Unit7 Penny Wise Pound Foolish

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Unit7 Penny Wise Pound Foolish

    Unit 7 Penny Wise, Pound Foolish

I Teaching Aims

    1.1 Text: to learn about start signs and how to pick the perfect presents for a person

    under a certain star sign

    1.2 Vocabulary practice: to comprehend vocabulary describing shops and departments,

    clothes, etc

    to review Causative Form and deal with the exercises of 1.3 Grammar in use

    prepositions, phrasal verbs, error correction, open close, idioms and fixed phrases,

    word formation as well as key-word transformation. 1.4 Listening and speaking skills: buying clothes 1.5 After class reading: Portobello Road Market and Queen Victoria Market

II Time Allotment (3 periods in total)

    Contents Time allotted

    TextPicking the Perfect Present 90 mins

    Vocabulary practice 45 mins

    Grammar in use 45 mins

    Listening and speaking skills 10 mins

    After class reading 80mins

?. Teaching Methods

    3.1 Group activity, students’ teaching, exercise training and answers checking,

    3.2 Role play, teacher’s presentation

? Teaching procedure

    4.1 TextPicking the Perfect Present

    4.1.1 lead in

    Instructions: Read out the title. Explain that it’s a proverb and it means people who

    are careful with small amounts of money are often wasteful with large amounts. In

    Chinese, 因小失大贪小便宜吃大亏或者捡了芝麻;丢了西瓜” “Penny wise, pound foolish”也常常写成“penny wise and pound foolish”

    e.g. Education budget cuts are penny wise and pound foolish since public education is

    an investment in our future.

    e.g. He was quite unwilling to buy a medical card at $30, only to find he ended up in

    hospital with an expense of $300,000.

    4.1.2 Introduction of the star signs.


Instructions: Ask one student to write down all the star sign and their pronunciation.

    Tell them to read by themselves first, correct their mistakes if necessary. Then practice

    in pairs:

    A: What’s your star sign?

    B: My star sign is a/an …

    Twelve Constellations (12星座)

    1.Aquarius(the Water Carrier)水瓶座

    2.Pisces(the Fishes)双鱼座

    3.Aries(the Ram)白羊座

    4.Taurus(the Bull)金牛座

    5.Gemini(the Twins)双子座

    6.Cancer(the Crab)巨蟹座

    7.Leo(the Lion)狮子座

    8.Virgo(the Virgin)处女座

    9.Libra(the Scales)天秤座

    10.Scorpio(the Scorpion)天蝎座

    11.Sagittarius(the Archer)射手座

    12.Capricorn(the Goat)山羊座

    4.1.2 Introduction of the animal signs.

    Instructions: Ask one student to write down all the animal signs .Then practice in


    A: What’s your animal sign?

    B: My animal sign is the …

    1.Year of the Rat 鼠年 7.Year of the Horse 马年

    2.Year of the Ox 牛年 8.Year of the Goat 羊年

    3.Year of the Iiger 虎年 9.Year of the Monkey 猴年

    4.Year of the Rabbit 兔年 10.Year of the Rooster 鸡年

    5.Year of the Dragon 龙年 11.Year of the Dog 狗年

    6.Year of the Snake 蛇年 12.Year of the Boar 猪年

    4.1.3 Vocabulary explanation

    1) Bath oil

    Bath oil is a body care product which is designed to be added to a bathtub. It is

    readily available in body care and bath stores, and you can also formulate your own

    relatively easily for a specific blend of oils or scents. Using bath oil regularly will


    help to soften and nourish the skin, eliminating dry and rough patches, because the warm water of the bath opens up your pores to help you absorb the oil. Follow a bath with a toner or cold water rinse and then moisturize thoroughly to keep your skin healthy.

2) Skin care products (详见纸张)

    4.1.4 Text Explanation (详见纸张)

    4.1.5 Useful phrases for dictation

    A piece of jewellery Designer labels

    An antique ornament High quality goods

    Be on a tight budget Be dedicated to

    Bear in mind Be obsessed with

    A piece of art Be delighted with

    An ornate mirror Stylish classics

    A marble statue A touch of luxury

    Well-received A family memento

    A beauty salon Pamper oneself with

    Offer a second opinion Treat to

    Be hopeless at Appeal to

    Make decisions Follow routines

    Materially and financially secure An obsession with sb

4.2 Vocabulary practice

    4.2.1 clothes

    Instructions: Lead the Ss to learn about all words about clothes, then try to describe the 5 persons respectively.


    Jeffery is wearing a long-sleeved plaid shirt, baggy blue jeans and black trainers. Suzy is wearing a flowery short-sleeved dress, white socks and white flat shoes. Mark is wearing a blue pinstriped suit, a striped tie and brown shoes. Nancy is wearing a red and white polka-dot dress, black socks and black flat shoes. 4.2.2 Prepositions and phrasal verbs

    Instructions: Ss are asked to do all the exercises in advance .and the teacher checks their answers in class.

