unit 6 Better Safe than Sorry

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unit 6 Better Safe than Sorry

    Unit 6 Better Safe than Sorry

I Teaching Aims(

    1.1 Text: to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of the new Id technology 1.2 Vocabulary practice: to comprehend words of crime

    to revise the passive voice and relative nouns in relative clauses 1.3 Grammar in use

    1.4 Listening and speaking skills: to practice how to report a theft 1.5 After class reading: clip of The Time Machine

II Time Allotment (3 periods in total)

    Contents Time allotted

    Textbetter safe than sorry 1 period

    Vocabulary practice 1 period

    Grammar in use 0.5 period

    Listening and speaking skills 30 mins

    After class reading 15 mins

?. Teaching Methods adopted

    3.1 Group activity, students’ teaching, exercise training and answers checking,

    3.2 Role play, teacher’s presentation

? Teaching procedure

    4.1 Lead in

    4.1.1 Discussing

    Discuss about pictures of ATM, laptop computer, mobile phone, credit card, robot and satellite dish etc, on page 84. Then single out one of them and discuss about its pros and cons.

    Take mobile phone for an example,

    Pros: useful, convenient and helpful

    First, it's useful. As a wireless mobile telephone, it's easy and handy to early to wherever one goes and call the callee however far away he is. Therefore, it greatly facilitates people's life.

    Second, it's convenient. Whenever one meets trouble or something urgent, one can make a call immediately.

    Third, it's a very helpful companion. With a multifunction cell phone in hand, one can easily get on the Net, browsing the useful information, conducting e-commerce and doing whatever one can do via Internet.

    Cons: expensive, easy to lose and costly to get it repaired, litter information, harmful, etc

    To begin with, it's expensive to buy and costly to pay the hills, esp. that of global service.

    To make matters worse, it's also easy to lose and costly to get it repaired. Last but not


    least, it's alleged the microwaves in it might do harm to people's health. 4.1.2 Questions

    T: Due to the development of technology, we do find our life is becoming more and more convenient. But,

    Do you often receive junk messages including ads about housing, fashion, cheating etc?

    Ss: Yes.

    T: Have you encountered QQ number’s or E-mail numbers’ being stolen or the like?

    Ss: Yes.

    T: So let’s think about it, why the other people know our number and why will our QQ number be stolen, that’s to say, why our privacy be revealed?

    SS: Internet reveals our privacy.

    T: yes, you are right. Technology does bring us a lot of good, but meantime it gives us trouble like loss of privacy, so let’s learn together about the text.

    4.2 Listening to the tape and find out headings for each paragraph, check answers later.

    4.3 Task assignment

    Since this passage is easy to understand, the teacher can assign each student one paragraph, ask them to analyze and share their understanding with the other students. The other Ss can come up with their different opinion and discuss, and the final word comes to the teacher. While the student is teaching, he is required to point out the language points.

    4.4 Language points

    ATM: Automatic teller machine

    GPS: Global positioning system

    CCTV: China Central TV or Closed circuit TV

    Id: identity or identification

    Keep track of 记录;保持与...联系


    a. Please ask if you cannot keep track of what I'm telling you.

    b. Good. Please continue to keep track of your diet. Remember to avoid oily or salty food.

    c. She used to keep track of every penny she spent.

    At the cost of……代价

    e.g. He saved his daughter at the cost of his life.

