling the SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System and the system does not answer and

    continues to ring. Why won’t it answer?

    A. If you call the SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System and the phone continues to ring and will not pick

    up, there is a problem with the system that needs immediate attention. If it is during business hours, 5:30 a.m.

    to 4:30 p.m., please call the Substitute Office at 720-972-4064. If it is after business hours, please contact the

    Communications Center at 720-972-4911.

    Q. A teacher would like to assign me to a job. What do I give the teacher so that he/she may assign me to

    the job?

    A. The teacher can assign you a job using your Access ID. If a teacher assigns a job to you, the system will not

    notify you that you have an assignment. Please review your assignments either via the telephone or internet.

Q. How do I change my Access ID?

    A. If you change your phone number (Access ID), you will need to complete the Change of Personal Status Form

    that is located on our website at under Publications and

    Forms. Please submit the form to Human Resources/Substitute Office for processing. Generally if someone

    changes their Access ID, it is because they have moved and their phone number has changed.

    Q. A teacher indicated he/she assigned me to a job and I showed up for the job. However, another

    substitute also showed up for the same job. Why did this happen?

    A. When checking your assignments, make sure the job is under your job assignments. If there is no job number

    under your job assignments, the job has not been assigned to you. The teacher may have erroneously put the

    job out for callout and the job was picked up by another substitute.

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    Q. If a substitute was requested for a job and another substitute shows up for the same job, who gets the


    A. The person who accepted the job via the SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System is assigned the job.

Q. I showed up for a job and I was told the job was canceled. Why wasn’t I notified?

    A. If the teacher requests the system to notify you regarding the cancellation of a job, the system does attempt to

    contact you. However, you may not have been available to take the cancellation call and therefore did not

    receive notification that the job was canceled. It is recommended that on the morning of your assignment, you

    check by either calling or going online to SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System to review your job

    assignments. If the job is not assigned to you, then the job was canceled.

    Q. A teacher would like to assign me to a job and the system says I am not available. Why does this happen? A. There are several reasons why this may happen; login to your profile and check your daily availability, check

    your availability (this is different than your daily availability), make sure you have not accepted another

    job that conflicts with the date, and check the expiration date of your license.

    Q. The SmartFind Express/Substitute Calling System tells me my license is going to expire. Why does it

    keep telling me this?

    A. The system will remind you that your license is scheduled to expire ninety (90) days in advance of expiration

    and will continue to notify you until you have renewed your license and have submitted a copy of your license

    to the Substitute Office by mail, by dropping it off at the Human Resources Department or by faxing a copy to

    720-972-4072. It is recommended you renew your license well in advance of the expiration date. If you have

    not received your renewed license and your license has expired, you cannot substitute teach until the Human

    Resources Department has received a copy of your new license.

Q. How long can I work in the same job if I am not highly qualified?

    A. You can work in a job up to five (5) days. You must be highly qualified to work in the same job for more than

    five (5) days.

Q. What are the qualifications to be considered highly qualified?

    A. To be considered highly qualified, you must have an endorsement in the content area that you are teaching,

    have 24 college semester hours in the content area, or have passed the PLACE/Praxis Exam for the content


Q. I believe I am highly qualified but have not been deemed highly qualified. What do I need to do?

    A. You will need to complete the Application for Highly Qualified Status (NCLB) form that is located on our

    website at under Publications and Forms. Read and

    follow the directions for completing the application. Submit the application and all documents to the thHuman Resources/Substitute Office, 1500 East 128 Avenue, Thornton, CO 80241. Once your application

    has been reviewed, you will receive a copy of the results in the mail. If you have met the requirements for

    highly qualified status, your substitute profile will be updated.

Q. I believe my paycheck is incorrect. What do I do?

    A. Please call the Substitute Office at 720-972-4064 after checking the following: thMake sure the jobs you worked fall within the pay period. The pay period is from the 16 day of each month thto the 15 day of the following month. You will receive a pay advice via the postal service on the last working

    day of each month with the amount deposited into your account (i.e., pay advice for September 30 would be

    for all jobs worked from August 16 to September 15).

    Q. I need a list of all the jobs I worked during the school year. How can I access this information? A. You can access this information via SmartFind Express. Go to “Review Assignments” and enter the date

    range and press search. This will give you a list of all jobs for the date range you have requested.

    Q. I am interested in training offered by Adams 12 Five Star School District. Where do I get information

    regarding training?

    A. Available training in the Adams 12 Five Star School District is posted on our website. Go to and click on Staff/Employee Information. At the bottom of the page you will find

    “Substitute Teachers.” Click on Substitute Teachers and you will see a tab titled, “Professional Development.”

    Click on this tab and you will find a link to view available training and a link to register for the training.

    Training is available through the Staff Development department. Rev. 1/07 Page 2 of 2

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