    1) be proud of

    2) take pride in

    3) pride oneself on


4) let sb off with sth

    5) look through:仔细检查〔审查〕(某物)

    6) look over : 仔细检查〔审视〕(某人或某物)

    4.2.3 Idioms

    Instructions: Ss are asked to do all the exercises in advance .and in class the teacher checks their answers and Ss are also asked to make sentences with them. 1) fit sb like a glove, to fit perfectly

    e.g Oh, the dress fits you like a glove!

    2) keep it under one’s hat, to keep a secret

    e.g. Mommy’s birthday is coming and I want to give her a surprise, can you keep it under your hat?

    3) wear the trousers, to be in charge

    e.g. He is henpecked by his wife. She wears the pants (trousers) in that family. 4) to be in sb’s shoes, to be in sb’s position

    e.g. If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t marry that tigress.

    5) lose one’s shirt, lose everything one has

    e.g. "Did you hear what happened to Joe? He's lost his shirt, the poor guy -- invested all his money in a fancy restaurant and it just went out of business."

    6) lose one’s nerve, become afraid to do sth

    7) name of the game, the most important

    e.g. Study is the name of the game for you, so I’m gonna be tough on you.

    8) neither here nor there, not matter

    e.g. Her age is neither here nor there, what matters is I have a huge crush on her.

    I’m nobody here, whatever I say and whatever I do is neither here nor there.

    9) nearest and dearest, people one is close to

    e.g. we are easy to hurt our nearest and dearest.


10) a nose for trouble, trouble maker

    e.g. Nearly every boy has a nose for trouble.

    11) day and night

    12) nose to tail, front of vehicle is close behind another

    e.g. We’d better walk home, the traffic is nose to tail.

    4.3 Culture Clip

    4.3.1 Portobello Road Market

    1) Introduction of Portobello Road Market

    Portobello Market in West London is one of the most famous street markets in the world. It is a popular destination for Londoners and tourists alike.

    Portobello Road goes straight through the heart of Notting Hill, the trendy area of London made famous by the film. Indeed, so famous is the film Notting Hill that I find scarcely a week goes by without someone or

    other asking me about the various set locations: the blue door, the travel bookshop, the garden fence and so on.

    2) It has over 1500 stalls which sell all kinds of antiques and collectibles ranging in price from one or two pounds to several thousand pounds.



    3(Phrases for dictation

    no exception

    e.g. Rules are rules, everyone will be punished for being late, and you are no exception.

    rolled into one

    e.g. He's a writer, scientist and journalist rolled into one .


    shouting and hawking

    stall holders

    specialty shops


household items

    street performers

    keep an eye out for, pay attention to

    e.g. We must keep an eye out for the stranger who is looking back and forth all the

    time. 我们必须留心那个老是东张西望的陌生人。

    4.3.2 Queen Victoria Market

    1) Introduction of Queen Victoria Market

    Queen Victoria Market is more than just Melbourne’s shopping mecca. In its 120 plus years, Queen Victoria Market has had a colourful and sometimes controversial history. During that time, the site has been a cemetery, a Livestock Market and a Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market.

    Queen Victoria Market is Victoria's premier open-air market. It's a thriving and vital place pulsating with life.

    The friendly competition between stallholders, and their concern for customers, is what gives the Market its Old World charm and the addictive power to draw millions of visitors each year.

    The vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere of this historic site has endeared the Market to Melburnians for 130 years. The Market is probably best known for its huge variety of fresh produce. Almost 50% of the Market area is dedicated to the sale of fresh produce, including fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, seafood and delicatessen products.

    The remainder of the Market is used for variety and speciality goods, with Sundays being the most popular day for this category. On Sundays, the hustle and bustle of the weekday Market gives way to a more relaxed and leisurely family day. Queen Street is closed and converted into an outdoor cafe area, with children's rides and other activities.

    The Market is divided into a number of Market Precincts; the Deli Hall, Elizabeth Street Shops, F shed laneway, Vic Market Place Food Court, Fruit and Vegetables, The Meat Hall, Organics, General Merchandise, Victoria Street Shops and the Wine Market.

    2) There is so much competition that you are guaranteed the widest range, the highest quality and the most competitive prices that you will find anywhere. ?激烈的竞争使这个市场到处都能给你提供最广泛的选择;最好的质量和最优惠



3( With over 600 traders in the market itself as well as the speciality shops and boutiques

    lining the surrounding streets, there is something for everyone.



    4(Useful expressions for dictation

    culturally diverse meat hall

    spread out overbe divided into cater for

    food court game meats

    ?. Reflections after teaching


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