4.5 Useful expressions

    be aware of 意识到 computer password 电脑密码

    credit card 信用卡 finger scanning 指纹扫描

    phone card 手机卡 fingerprinting 指纹

    cash card 现金卡 face recognition 面部辨认

    supermarket card 超市会员卡 footstep identification 脚步辨认

    keep track of 跟踪 car rental company 汽车租赁公司

    in the very near future 在不远的将来 identity cards 身份证


identification cards 身份证 commit crime 犯罪

    identification number 身份证号码 at the cost of 为代价

    driving license 驾照 be willing to 愿意

    student card 学生证 loss of privacy 丢失隐私

    medical card 医疗卡 personal data 个人信息

    bank record 银行记录 library card 借阅证

     health information 健康信息 birth certificate 出生证明

    log on/off 登陆?退出 employment history 工作经历walk up to 走向

4.6 Vocabulary of crimes

    4.6.1 Crime words

    smuggler-smuggling-to smuggle 走私

    shoplifter-shoplifting-to shoplift 冒充顾客在商店行窃

    kidnapper-kidnapping-to kidnap 绑架

    hijacker-hijacking-to hijack 劫机

    blackmailer-blackmailing-to blackmail 敲诈、勒索

    forger-forgery-to forge 伪造

    robber-robbery-to rob 抢劫

    burglar-burglary-to burgle 入室抢劫

    assaulter-assault-to assault 袭击、殴打

    murderer-murder-to murder 谋杀

    carjacker-carjacking-to carjack 劫车

    thief-theft-to steal 偷窃

    arsonist-arson-to commit arson 纵火

    be charged with 被指控

    rob sb of sth 抢某人某物

    be accused of被指控

    be sentenced to 被判

    be cheated out of …被骗

    be tried for 被审理

    4.6.2 Crimes role-play

    Ask one student to perform one kind of crime with his partner, another student is

    asked to write down the three forms of this crime, if he writes correctly, he can go

    down, the former performer continues; if not, he goes on to perform.

4.7 Adjectives order

    4.7.1 The Correct order should be: Opinion or judgment -- beautiful, ugly, easy, fast, interesting

    Size -- small, tall, short, big Age -- young, old, new, historic, ancient Shape -- round, square, rectangular Color -- red, black, green, purple Nationality -- French, Asian, American, Canadian, Japanese


Material -- wooden, metallic, plastic, glass, paper

    Purpose or Qualifier -- foldout sofa, fishing boat, racing car


    a: 美小圆旧黄,法国木书房

    b: 县官行令宴国才(谐音字)

    c: 限定描绘大长高,形状年龄和新老;颜色国籍跟材料,作用类别往后靠;




    词,但序数词位于基数词前。如:both my handsall half his income等。描绘


    国籍指一个国家或地区的词。些词。表示形状的词如(round square等。

    的词如(wooden, woolen, stone, silk等。作用类别的词如(medical, college

    writing deskpolice car等。

4.8 Idioms and Fixed Phrases

    SS are asked not only to fill in the correct idioms but also to make sentences with them. Some Ss are required to write down their sentences on the blackboard and other ss are supposed to correct them.

    a. right and wrong

    e.g. We need to know the difference between right and wrong.

    b. hit-and-run

    e.g. I was a victim of a hit-and-run accident on Monday.

    c. law and order

    e.g. A policeman’s job is to maintain law and order.

    d. alive and well

    e.g. He has been away from home for two years and nobody has any news about him, no matter to say whether he is alive and well.

    e. clean and tidy

    e.g. It’s hard to keep our house clean and tidy all the time.

4.9 Dialogue: Reporting a theft.

    Listen to the dialogue and match the columns to form the dialogue. Ask some of them to act it out. Then take roles and make up similar dialogues about the objects in the picture, i.e. a bike, a camera or a wallet.

4.10 Literature cornerThe Time Machine

    a. Introduction about this book

    This was the first book that seriously introduced me to the genre known as science fiction. (Though it has to be said that the genre had no real title until the 1950's) I was thirteen at the time, and to say that effected and affected my outlook on life is an understatement. Like all of Wells 's futurist fiction, it has more of a macabre feel to it, engaging the reader to consider the possibility of the darker side, not only humanity,


but of nature itself. On more than one occasion Wells himself--as the

    narrator--justifies the monstrous behavior of the creatures in his novels by looking at both natural selection and Darwin for reasons as to their behavior, but... if you read The Time Machine, it's pretty clear that Wells is not satisfied with these theories... it simply does not cover it. What I personally like about this novel is not just the world that Wells creates... it is the hideous believability of it... and this comes across in all of his fiction... making him one of the best in his field.

    b. Ss are supposed to read the clip after class to appreciate the great sci-fi novel.

?. Assignment

    Preview and revise each part and dictate the useful expressions of this unit in the end.

?. Reflections after teaching


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