Domestic violence and Responsibility

By Herman Hunt,2014-09-22 23:47
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Domestic violence and Responsibility

    Domestic violence and Responsibility

    Domestic violence is a social negative phenomena in recent years, more concern for the community. The opinion that the person was hurt or did injury who’s basic on Kinship or relationship. The person they know each

    other. They live in the same house such as father/mother and children, husband and wife and so on.

     The domestic violence to encroach on which is disadvantageous family group‘s the legal rights. Such as women, children, oldster,

    deformity etc. The women cannot bear domestic violence that get a divorce or on occasion walk out of their homes and never return.

     The domestic violence influences on the development of children and their life. If the person do violence on children who‘s bring them funk, anxiety, pessimist.

    It’s from choky‘s report. The domestic violence gives rise to crime. About one hundred women prisoner kill her husband.

     We must deal with domestic violence. This is our responsibility. First: we must be strengthen the whole citizen’s civic and Moral

    Education, approach must be adhered to, and real efforts must be devoted to developing a harmonious socialist society in China.

    Second: When person into the domestic violence, The Legal Consultancy Center give legal consulting service and reduce the Costs.

    Third: When the women or children and disadvantaged groups who suffer from the domestic violence. The Women's Federation set up Buildings to providing refuge, esp. for homeless people.

    No matter what happens, we should be financial and emotional independent. Women should be brave enough to live the guy immediately, fight for our own rights when others hurting me. All of us should avoid becoming professional victims.

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